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How to Buy A Gaming Chair For a Tall Person

18 April 2022

Ideal Height of Gaming Chairs For Big Guys

Have you had to sit in an uncomfortable chair? A chair that cramps your back, messes with your waist, and gives your feet that sore numbness because blood can't seem to flow through properly? Well, that's the woe tall and big people seem to face every day.

Getting a chair, particularly a gaming chair, is practically a walk in the park for people of average height. They have a never-ending array of chairs to choose from. And they enjoy all the fun and ergonomics that come with these chairs.

However, this is not the case for tall people. They hardly ever get a chair their size. Most don't even know that chairs are designed specifically to suit their height and body type. So they cramp themselves into small gaming seats, consequently having to deal with many backaches afterward.

If, as a tall person, you've had to deal with these situations, then you've come to the right place. Flexispot has several gaming chairs built just for you. This piece contains a guide on how to find a chair your size. It also suggests a couple of the best gaming chairs that Flexispot has for persons with larger frames. Check it out!

Gaming Chair For Tall Person

Guide to Buy Gaming Chair For Tall Person

Since regular chairs won't suit tall people, you need to find a chair that'll do the trick. And by that, we mean a chair that allows the person to sit with his thighs resting in a parallel position on the seat and his feet in a relaxed position on the floor. Any chair that fails to achieve this position might be uncomfortable for a tall person.

Buying a gaming chair is slightly different from buying an office chair. This is because gaming chairs are built to allow more flexibility and comfort. Thus, there are several factors that you need to consider when buying a chair for a tall person. These factors are:

Gaming Chair Width

Nothing is comforting in a chair that cramps your hips. With this in mind, tall persons should avoid chairs that impede their movement.

A quality gaming chair will have enough room for you to wiggle around. One way to know if a chair has enough width to accommodate your size is to measure the width of your hips. You could add a few inches to it and then compare it with the width of the chair you intend to buy.


Gaming chairs are expected to be ergonomic and allow for flexibility. Thus when getting a chair for a tall person, you should look out for something that allows room for adjustments, be it horizontal or vertical.

A few adjustabilities features to be on the lookout for are an adjustable armrest, reclining function, lumbar and lateral support, and a headrest if possible. While most chairs only allow you to adjust the armrest in one position (that is, a flip-up armrest), you can sometimes find a 2D armrest. It'll allow the tall person to adjust both the height and the axis.

Lumbar support is not a feature you should compromise, especially since it's for a person with a large frame. A chair without lumbar support will result in awkward sitting. This will, in turn, result in back pains and maybe even degenerate into spine-related issues.

Furthermore, it would help to consider the reclining function when buying a gaming chair for big guys. Gamers should be able to alternate between sitting positions and resting positions. If you're lucky, you could get a chair with a wide flexibility range that allows the gamer to switch between three positions.


Chairs for tall people are not that easy to come by. So you want to ensure that the chair you're getting is durable and can serve them for a long period.

A durable gaming chair will be one that can support the height and weight of a person with a large frame. Preferably something that has a weight capacity of nothing less than 250lbs. The material should also be of top quality to reduce the risk of wear and tear.

This durability factor shouldn't be a problem if you buy the chair from a reputable brand like Flexispot. The manufacturer is known to make durable, ergonomic chairs.

Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys

Now that you know what to look out for in a chair, the next step is to find one. Luckily, this guide eliminates the possibility of dealing with the stress of finding a chair for big guys.

In subsequent paragraphs, you'll find the best gaming chairs you can ever get for persons with large body frames. These chairs are not just tall and wide. They are also sturdy, beautiful, and made by the best ergonomic furniture brand in the industry, Flexispot.

E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillows 8521

E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillows 8521

This chair is a stylish addition to your gaming station, a master touch to your office. Featured after racing car, embraced wing back / soft padded armrest / ergonomic cushioned seat consist its contoured, segmented comfort padding. Adjustable headrest, removable lumbar cushion & retractable footrest add special care when choosing multiple reclining positions. Either staying professional or fashionable is surely up to you!

