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How to Design a Routine that Balances Work and Private Life

18 October 2022

Having and maintaining a balanced routine helps you to stay atop all your office tasks without ignoring your social life. So this is a level every worker should dream of attaining.

However, it's quite unfortunate that most folks are unable to strike the balance in their daily routine. Most often than not, unhealthy procrastination and working overtime make people's lives more miserable.

This factor leaves them with no time to bond with their family members. Whereas, that's as important as your work, even if not more crucial.

So if you want to be finally free from the shackles of stressful work patterns and live a balanced work-life, this blog post is here to guide you.

Apart from creating an improved work-life balance, we'll also show you how to push up your efficiency both at work and during your social life. Let's get started.

Tips on Balancing Work and Life

The path to a solution becomes clearer the moment you discover that there's a problem. So if you want to experience a transformed life both within and outside the walls of your office, you need to be self-convinced.

It's the sense of self-conviction that'll push you through the process. It'll keep reminding you of the end goal, so you'll be motivated to stay on course and follow the tips to heart.

Now, if you're ready, we have curated some tips for you to follow. They are the keys that'll unlock the puzzle of balancing work and private life.

Carve Out a Realistic Schedule for Yourself

Ranking out your tasks is only the beginning of the road, the most important thing is to design a realistic schedule.

This is because it has been proven and settled that observing a particular schedule is more effective than making corrections to the daily routine randomly and without plans.

Thus, you need to set up a specific timeframe for every project you want to do round the clock. Even including your sleeping time and bonding with family, friends, and loved ones, you should drag nothing out.

In other words, you need to be sure that the time allocated to each task is fair enough to perfectly execute it.

Going further, you should keep in mind that the habit of getting the tasks done even before the deadline you set for yourself shows how caring you're for yourself. So you should never stay idle until the last day.

Carve out your schedule in a way that prioritizes assignments or projects that have earlier deadlines. That is, they should top your scale of preferences.

Rate the Undone Tasks Based on their Priorities

From the above tip, it's easily deducible that the next step after carving out a schedule is to compile the tasks based on how important and/or urgent they are.

Yes, that's where the temptation to keep the fun-filled and adventurous activities first comes in. But we'll advise that you need to be utterly careful while determining your priorities.

Have you ever heard the saying "eat the frog" before? This means that you give special consideration to those tasks that look cumbersome or that you're not ready and willing to do.

They're the ones you need to tackle with the refreshed zeal of the day. So as the day progresses, you might be getting tired but a little amount of energy will be expended on the remaining tasks since you're passionate about them.

In a nutshell, your list of projects should be structured in a way that you address and finish the difficult tasks first.

Give Your Time Full Optimization

Now that you've carved out a schedule and arranged your list of works, you need to embark on a full optimization.

That is, you have to think of creative and innovative ways you can adopt to fully maximize your time and perform the tasks optimally

If you work in flexible workstations, you'll need optimization since your work requires that you come to the office before you can work. This means that you spend plenty of time commuting to and from work daily.

That's where you need to develop alternatives that'll help you cut down heavy traffic for you to spend the saved time on executing other tasks you have on the list. For instance, you can cultivate the habit of waking up quite earlier and leaving for work before traffic congestion hits your city.

And once you're in the office, ready for the day, steer clear of the unhealthy habit of distributing your tasks over the week. This means that the best way is to get as many tasks as possible done in a day.

This will help you use the other days left in the week to put the finishing touches on your work time without interruptions.

Look for Practical Ways to Maximize Your Time

We cannot overestimate how important time is to us all. So you need to be creative and ingenious by thinking of new ways to utilize your time.

This is a step you need to fulfill before removing irrelevant tasks from the schedule. If you could maximize your calendar, you should have no problem easily executing your priorities.

Sometimes, all you need to do is change your routine. So if your workplace operates a flexible office arrangement, you can try using an alternative plan.

For example, if you use public transportation to work, why not give productivity a trial by working on your way to and from work? That'll help you get things done faster without pulling much on your work for the next day.

And if your line of work demands setting up virtual meetings, you can try and pack all the meetings for the week in a day.

The same idea can be used by a college student. Instead of distributing your classes unevenly across the days of the week, you can schedule them all in a day while you use the subsequent days for other projects.

Exclude the Irrelevant Tasks from Your Schedule

We understand that striking out the unnecessary tasks from the list of chores might be a bitter pill to swallow. But it's a step you need to take.

You've likely included some fun activities that are not advisable for someone seeking productivity at work and home. So it's expected that you exclude them or put them on hold for later days.

Let's check this example out. It looks important for a startup leader or manager to consistently answer phone calls and check emails but do you know they're not significant?

First, those tasks are quite time-consuming. So we'll rather advise that you outsource such activities to your workers whose schedules allow them.

Or you recruit a virtual assistant, he'll get the tasks done for you in no time. And if your budget allows it, you can subscribe to various automated services online to help you perform such time-gulping tasks.

Build an Ergonomic Office Space for Yourself

Pondering over professional office decor tips and considering ergonomic solutions are the major prerequisites for achieving a balanced work-life. So you also need to prioritize getting yourself an ergonomic workstation.

This means that you invest in ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic office desks. After that, office accessories will be needed to spice up employee efficiency and maximize your time.

Meanwhile, you shouldn't forget to select the type of furniture that you feel fully comfortable working with. For instance, some people prefer contemporary industrial office furniture while some flow with mid-century modern office furniture.

The interesting part is that you can purchase the best ergonomic office accessories and furniture on the Flexispot online store.

The brand is fully ready to offer you the most amazing furniture collection at a reduced price and the process of signing up is very easy.

Be Futuristic: Plan Your Downtime Tasks Ahead

Irrespective of how long you work per day, you'll end up in need of a cozy time to snap out and relax. Thus, it'll be highly beneficial to carve out a different plan for your downtime.

You can see it as a form of self-care or taking yourself out on a treat. Even if your finances permit it, you can make plans for a mini vacation for downtime.

If you could ensure that the emergencies surrounding your work don't interfere with your downtime, you're more than halfway ready to hit the balance between your work and life.

During this period, you need to put anything work-related on hold and immerse yourself in the euphoria that comes with giving yourself some intensive fun.


Applying these strategies will take time, you should know that. So you don't have to expect the changes to occur overnight.

Rather, why not think of progress instead of perfection? Through that, you'll be able to calm down and select the activities that are most dear to you and act accordingly.


We believe that this blog has shown you how to build a perfect balance between your work and home. All you have to do is forge ahead and take the first step today.