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How Ergonomics & Mental Health Tie Together

19 July 2022

How you sit does more to your mental health than you think

The thing that a lot of people don’t take into consideration when they work is how sitting will affect them during those rigorous work hours. Your office environment affects more than just your efficiency and total focus while you work. It also affects your physical and mental health. People have noticed that over the years many companies are trying to be more health-conscious with their choices in office furniture for their employees.

While there are still many companies out there that still use the standard office furniture that has been around since office work environments began, many other companies are choosing to go with ergonomic office furniture. You may or not be familiar with what ergonomic office furniture is but know that it is always changing for the better.

Per, “Ergonomics is about designing for people. Defined as the science of fitting a workplace to the user’s needs, ergonomics aims to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort. Think about the angle of your computer monitor or the height of your desk. Think about whether your eyes are strained by the end of the day or if your wrists hurt from typing. A sound understanding of ergonomics can prevent most workplace injuries by adjusting tools to the user and putting an emphasis on proper posture to reduce the impact of repetitive movements.

need for ergonomics

The use of computers and rapidly changing technology in the modern workplace has greatly increased the need for ergonomics. Desks, chairs, monitors, keyboards, and lighting all need to be assessed when creating a workspace, whether it is at the office or at home. Ergonomics also considers the need for movement throughout the day. Office furniture has traditionally encouraged stiff, fixed postures and little movement. However, a balance between sitting and standing, which can be aided with a height-adjustable desk, is a proven way to combat the effects of sedentary workplace behavior.”

When taking this into consideration you may be focused solely on your physical health, you may want to also consider the state of which your mental health is in. When your physical and mental health is affected while you work, it tends to make you want to work less, focus on the tasks you are doing and sometimes even want to get out of bed the next day. Considering the current state, the world is in with the continuing precautions we are taking against COVID-19, many people are still stressed every day they work. There have been many people who have their mental health slowly dwindle due to a lack of socializing with their co-workers, feeling cut off, or even sometimes isolated if they are working from home, for example.

Mental health should always be a priority

Mental health should always be a priority. How you feel mentally affects how you can feel physically. Granted physical health should be a top priority as well. If your mental health starts to dwindle, it could affect your focus, motivation, and even how your body can feel. Stress is a hard thing to avoid, but with the right tools, you can keep a great balance between your mental health and physical health. This is one of the most important reasons why ergonomic desks and chairs are a better choice.

Ergonomic desks and chairs are always the best alternatives when it comes to any of the standard desks or chairs out there. Believe it or not, ergonomic desks and chairs have been proven to affect your overall physical and mental health in a way that benefits your life. Studies over the last few years have shown that many companies are opting for ergonomic office desks and supplies over the standard.

FlexiSpot’s Esben Standing Desk

One of the best ergonomic desks out there is FlexiSpot’s Esben Standing Desk. This ergonomic standing desk is clean, minimal, and aesthetically free of any distractions. It allows you to focus on what matters more, your work and health. The Esben Standing Desk has a unique design meant to brighten your mood & energize you for any task your employer sends your way.

A great thing about this ergonomic standing desk is how it will elegantly tie your home office or your office work building together with ease. It also blends the rustic elements with an elegant touch for an eye-pleasing look. The Esben Standing desk is more comfortable than the standard desk making working from home so much more relaxing and stress-free. We all want to be as stress-free as possible, especially when at work. We never want to bring our stressful day home with us so doing whatever we can to prevent work stress is usually the best route. Sometimes you can’t control that but is good to know that there is something there to support you better and help you feel better. An ergonomic office chair or desk will provide more room and even more comfort than you think. It can be a very helpful tool that you can even use for even the smallest to largest of tasks.

For example, this is also very practical for your home office in small spaces. Most people who have a spare room available have the luxury of more space versus people whose home has limited rooms and tend to set up their work from home workstations in their living room or bedroom. It’s one of the many benefits truly any type of office environment you are in or choose to make for yourself. Even if you are constantly working in your office building, you can always purchase this for your home office, or get with your supervisor to let them know you are ready to switch to an ergonomic work environment for your workspace. Keep in mind that some employers may ask for a doctor’s note when requesting this in the office, but it really depends on the company.

FlexiSpot’s Esben Standing Desk

Some of the features that set this apart from standard desks are the fact that it has very spacious drawers to store your office supplies seamlessly. Most standard desks not only don’t have drawers as it is, but they also lack any form of organization. Usually, with a standard desk, you will have to buy your own storage, baskets or etc to keep your desk completely organized. With this ergonomic standing desk, you are getting integrated storage drawers.

With a technology boom in the last few years, many of us are constantly charging our devices in order to continue using them. Many of those cords tend to get in the way of our desks and we are constantly trying to organize them. The Esben Standing Desk helps with this easily. This ergonomic standing desk comes with a built-in USB port. This is great to charge all your devices in one convenient spot. No one has to run around trying to find all of their chargers or overpack an electrical outlet just to make sure your devices are fully charged.

Finally, one of the best things about this ergonomic standing desk is the height adjusting that it offers. With ergonomic standing desks, it can be a bit of a hassle to go from sitting to standing but with FlexiSpot’s Esben Standing Desk it is made simple. The height adjustments themselves range from 29.5-49.2 inches, which is suitable for anyone at any height. With the desktop size being roughly 48”(W) x 24”(D) you are getting the option to stand at a desk that is very spacious and easy for your to work at whether you are sitting or standing.

FlexiSpot is dedicated to not only continuing to be the leading partner in ergonomic office items by providing you with a healthier and happier tomorrow. Their designs mainly focus on what is best for their customers and improving on the health of anyone who uses their products. Being healthier is a bit of a struggle at times, but if you can easily do it while you work, why not try it? FlexiSpot not only guarantees its products, but they are made to assemble with ease. The ergonomic standing desks are packaged to help you go from box to use within minutes.

For more information on FlexiSpot and all the great ergonomic items they offer, be sure to visit their website here.