Designed with your comfort in mind, our racing chair boasts an ergonomic design, large size, thick soft seat cushion and armrests, retractable padded footrest, and super high backrest which gently hugs your body while aligning and supporting your spine and neck. Featuring an extra headrest pad and innovative large-size lumbar cushion which effectively relieves your fatigue, this chair was designed for the luxurious comfort of the highest level. Highly customizable, you can adjust our gaming chair to your liking and kick back and relax, engage in long hour gaming sessions or work for hours without any discomfort, stiffness, or pain!

3397 (Gaming Chair)

3397 (Gaming Chair)

The Flexispot Ergonomic 3397 model is a multipurpose chair. It works as a gaming chair and as an office chair.

The chair is made of high-quality bonded leather with a mesh of a little PU leather. You can trust that this leather is durable and will not be peeling off any time soon. To preserve the durability of this leather, you should place it in a room with very cool temperatures. Preferably one with an air conditioner.

The padded backrest has padded armrests attached to the sides. These armrests allow you to work for long periods without having to delay with aches and other back-related pains. They have a 90°-180° flip-up function that you can conveniently customize to suit your gaming position.

Well, that's not all the luxury this chair affords.

Below the lush cushion seat, you'll find a pneumatic control. With this control, you can alternate the 120° adjustable backrest between an upright and a rocking position. It also allows you to raise or lower your seat. And the control is pretty easy to use.

To sit forward in the gaming chair, you need to push the pneumatic control. And to recline into a rocking position, push out the pneumatic control, and enjoy a refreshing nap.

Additionally, the 3397 Gaming chair also has a 360° swivel. This is ideal for people with tall frames who play games from U-shaped tables filled with screens. All you have to do to face screens are either end of the table is to swivel. You can trust the 300lbs carrying capacity of the seat and the very strong metal chrome casters to support you.

As a plus, Flexispot makes the installation of this chair pretty easy. On delivery, the instructions for installations are in the box. Follow the instructions, and you can conveniently balance your frame on this chair in no time.

GC02 (Gaming Chair)

GC02 (Gaming Chair)

You probably think you've seen the best of gaming chairs until you meet the Flexispot GC02 gaming chair. The beauty of this chair is enough to stop nonchalant furniture owners in their tracks.

The whole chair is a beautiful blend of red and black with a touch of white. These colors make the chair a perfect fit for neutral-colored gaming space setups. And even if your space is not in neutral colors, it's still not an excuse to miss the beauty of this chair.

Don't be carried away by its beauty because there's a whole lot more to this chair.

This Flexispot gaming chair has a reclining function like most chairs. But it seems the company decided to take things a step further. Instead of the regular 120° backrest reclining function, this chair can recline between 90°-135°. Thus, you can switch between three positions: work, gaming, and rest.

The ergonomic design of this chair is also unique. Unlike the regular net-like lumbar support, this chair comes with a lumbar support pillow. This pillow will eliminate back pain while helping you maintain proper body posture.

You'll also find a removable headrest pillow. It is placed there for neck support and to relieve tension. Don't forget that the armrest is ergonomic too. It is a 2D armrest that adjusts the height and rotates the axis.

The GC02 is strong, wide, and durable. It has a seat width dimension of 14.6"(in) and 21.3"(out). The seat depth is set at 20.5", allowing for even more comfort for tall and large persons. Not to mention the 299lbs weight capacity with sturdy floor-friendly wheels at the base.


As a person with a large frame, you no longer have to suffer discomfort while gaming. Though limited, there are still several large chair options to choose from. Flexispot now has ergonomic chairs that allow you to enjoy the same level of comfort that average gamers experience; maybe even better.

While these chairs might seem a bit pricey, you can trust that you'll get value for every penny. All the large profile chairs at Flexispot are durable, adjustable, and beautiful. They are also pretty easy to install.

Get a Flexispot chair today for tall people and watch them find unique gaming comfort.