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How to Choose an Ergonomist for Your Office

05 August 2022

Feeling exhausted after a long day at work is completely understandable and natural, even if your job requires you to sit in a chair in front of the computer all day long. Work tends to tire us out mentally because you’re mentally active every minute of the day. But why is it that you feel physically exhausted even when you are sitting throughout the day?

Well, that’s because you aren’t sitting in the correct posture. Had you been sitting correctly, you wouldn’t have experienced any sort of discomfort or pain during work.

This is where workplace ergonomics comes into play. Most jobs today involve excessive usage of computers, which means most employees are sitting and using the computer for long hours every day.

If they aren’t educated about the right office ergonomics that involve sitting in the correct posture and interacting with office tools and equipment correctly, the employees are bound to get tired and even sick. Poor ergonomics can put computer users at high risk of developing serious health conditions like Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

It falls onto the shoulders of an employer to ensure that they’re providing their employees with an ergonomic work environment. The more comfortable the workers are, the more focused they’ll be at work, and the better will be the outcomes that will eventually turn in favor of the business. Working on office ergonomics offers a win-win situation for employers and employees both!

If you want to ensure your office is ergonomics-friendly, you should consider hiring an office ergonomic specialist. Ergonomists are professionals who are experts in ergonomics. They can give their valuable input when you’re designing your office that’ll help you and your employers in the long run.

If you’ve never worked with an ergonomist before, you might not know how to choose the right ergonomist for your office. But fret not; that’s what we’re here for.

Ergonomic Evaluation Expert

Reasons to Hire an Ergonomic Evaluation Expert

There are not one but numerous reasons why you should consider hiring an ergonomic evaluation expert for your office. Though you may feel like it’s an added expense, trust us when we say that an ergonomist can really change the ergonomics game for you and everyone working at your facility.

They Help Identify Lingering Risks

You may not know what factors are possible risks for the workers at your office, and you’ll be surprised to know that even the best-designed offices have some risks. You may think your office is quite safe, but there could be accidents even then. As a result, the rate of absenteeism will be high, and that means a loss for the company.

However, an ergonomist can help you identify these risks and mitigate them. With the help of an ergonomist, you can address the possible risk factors and make your office a safe place for everyone. It’s a proactive approach, and this is always better than the reactive approach that most employers follow today.

Help Ensure Physical Wellbeing of Employees

One of the most common health issues among computer users is back pain. The most prominent reason for this is poor posture. An ergonomist can give expert advice in this regard.

They’ll pinpoint all the factors that may be causing health problems like pain in the back, neck, and shoulders and help you address them in time. An ergonomist will help you with choosing the right ergonomic furniture for your office that encourages all the employees to work in the correct posture.

For example, you may not know that a standing desk like the Vici Duplex Standing Desk can help you mitigate the risk of all the health issues that can result from prolonged sitting, but an ergonomist can help you understand and take the right steps in the right time.

Help Boost Employee Productivity

You can’t expect your employees to work at the best of their potential if they aren’t comfortable and in pain. Since an ergonomist will help you design an ergonomic office where the physical well-being of all employees is ensured, the employees will be able to work with utmost focus and concentration and deliver what’s expected from them. This way, an ergonomist can help boost employee productivity.

Help You Save Money

Every time an employee calls a sick day off or files a healthcare claim, the company has to bear the financial consequences. If the employees aren’t able to deliver their 100%, work will be affected, and this will eventually impact the business. In short, if your employee isn’t healthy and happy, your business will suffer.

However, with an ergonomic evaluation expert on board, you’ll be able to provide an ergonomic work environment to your employees. The likelihood of your employees falling sick due to poor ergonomics will be reduced, and with increased employee comfort, their productivity will be enhanced too. All of these mean you can save money on employee absenteeism and healthcare costs.

Choosing the Right Ergonomist for Your Office

Choosing the Right Ergonomist for Your Office

Numerous ergonomists are offering their services today, but not all of them are reliable and experienced enough. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of some tips that’ll help you choose an ergonomist that’s the right choice.

Hire a Specialized Office Ergonomist

Not all ergonomists are experts in every niche. An ergonomist who has got experience in designing ergonomics-friendly factories may not be able to offer the best advice in designing a workspace where most employees are seated in office chairs all day long.

Therefore, the first and the most important consideration you’ve got to make when choosing an ergonomist for your office is to make sure you’re hiring a specialized office ergonomist.

Enquire About Experience

You should only choose an ergonomist who has got significant years of experience in their bag. Make sure the professional you’re planning to hire has been working on designing offices similar to yours for several years. The more experienced an ergonomist is, the better they’ll be at their job.

Although experienced ergonomists will charge higher than inexperienced ones, the money you spend on experience will be worth down to every penny!

Evaluate Their Approach

Different ergonomists adopt different approaches to identify risks at a workplace and then mitigate them. Evaluate closely what approach the ergonomist you’re hiring is taking. Know that when we talk about ergonomics, it’s never a one size fits all solution.

If the ergonomist is adamant about taking an approach that worked for someone they worked for earlier, they might not be the best choice. You need someone who designs and plans their strategy based on your office design and process flow.

See What Their Previous Clients Have Got to Say About Them

Testimonials from past clients can tell you a lot about an ergonomist. Before you close the deal with an ergonomist, make sure to do your research well. Look for what past clients have got to say about them. If the reviews and testimonials are too good to be true, they probably aren’t true.

The feedback from past clients should feel genuine. If you’re certain the ergonomist has a good reputation, you can hire them without second thoughts.

Question Them About How They Can Make Things Better for You

An ergonomically-designed office should be able to help you reduce business costs in terms of reduced employee absenteeism and healthcare claims. But don’t just assume the ergonomist will be able to provide you with all of these benefits.

Before you hire an ergonomist, question them about what they’ve got in mind for your office and how is it going to help you in cost reduction. An experience ergonomist should be able to give you a detailed and satisfactory answer. If not, then you know you shouldn’t be hiring them.

See How Good is Their Customer Service

An ergonomist shouldn’t make you feel like you’re wasting your time by asking too many questions. They should be open to your questioning and should be able to offer detailed answers.

If an ergonomist isn’t too willing to entertain you before they do their job (which they should for luring you into hiring them), imagine how hard it’ll be to get to them if the job they do doesn’t turn out as per your expectations. Customer service is critically important and shouldn’t be overlooked in any case.

Ask if They Offer Post-Job Services

How can you tell if the job was done well? A professional ergonomist will offer post-job services, including periodic evaluations to ensure their ergonomic strategy is being followed and whether their job isn’t delivering expected results. You may not realize the importance of this service right now, but you’ll definitely need some insight into the results of such a hefty investment.

With the help of an ergonomist, you not only ensure your employees’ well-being but also gain a reputation of being a considerate employee in the industry. Anyone would want to be a part of a company that puts their employee comfort and health above everything.

It’ll also help you save money that you’ll otherwise have to spend on getting the employees treated for ailments resulting from poor ergonomics. You see, it’s definitely a winning situation for you!