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How to be More Confident about Your Job Performance

01 August 2022

People think that just because they’re already hired, they can give a lackluster performance in their job and it’s okay. They don’t give too much effort to being good at what they do because they get their salaries anyway.

These people fail to realize that work performance directly affects job satisfaction. Job satisfaction helps you be more happy with your personal life.

When you perform badly at work, you can become very stressed that you are not able to work efficiently and productively. But when you perform your best at work and your colleagues are happy with your performance, you would notice that your relationship with officemates and managers begins to blossom. You also open yourself up to a promotion and are able to enjoy activities outside of work without thinking about work. You would commit less errors and become much better at solving challenges that come your way. You are also highly motivated to finish work and learn new things that are being introduced to you. When you have all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to be good at your job?

performing poorly at work

There are signs that say you are performing poorly at work. Sometimes, you are just being too hard on yourself that you say your performance isn’t up to par with your officemates. So it’s a must to know these poor performance signs so that you’ll be able to pinpoint what you are doing wrong and address it right away.

One way to know if you’re doing a poor job is if your supervisor is not happy with your work when he or she hands you a performance plan. This piece of document will detail out what you need to change in order to perform better. Don’t think of yourself as not enough. You were hired because they saw potential in you. Believe that you have the ability to meet their wants and needs; you’re just in the position at the moment to make changes and improve your performance.

In any workplace, you will encounter challenges and problems. You might have been through a lot which means if you did not change your position in the past year or so, you should already be able to solve these problems. If you can’t, then you have to reevaluate what’s polluting your headspace so that you can’t solve problems properly. If you find yourself always asking questions that you’ve already asked, then you could already expect that your supervisor has already observed that you may not be the perfect person for the role. Don’t worry because it can easily be improved if you dedicate time and effort to research. Observe the people around you and how good they are at solving problems. Tap them for help.

still haven’t been offered a promotion

If you’ve been staying in the company for quite a while and still haven’t been offered a promotion, then you might be doing or not doing something that your manager doesn’t fancy. This means you might not be performing as well as you think.

And then of course, if you keep repeating mistakes or making a lot of errors, one after another, that’s a clear-cut sign you are delivering a bad performance that is not in line with what clients want. Ask your superior what you can do better or you may realize that you are just not the right fit for the position.

But remember. Doing a good job at work also entails you to be able to acknowledge it once it’s done. You are probably downplaying your contribution to the company that you feel is even smaller than you really are. It’s important that you feel good in your job so that you can continue living a satisfied and content life.

It doesn’t even have to be real at this point. You should have mastered the art of feigning confidence by now. Change your body language. Let go of the tension in your body and focus on what you can see. This can help show others that you are calm and composed even if you are feeling really shy and restless on the inside.

Remind yourself of the many rewards and accomplishments you have already received in your job. When you’re stressed because you think you are doing so badly, you would forget about the good things such as getting acknowledged by your company throughout the years. If you think about it, the rarer the special.

tap yourself on the shoulder

Everyone also has their own idea of success. If you’ve been working for quite a while, jumping from one company to another, and still feeling very much like a failure, it’s high time that you define success differently. Once you know this, you can already tap yourself on the shoulder for the many little victories you’ve already achieved throughout the process.

Things don’t always go as planned which means you need to have a flexible and adaptable mind. You need to know what your realistic expectations are from the job. This can make you feel a lot better about your job performance.

Of course, do not hesitate to ask for feedback from people you trust in the office. Ask a boss or coworker who has worked closely with you to evaluate your work performance and give you pointers.

Another thing you can look at is how you’re feeling outside of work. Maybe your personal problems are affecting your work performance that you aren’t able to perform at your best. Or maybe these negative thoughts in your head are cascading to your work that you also think negatively of your work performance, even if you are doing a good job.

You can also help yourself become a lot better in your job if you invest in the right tools. Having an ergonomic workspace can help your mind to stay alert and focused. You are much more productive and efficient when you don’t feel any discomfort while working and that you can conveniently shift from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa at any point of the day. FlexiSpot is one brand you can trust for your ergonomic needs as it makes sure to upgrade its customer’s quality of life.