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How to Choose the Best Overbed Table for You

13 January 2023

If you spend a lot of time in bed, you should consider investing in a good-quality overbed table. Whether you like working from bed or enjoying your meals in bed more, an overbed table can make things much more comfortable and convenient for you.

An overbed table might be a convenience for many, but it's a necessity for some. If you've got old parents at home who can't leave bed for meals, an overbed table makes it easier for them to enjoy their meals in their comfort.

However, you've got to make sure you're investing in the right overbed table if you want to reap the maximum benefits. If you end up buying the wrong overbed table for yourself, you'll be more uncomfortable and frustrated than at ease.

If you're planning to get an overbed table for yourself and want to be absolutely sure that you aren't putting your money in the wrong place, our overbed table buying guide is surely going to help you choose the right overbed table for yourself.

What is an Overbed Table Used for?

An overbed table is exactly what the name says; a table that fits over the bed. It's not like the usual folding table. Instead, overbed tables are specially designed tables with wheels that make it easier for the user to move the table to and fro the bed. The base of these tables fits under the bed, and the tabletop is accessible to the user in bed. Overbed tables offer a larger tabletop surface area than regular folding tables.

Now, why would one want to invest in an overbed table? Well, there are numerous circumstances where overbed tables can prove to be a valuable investment.

Makes Working from Home Easier

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, most employers have switched to a remote working model where employees work from home. Not all employees have enough space in their homes to set up a home office. They don't even have enough space to adjust a workstation in their rooms.

This is where an overbed table can come to your rescue. An overbed table can be easily pulled to the bed when you need it. It offers sufficient space for your laptop. Some overbed tables are also equipped with extra features like a cup holder.

Unlike a folding table that has got limited leg space because of the folding legs, there aren't any legs in an overbed table that allows you to sit as you like (with legs stretched out in front of you over the bed or folded), making working from bed easier and more comfortable.

Offers Convenience and Comfort to Seniors and Injured Individuals

If you've got elderly people living with you at home who can't make it to the dining table for every meal, an overbed table might be a blessing for them. They can enjoy their meals in the comfort of their bed without having to leave their beds. Not only do seniors get to benefit from an overbed table, but if you've hurt yourself and aren't able to move at all, you can use an overbed table for your meals and work.

Choosing the Best Overbed Table

As we said earlier, you'll only be able to enjoy the benefits of an overbed table if you choose the right one for yourself. If you buy the wrong table in an attempt to save some money, you might find yourself getting frustrated with the lack of comfort and functionality of the cheap overbed table.

You should consider certain factors before you buy an overbed table for yourself. Let's have a look at what these factors are.


The first and most important factor that you should consider when buying an overbed table is the purpose you're getting it for. Do you plan to use it as an in-bed dining table only or wish to use it for multiple purposes like reading and using the laptop?

Not all overbed tables are the same. They come in different shapes (H-shaped base, C-shaped base, U-shaped base), in different sizes, and with different features. Knowing the purpose beforehand will help you choose the right overbed table for yourself.

For example, if you're planning to use the overbed table as a work table for working from home, a fixed table might not be the best choice. You'll need a table with adjustable height and tilt features.


Some overbed tables have an adjustable height feature, and some don't. If you're absolutely sure about the purpose of the table, like having meals only, you can get an overbed table of a fixed height that would suit you. However, ideally, you should buy an overbed table with an adjustable height feature to adjust the height according to your comfort and need. For example, you would want the table to be at a different height when you're having your meals but prefer a different height when you're working.

Height Adjustable Overbed Table ensures that you can use your overbed table for multiple purposes, thereby reaping the maximum benefit and bringing the table to the best use!


Another important feature that you must look out for when buying an overbed table for yourself is the tilt. Tilt is particularly useful for users who plan to use an overbed table to work on their laptops or read in bed.

With the adjustable tilt feature, you can ensure that the table is tilted at just the right angle for you, and you don't have to sit in awkward postures that might make sitting and working for too long uncomfortable or even painful for you.


Size is a very important consideration. Not all overbed tables are the same size. The size of the table you buy should be suitable for the purpose you've got in mind. For example, if you plan to use the overbed table for meals in bed, you can opt for a small overbed table. However, if you plan on using it as a work table, you'll need a table that offers a larger tabletop that can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, and mouse, at the least.

Buying a table that's too small or too big for the purpose you've got in mind is a waste of money!

Material and Durability

Nearly all overbed tables are constructed using steel with laminated tabletops. However, when it comes to quality, not all overbed tables come equal. The primary difference between a cheap and expensive difference is durability.

Durability is an important factor that shouldn't be overlooked when buying an overbed table. Investing in a high-quality overbed table might seem unnecessary, but trust us when we say a high-quality overbed table, although much costlier, will last for years to come.

Lockable Wheels

All overbed tables are equipped with wheels that make it easier to move them around, so that's not something you'll have to check when buying an overbed table. What you must check is whether the table has lockable wheels. Not many people are mindful of that when buying an overbed table for themselves.

If the wheels aren't lockable, the table will slide forward when you lean on it even a bit. Not only this, unlocked wheels pose a serious risk of falls and injuries. So, always look for an overbed table with lockable wheels.


Another important factor that will prove beneficial to you in the long run, is whether the table is foldable or not. Foldable overbed tables offer greater portability as you can easily fold them and carry them anywhere you like, let's say to another room or a hotel in case you're traveling. Foldable tables are also much easier to store so you won't have to worry about an overbed table taking up a corner of your room.


Most people imagine tables like the ones they see at the hospitals when they hear the term overbed tables. But the overbed tables that you see at the hospitals and medical care facilities aren't the only options you've got.

You'll be surprised to see that overbed tables come in various styles. You can choose a table that looks aesthetically appealing and one that you won't mind taking up some space in your bedroom.

Additional Features

It won't hurt to look for an overbed table with additional features, especially if you're planning to use it extensively. Some of the features that can enhance the functionality and utility of an overbed table include cup holders, spill guards, built-in outlets, slide-out trays, shelves, drawers, etc. Although the more features there are, the costlier the overbed table will be, but if it's making your life even a tad bit easier, spending money on it is well worth it!

Closing Word

The use of overbed tables isn't, and shouldn't be, limited to hospitals and senior care facilities. There are so many types of overbed tables available out there. No matter what you're planning to use an overbed table for, there will be one for you in the market.

The key to buying the best-overbed table for yourself is to have clarity about the purpose and then choose a table with the right features. Simply buying an overbed table for the sake of it might not help you much! The best-overbed table might be costlier, but it's worth it in the long run.