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How to Choose The Perfect Headboard: A Flexispot Guide

24 March 2022

A headboard is among the first things you will observe when entering a bedroom. With different materials and styles, it can be challenging to know what will be perfect in the whole outlook of the room. Choosing an ideal headboard is crucial because it affects your bedroom's impression, style, and layout. You most likely spend a good fraction of the day in your bedroom; hence this room must be comfortable and welcoming. Many people wonder if it is necessary to have a headboard, and even if they are not an essential part of a bed, a bedroom will not look complete without something that stylizes the back of the bed. Headboards can be a source of beauty; they add drama through height and striking frames or can be elegant and stunning such as the ones adorning presidential suites in high-end hotels. Alternatively, they can be more oriented to functionality with designs that save space and are more modern.

Before deciding on the perfect headboard, it is essential to follow these tips:

Choosing a headboard is a chore that needs to be done with care. Some of the general tips that should be kept in mind before choosing a headboard include;

It must suit your personality and needs.
Know the size of your room
Know the material that you need for your headboard.

This being said, here are the things to consider while choosing a perfect headboard.

The Focus

As stated earlier, having a headboard adds interest to the room. You need to choose a fabric that has another texture to it or that is slightly rippled. Including ribbon-laced edges or metal, nails make the headboard exciting and compliment the overall bedroom style. Another way to add interest to the room’s outlook and spark depth is by considering the color of the headboard. If you want the headboard to be the main focal point, choose a darker color and if you want a more subdued look, pick brighter colors. Thinking about the room's focus can help determine how important a headboard should be. If you plan to incorporate large artwork or pictures, then the headboard needs to have a more subtle look. However, if you plan to make the room more minimalistic, a more stylish and creative headboard is necessary.

Consider the size

1. Consider the size

The headboard needs to match the size of the bed. It would be best to focus on proportions, which means a broader bed needs a taller headboard to look appropriate. A sizing guide is vital in knowing the ratio of the bed to the headboard.

The small bed headboard is 3 to 9" tall and 6" wide.
A 75" tall and 38" wide headboard is the best for a tin bed.
The queen bed is 80" tall and 60" wide.
The extended queen bed is 80” tall and 66” wide
The king bed is 90" tall and 76” wide.
California king bed is 96” tall and 80” wide.

Also, an essential aspect of consideration when choosing the size of your headboard is the room size. If your space is small and your bed takes up a vast mass of space, an average-sized headboard is the best. For large rooms, the enormous headboard, the better. Finally, height is another thing to consider. A tall person needs a longer bed and a taller headboard. On the other hand, a short person does not need to consider the height of the headboard since it will fit the bed size.

Consider the type of headboard.

2. Consider the type of headboard.

Several headboards can be considered; some already come with the bed while others are mounted to the wall, and some are freestanding attached to the wall. Besides, considering the material to use for the various types of headboards is vital.

Mounted headboard

A wall-mounted headboard is directly attached to the wall and gives your headboard a floating look. It is preferred because it does not directly attach to the bed, so it will not move around and is easier to change mounted headboards.

Bed-attached headboard

It is the most common type as it comes with a bed frame. It can be cost-efficient since you get the bed hardware and your desired headboard. Such a headboard ensures a sturdy bed because all parts are connected.

Freestanding headboard

They do not need to be directly mounted to the bed or wall, which gives creative freedom on what you can purchase as your headboard. They present more customization since it is up to you where it should be placed and how it can be stabilized. If you want a more intricate design, this is the perfect headboard.

For these headboards, determining your material gives an aesthetic experience and decides your comfort level. Here are some materials and their strengths and limitations.

Iron or metal headboard

They give a romantic, beautiful look, especially if they are larger. They are very durable and inexpensive, which is valuable if you aim towards a good investment. It comes with the disadvantage of safety, especially for playful children.

Wood headboard

They look modern or rustic and traditional or luxurious, depending on the style you pick. It is the most straightforward material to use in creating your headboard. The disadvantage is that it is not comfortable to lean on. However, this can be fixed by incorporating additional pillows to lean against your bed.


3. Functionality

Do you need a headboard that will be there to look pretty? Or do you want one that will serve different purposes? Knowing your goal while acquiring a headboard is essential in picking the perfect headboard. Several people use the headboard as a backrest for watching television or reading. In a scenario like this, choosing a headboard that is the more comfortable to sit against is the best option. If you like the overall outlook of wood but need something to prop up with your pillows, choose a sleigh bed that looks pretty and is sturdy enough to place your pillows in the correct position. Even if it is worth considering aesthetics, it is not critical to pick the right headboard. They serve different purposes depending on how you use your bedroom space.

Consider the style

4. Consider the style

A perfect headboard needs to complement instead of competing with your current style in the bedroom. If your room is feminine with pretty chandeliers and light fabrics, a headboard that reflects your style should have curvy shapes. A headboard with definite outlines and clean lines ties a minimalistic feel in your room for modern rooms. It is essential to know the style of your room before you pick a headboard to create an overall cohesive look.

Consider creativity

5. Consider creativity

If you consider yourself creative, building your headboard is not a bad idea. Thanks to the internet today, many YouTube tutorials direct people on making every look and style for headboards. Whether you want the upholstered fabric or the rustic wood, there are guides for the headboard you might want. There are tutorials for metal and iron headboards if you know about welding. It reflects your personality and style when you design your headboard and gives you a sense of pride for creating something beautiful on your own. Apart from that, it is budget-friendly since you have to carter about the cost of material which is usually contemptible than buying from furniture stores.

Go shopping

6. Go shopping

After considering the things mentioned above, it is necessary to go shopping. Before visiting local markets and stores, first, research what retailers offer online. It is an excellent tactic to have an idea of what you are looking for or develop a scheme. It is a terrible idea and a complete waste of time going from store to store to compare what you are looking for. Nowadays, retailers insist on reinforcing their online presence, so it will be easier to do your research. Headboards are furniture just like the rest n your room, and it deserves good treatment both in terms of functionality and style.

The bottom line:

Selecting the right headboard for your bedroom can be difficult. If you love your room's current look, reflect on your current style to pick a headboard that matches what you already have. However, if you aim to upgrade the whole bedroom, choosing a headboard that you love entirely can aid in providing clarity and can also be a great starting point to making and enforcing other changes. A headboard often matches the bed in fabric, style, and size. Once you have an idea about your needed style and some inspiration, you will make sure to create your dream bedroom. It would be best to settle on your priority to get a matching bedroom and then design around that idea. You need not get devastated by every aspect of designing your room. Begin with the color scheme and a headboard and hasten from there. Keep these tips in mind when deciding on a new headboard that is perfect and completes your bedroom's overall look.