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How Adjustable Beds Work

07 June 2022

You have probably come across adjustable beds online or have seen them in a shop. If you’ve never used one, it’s natural to have questions about how they work owing to how unique their design looks. There are so many brands out there right now, and each of them claims to be good at making the best adjustable beds that money can buy, but how exactly do adjustable beds work?

In this blog, I’ll explore everything associated with how adjustable beds work. I’ll look at the main parts that make it functional, as well as the actual working mechanism that makes them different from traditional beds. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting an adjustable bed for your house but have no clue on where to begin, then read this to the end to find out.

Adjustable Bed

Parts of an Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed is made of several parts that work together to ensure that it handles its functions without any issue. Of the many parts that make up an adjustable bed, the following are the ones that are the most important.

Adjustable Base

The adjustable base is the most important part of an adjustable bed. It is basically the base of the bed, which controls the actual position that the user sleeps in. In a nutshell, the adjustable base makes up the entire functional part of the bed as it is the one that holds the bed frame in place and, at the same time, creates space for the joints to join the frame. The lowering and raising of the entire bed are controlled by the adjustable base. If you want to change the angle of sleeping, this is the part that you deal with.


The motor is the next most important part of an adjustable bed. They are the movable parts of the bird that affect movement from one position to another. These Motors are controlled by electric current, and they are linked to a remote button that the user can press to change the reclining angle of the bed to any position that they want. Some adjustable beds come with very silent Motors that are ideal for the bedrooms if they don't make a lot of noise when changing positions. However, adjustable beds that have silent motors cost a lot more than regular ones that are a little bit noisy.


Adjustable beds come with USB ports, among others which give the user the chance to charge the smart devices when they go to sleep. Additionally, some of these sports can be used to plug in the remote control, which gives the users easy access to how they can control the bed when they're on it. It should be noted, however, that not all adjustable beds come with USB ports. You will need to pay a little extra for an adjustable bed that has USB ports, as that functionality means the bed will have extra parts and internal wiring that can work with the nearest electric circuit.


The next most important thing is the adjustable bed control. These are small devices that are used to control the bed remotely from any position to allow the user to assume the best reclining angle. Most remote controllers come with an LCD screen which shows you the values as you change the angle of the bed to what suits you the best. This allows the user to get the right dimensions and measurements without having to guess. Additionally, the remote controls reduce the amount of strain the user may have to endure if the auto-adjusts the bed manual.

How They Work

How They Work

An adjustable bed is not that different from a regular bed. One of the few things that make it stand apart is the ability to change positions with a simple press of some buttons. To get an adjustable bed working, it needs an electric power source. They can either be plugged into the wall socket or, in some cases, adjustable beds come with rechargeable batteries. All that a user needs to do is to calibrate the right reclining angles before hopping into bed. This process is very straightforward, and it doesn't involve any manual work.

However, due to the many components that are needed to make an adjustable bed work, they are very heavy when compared to traditional beds. Moving an adjustable bed around the room is almost impossible, especially if there is a single person involved. This is the reason why most adjustable beds come pre-assembled. To get it working, you need to assemble it by following the manual that comes with it.

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

As you may have figured out by now, the mattresses that are used on adjustable beds are not the same as the ones used for traditional beds. The design and structure of an adjustable bed mean it requires a mattress that is just as flexible as the bed itself. If you're looking to buy an adjustable bed, but you don't know which mattress to get alongside it, consider the following options.

Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is a special kind of mattress that is flexible and can conform to the shape of the bed and your body. This makes it one of the best options to use for an adjustable bed as it gives your body great support while sleeping and reduces any chances of developing any type of body aches and pain.

Additionally, the memory foam mattress relieves pressure points when you sleep, and when you combine it with an adjustable bed, you're able to obtain a neutral sleeping position that reduces any risk of reflux or sleep apnea, among other sleeping disorders. Another standout feature of the memory foam mattress is its ability to bounce back to its full shape even after using it for extended periods of time.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are another flexible type of mattress that works well with adjustable beds. They are very flexible and can bend in any Direction and retain their shape once you're done with them. They also take the shape of the body, which means you'll be able to sleep comfortably without feeling any gaps in areas of your body that come into contact with your body. This is important if you have back problems. However, when compared to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and not as flexible, but they cost a little less.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses in a mix of latex and memory foam mattresses. They are what you go for when you want the best of both worlds, and just like the latex memory foam mattresses, they are very flexible and can fit just about any type of adjustable bed. Most hybrid mattresses come with internal coils that are flexible and can adjust the position of the adjustable bed without bending or breaking apart, no matter how heavy the user may be. If you're looking for a more flexible and advanced type of mattress, then getting a hybrid mattress will be the best move for you.


What About Sheets?

Another question you will probably be asking yourself if you're thinking of getting an adjustable bed is whether you will need special sheets. The answer is here. When you look at the shape of an adjustable bed and how it can switch positions from one angle to another, it is safe to assume that you need specially fitted sheets that can extend with the bed. Therefore, when shopping for bed sheets for an adjustable bed, think of the corner pockets that usually come with bedsheets. They should be deep enough to cover all four corners and stay in place even when the bed adjusts to any angle.

You can also go for bedsheet fastness, which you can use to hold regular bed sheets in place. Most bed sheet fasteners usually come with elastic strips that have locking mechanisms on the other side. You simply fasten one bed sheet personally to our corner of the fitted sheet, then run it alongside the mattress in a diagonal manner to the other opposite common. This ensures the way she stays in place even when the adjustable bed assumes a right angle.

Unfortunately, for most adjustable beds, you cannot get a lot of ties to add drawers and other accessories. The reason is simple; the adjustable bed works best when it has freedom of movement, and this means limiting the number of accessories that can be added to enhance its functionality. On the flip side, you get a bed that can be adjusted to accommodate anything you need to do on your bed by trading, eating, or simply assuming they're a comfortable angle that is kind to your back.


So are you ready to get an adjustable bed? If you are, then you now have an idea of what an adjustable bed is all about and how it works. So take your time to find the right manufacturer who will provide you with the right product. To learn more about adjustable beds, check out our website, and feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.