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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Office Nook

07 March 2023

Are you working from home and are bored with the same space? Are you looking to change your environment to make your workspace a little more open and different? Here is an idea! Try making an outdoor office nook where you can work when you want to take a break from being indoors. The outdoors can be quite relaxing and open and feel like a breath of fresh air after having been indoors all day.

The Benefits Of Working Out Doors

Most of us have worked our entire lives indoors and barely get a chance to step outdoors or go to the park. If we can make time to exercise we go to the gym or visit a port facility. Very rarely do we actually spend time outdoors. There are many benefits of being outdoors. Here are a few:

Reduced Stress

The openness and vastness of the outdoors have an instant calming effect. It immediately makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed. People who work difficult hours or have high-stress jobs are advised to step outdoors to relax and calm themselves.

Enhanced Focus

Being outdoors helps you look at things from a fresh perspective. Sometimes your brain needs a change of space to refocus and re-energize. Being outdoors helps to improve focus and feel more alert rather than sleepy and exhausted.

Fewer Sick Days

Being indoors increases the risk of spreading illnesses from one person to another due to breathing the same air that is circulating in the room. Being outdoors decreases the risk of disease and improves the health and well-being of all workers

Increased Productivity

Better mood enhanced focus and decreased fatigue help to increase productivity. Workers are able to focus better on their work and produce better results. Being outdoors makes you feel refreshed and energized and helps to make better decisions. Being in the same work environment all day long can make employees feel fatigued, exhausted, and drowsy.

Improves Memory

The more energized you are, the more alert you feel, and your memory is better. The more exhausted you are, the more drowsy you feel and the less you remember things. Everyone should take frequent breaks between work and stepping out into the open air. Allow your lungs to take in the open and fresh air, and let your mind feel relaxed and calm. This is essential for employees who work nine-to-five jobs day in and day out.

Boosts Mood

When we are relaxed, our brain sends signals to trigger the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and cortisol. These hormones help us feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The release of these hormones is essential for us to be able to get through our stressful days; therefore, we must look for ways to give our bodies and minds a break and allow them to relax and unwind

After learning all these benefits of being outdoors, it would be a great idea to shift your work outdoors or alternate between in and out. This can help your overall health, mood, and work quality.

How To Choose The Perfect Spot?

Depending on what you prefer, you can select your outdoor working spot. If you want to start by seeing how it feels, you can begin working from an outdoor café or park. If this works for you and you think it positively affects your mind and your work quality, you can find ways to make this a permanent setting.

Find a spot in your backyard or your patio

Make sure that it is a quiet but not isolated spot

Make sure that there is shade so that the sun does not fall directly on you

Make sure that it is a breezy spot, so it doesn't get too hot

Check for sockets nearby or arrange for a way to plug in your laptop

Make sure that you are not sitting in the garden as there might be insects

If you have extra space in your backyard, you can even get a small shed constructed for your office space. This allows you to be at home yet be away from home at the same time. Once you have the location for your office sorted, you must now create your workstation:

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair

The most important piece of furniture in an office is an office chair. It is advised to invest in a good quality ergonomic office chair as it can last you a long time. Flexispot has some fantastic office chair options that you can get and place in your office according to your preference. The following features make the ideal ergonomic office chair:

It Should Have An Adjustable Height Feature

An adjustable height feature is extremely important. Users must be able to raise or lower the height of the chair for maximum comfort. Users must have their feet planted firmly and flat on the ground and not dangling above the ground, as this can be uncomfortable and painful for the lower back and legs. If the chair is meant to be shared by different users, they can easily adjust the height accordingly.

It Should Have A Swivel And Movable Function

An ergonomic chair must have wheels so that it is movable and it must have a swivel function. This allows the user access to different parts of their desk and office so that they don't have to get up from their seat every time.

It Should Provide Adequate Lumbar And Back Support

Our spine is naturally S-shaped, and this is its neutral position. The S-shaped curve in our spine should be maintained, and therefore an ergonomic chair must provide adequate lumbar and back support to the spine. Users must not hunch their backs or bend them, or there can be spinal misalignments and postural problems.

It Should Have Comfortable Seats

Seats should be wide and comfortable enough with good quality fabric to provide the best comfort to its users. The fabric should be made with breathable material so that air can circulate within it and the user does not feel too hot. The seat size must be wide enough to accommodate the hips and thighs of the user completely.

It Should Have Arm Rests

Armrests must be on the seat to allow the users to rest their arms at ninety degrees. this prevents fatigue and discomfort on the arms, and therefore it is essential to have armrests provided on the office chairs

It May Have A Foot Rest And A Head Rest For Added Comfort

Footrests and headrests may be added to office chairs for added comfort and luxury when you want to take a break and put your feet up and relax.

The Best Ergonomic Office Desk

An office desk is essential for any office and is where most of the work gets done. Flexispot has some great ergonomic desk options that can be purchased online, depending on the type you require. Since most users spend all day long sitting behind desks, standing desks were introduced to encourage people to work while standing. This allows them to take breaks from standing. Standing desks are convertible which means they can be elevated or lowered depending on how the user wishes to work.

An ergonomic office desk has the following features:

It Is Sturdy

Ergonomic office desks are not flimsy and are quite sturdy. They can withstand the weight of all the essential items that are placed on them

It Is Made With Good Quality Material

Ergonomic office desks are made with good quality material, which makes them last longer and prevents them from getting damaged or losing their integrity easily.

It Is Easy To Clean

Office desks are prone to getting coffee spills and have heavy items placed on them and get scratched. The desks must be easy to wipe and clean and must last a long time. this is why you must invest in a good quality ergonomic office desk so that it is a one-time investment that can last you a long time

It Should Be Wide Enough

The office desk must be wide enough so that it can accommodate all essential items on it. Many accessories and office documents are required on the work desk. A desk that is too small would get too crowded, and things would start falling off.

The Final Word

If you love the outdoors but cannot make enough time due to your work schedule to spend time outdoors, why not bring your work outside? You can easily build a mini office space in your backyard and start working outdoors. Being closer to nature has positive effects on the body, the mind, and mood, which directly affects your work quality. It can make you feel refreshed and energized and reduce fatigue. Flexispot has some great options for office furniture and equipment that you can place in your outdoor office.