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How to boost your fitness motivation with FlexiSpot products

05 December 2022

It is a word we often hear in fitness - motivation. But what is it, and how can we motivate ourselves to exercise better? According to the psychology of exercise, motivation is the degree of determination, desire, or drive with which someone approaches or avoids a behavior. Several motivation theories are related to exercise behavior. They attempt to explain the mechanisms which influence or decide our drive, determination, or desire to exercise and focus on fitness. Also, so much literature gives us many suggestions to boost our fitness motivation.

Several of you started the year with a fresh list of new year's resolutions to tick off your whole year. A few months in, you gave up crossing any resolutions, probably because you needed more motivation. People who went through the pandemic at home can attest to almost lacking motivation because the whole world came to a halt. It was an entire year of uncertainty, and your resolutions, such as losing weight and the gym membership you had signed up for, were already going to waste. Most people needed to figure out where to start with gym instructors available. Such are the problems most people face regarding fitness—the lack of motivation.

As mentioned, several pieces of literature talk about what you should do to boost your fitness motivation, but only a few focus on the products. The article will suggest products from Flexispot that you can use to boost your fitness motivation, so let's jump right into it.

Boost your fitness motivation with Flexispot products

Before talking about the products, it is essential to know the things you need to do to boost your motivation, such as;

Setting goals

Likely, that goal setting is a concept that has been introduced previously. However, the goal-setting process and how we pursue them are vital for our motivation. You need to set outcome goals. Such goals are great, especially if they are measurable, specific, and time-bound. The process you undergo while trying to achieve your goals is also worth noting because you get strategies that help you achieve your goals. For example, if you plan on losing a certain amount of weight within a certain period, the process you will use to accomplish this goal is necessary because, without it, your goals are already failed.

Become an early bird

You have heard several times that people who work out in the morning tend to be more successful in following a fitness program. have you ever wondered why? It is indeed true that it is better to get things done and go on with your day, but when you look at it closely, it all comes down to willpower. Our bodies are like gas tanks that deplete over the day, so if you have trouble sticking to planned post-workouts, consider scheduling them in the morning because you will be fresh and ready for the day.

Take a break

Your sudden tiredness can be a sign of overtraining. You might need a little time off for your mind and body. However, the break should not be an excuse to sit and relax; you should keep moving, maybe just not at the same intensity as before or at the same activities. Despite everything, don't make it open-ended. Whether it is a couple of days or a week or two, pick an end date for your routine and then get back to it.

Get a new toy

Sometimes all you need is a fancy new gadget to inspire you. Whether it is the souped-up triathlon watch, the fitness tracker everyone has been excited about, unknown excellent free weights, or even a good pair of kicks, you should get them. You should understand that you should try anything fitness-related that you've always wanted to try because it will get you excited to work out and be fit again.


For some people, a huge motivator is getting their money's worth. Sign up for that expensive gym you have been eyeing for some time now and prioritize making your visits cost less than $20 each. You can also hire a trainer, get a class card to that martial arts studio you've been wanting or even create a home gym. Don't let your hard-earned cash spent go to waste. Another tip could be to place a dollar in a jar for every workout you complete, then spend that money on the thing you have wanted but couldn't justify getting it. It can be a huge fitness motivator.

With this in mind, here are Flexispot products that can help you boost your fitness motivation.

All-in-One Desk Bike V9

This desk bike from Flexispot will help you stay healthy, active, and productive. It has a Pneumatic Adjustment Lever, which allows you to adjust the height according to your preferences. Also, the desk has a stunning integrated digital display that will enable you to monitor the number of calories burned, your speed, and the number of times you work out. Its eight resistance levels allow you to go from light activity to a robust strenuous workout routine whenever you want. The seat of this desk bike has been made comfortable with good material, and the desktop is spacious to allow you to go on with your office work as you work out. Also, the desk bike contains gravity casters that can lock and support your workout routine.

You can't worry about making noise for the people around you because it has been made to run smoothly and quietly. The desk bike can be a good fitness motivation, especially for people with a lot of work. You can work out while on your conference call because why not. Flexispot has other desk bike options: the Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair with a breathable mesh backrest and the V9U under-desk bike.

Adjustable dumbbell

Flexispot has a lions cool 5-In-1 Adjustable Dumbbell available in options such as 55lbs, 25lbs, and 12.5 lbs. it is simple to change the weight of the dumbbell because all you have to do is swing the handle. The dumbbell contains a textured handle that is ergonomic and non-slip. Also, you don't have to worry about your safety when using this product because it includes a built-in safety lock that secures weight plates. Many fitness products last only a short time because of the material used to make them but not this dumbbell. It is made to last longer with its ultra-durable and anti-rust weight plates. You can lift this dumbbell a few times, especially in the morning, to help boost your productivity because it is so easy to lift.

Folding Treadmill 15

Advanced electric high-power motor supports 3 level incline and adjustable speed, 240LB max user weight suitable for most people. With varying levels of difficulty to walk in the setting pace, it can meet varied personalized workouts. Burning fast your calories, perfect for weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, endurance&stamina building, keep you healthy. Believe us, you will love it!

In order to increase the fun of jogging and walking, we preset 6 programs on the treadmill. Each program will simulate the real motion scene, it will change speed every 1.5 minutes. And if the manual standby mode, you can adjust the speed/start/stop to meet your personal need. For more convenient use, we design start/stop/speed up and down buttons in the handrail. Make sure you can use it successfully.

Portable treadmills with Long curved Handrails beside are stable to hold on and safe while running or walking on a belt. If you are worried that you may fall down when you are watching TV during exercise, the safety tether key will immediately shut off the treadmill to prevent secondary injury. Heart rate sensors in the armrests on both sides can monitor your heart rate to achieve optimal intensity levels, especially as home workout equipment for everyone.

Most parts of the walking treadmill are assembled already, very easy to put them together in minutes by yourself; Tool kits are included for regular maintenance, easy to adjust belt centralization or use silicon oil to lubricate the belt, making the walking machine more efficient and extend lifetime. And because the treadmill can be folded up, and it has a compact size, so it can be used in a small space and is very simple to be stored up. Save your limited space.

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1

Using this product is much easier because all you should do is stand on top of it and exercise. The vibration creates a whole-body vibration that stimulates extra muscle contractions and makes your body active during your workout. Its speed setting can range from 1 to 99, making meeting your goals easier. The exciting part is that it comes with loop bands that can help you build upper and lower body strength without sweating too much. As you exercise, you can change the speed and program using its LED touch screen and remote control.

If you want to avoid investing in these Flexispot products to help you boost your fitness motivation, you should consider getting a standing desk. The good thing about standing desks is you can keep fit even when you have no time to exercise. Standing desks help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle when you shift between standing and sitting, which can boost your motivation to keep fit as you work all day. Flexispot is an expert at standing desks, so don't worry about where to get one for yourself.

Finally, take a few days off if you are too busy to work out or don't feel up to it. If you need a break, then remember to go easy on yourself. The most important thing is always to get back on track as soon as possible. Now that you have regained your enthusiasm, set your goals and start moving; make it fun and pat yourself on the back every time. Remember that physical activity is for life, and review these tips when you feel your motivation is slipping.