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Home Office Ideas to Inspire You for a Two-Person Office Layout

25 April 2022

Whether working in an office or from home, your workspace needs to have certain requirements. While working under the same roof with your roommate or partner needs adjustment, especially because you sleep, eat, and relax in the same room, you can essentially create a great home office design for the two of you. Especially with the pandemic, some professionals are still working from home. They find that the dining table and the couch won’t cut it in terms of sustained comfort, ergonomics, and productivity.

You already know that ergonomic setups are the key to comfortable living. Before you get overwhelmed by lacking knowledge about setting up a two-person office layout, we tell you that reading this to the end will give you an idea about shared home spaces and how you can go about it when you need to set up a two-person home office layout.

Before we jump straight to the juicy part, you need to analyze if the person you want to share your space with is compatible.

If your work requires you to talk on the phone at a similar and several times, this might be a concern that you need not avoid because it will create discomfort in the long run, and uneasiness is the last thing you want while working under your roof.
When you have different ideas about what comprises clean office space, if you want to avoid constant disagreements with your partner, here is what you need to consider.
If you prefer to work with noise or music in the background and the other prefers a sound-free workspace, you are not a good candidate.
Lastly, if you have differences when it comes to the comfortable temperature of the house, some people feel that 65 degrees are comfortable. Others will shiver if it drops below 70 degrees. It is paramount to proceed with your home office idea after checking for the inconveniences mentioned above and many more and finding out that the two of you are compatible.

What you need for a two-person home office layout

Begin with style and function

1. Begin with style and function

While creating a two-person home office, it is vital to consider that a home office is mostly about functionality. For this reason, ensure that there is enough space that can accommodate both of you and serve your needs. As for style, you and your partner may have different design styles in mind, which is normal. While you need not design your workspace into one single style, it helps to ground and cohesive style throughout the space for comfort.

You can find desks that each suit your style, but they can both have the same finishing, which creates cohesiveness in your home office. Once you have concluded this, you can add your flair, which will make the two workstations unique to the one using them.

It would be prime if you focused on the office layout

2. It would be prime if you focused on the office layout

Some of the ways to do this are by;

1. It uses independent styles of interaction. When you both need minimum interaction while working, you can face away from each other. It works best for people who are easily distracted. Such a person can use FlexiSpot’s all-in-one standing desk facing their partner. The desk is comfortable and helps to keep you active while working. Helpful furniture like ergonomic chairs can move around or hurry to the next desk if you need help.

2. They were facing each other with/a collaborative style of interaction. It can be a good idea for the people who spend a lot of their time interacting. It can also be helpful if you enjoy each other's company and hardly get distracted.

3. Shared desk based on functionality. If you have a tight space, you can share your desk with your partner and still make your workspace look good and spacious. One good desk to use is the Comhar all-in-one standing desk that multiple users can use and has charging ports and embedded drawers.

L-shaped Electric Height Adjustable standing desk

3. Focus on the desk options

Desk options are necessary for the two-person home office. It is because different desks can achieve different functions. When it comes to the location of your home office desk, you need to place it in an area that you feel will assist in your working more efficiently. You have to know what you aim to achieve by getting a certain type of desk. The different options include;

1. L-shaped desks. They can work perfectly for people who need separation from each other. It needs to be long enough to avoid knocking your partner while trying to get up from the desk. The L-shaped Electric Height Adjustable standing desk can be very helpful in enhancing a valuable workspace for the two of you.

2. A standing desk can also be helpful in your two-person home office. The standing desk helps keep your posture straight to avoid discomfort; it increases brain activity and keeps you alert because you don’t have to sit for long hours, something that causes fatigue. The Vici Duplex standing desk has a feature known as dual-zone height and is adjustable, allowing users to convert from one to two-tier desktop models. You can work with your partner simultaneously as you take turns sitting and standing.

Home office furniture/ products

4. Home office furniture/ products

A noisy workplace is always a nuisance to people. Too much noise can reduce productivity, give you low job satisfaction and increase stress for you and your partner. For this reason, you need to consider using a noise-friendly room. One way to tackle noise is using the Soutien ergonomic office chair, which has a 3D lumbar support system. Apart from helping improve posture, it has a headrest which can help in relieving migraine and lessening the noise. FlexiSpot ergonomic chairs have noiseless rollers that enable you to move without making noise for your partner in the room.

Convert an additional room into a home office

5. Convert an additional room into a home office

If you and your partner possess a spare room that you want to convert into your home office, you can create a two-person home office that looks like a second living room instead of a sterile or boring office space. You need a space that can inspire you to work daily. You can convert your dining room to serve that purpose if you have no extra room.

With a long table, you can sit at the opposite ends of the table to have your own working space. It gives you a sense of separation while being able to chat all through. You can also open shelves for inspiring personal objects and office supplies that can make the room feel more intentional and not as if you are using it temporarily as an office. You can use the WSF1 floating shelf, which blends easily in any room aesthetic without being the center of attention. You can use the shelf to display the books you need for your work or even your favorite books and plants to add taste to your home office.

Create separate, distinct zones

6. Create separate, distinct zones

Finally, before creating your two-person home office, you need to separate the room into two distinct zones. The idea of a home office with two desk areas is astonishingly beautiful. You can also add a day bed or a resting chair where you can come together and chat when you need a break. After creating distinct zones, it is essential to define your workplace. A perfect workspace offers you and your partner some privacy. As part of separating the room, you can put your essentials in your area, making it easier for you. Sharing a home office space means everyone's responsibility to keep disturbances at a minimum. Therefore, you are required to be considerate to have a well-functioning two-person home office layout.

If you want to establish a two-person home office, you need to come up with solutions that can bring good posture and be helpful for your health. Several products that have been mentioned in this article are the best for us in your home office. It is also important to note that creating a two-person home office can emerge in conflict. Sharing workspaces often leads to disagreements because of our different wants. Therefore, agreeing on guidelines that can help ensure that the two-person home office is successful is necessary for the two of you.

Remembering that you aim to share a space but still end up being professionally successful can help you move forward. If it is the first time you are doing this, you and your partner need to go easy on yourselves. It is not guaranteed that anything will turn out perfect hence you both need to alter plans around how you feel and the specific requirements in your schedule. Finally, FlexiSpot products meet and exceed your every expectation and demand. The home office products have improved safety measures to make you comfortable and safe.