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Home Office - A Guide to Getting the Design Right

02 June 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic was first declared, many businesses had no clue what to do next. They ran all their operations on-site, and the option of having employees come to work wasn't an option anymore; they didn't know how to keep their operations afloat.

This was when even the organizations with the most inflexible and rigid policies switched to a remote working model. They couldn't afford to shut their operations, and the only way to keep things running was to transition into a remote working model.

Fast-forward to 2023, remote working has become the new normal! Organizations have adopted this model for good, owing to the plenty of benefits it offers to employers and employees.

Working from home is surely a win-win situation for everyone, but it also presents many challenges—one of the biggest ones being the unavailability of dedicated working space at home.

Since remote working is here for good, you should consider designing an ergonomic home office if you still haven't. Designing a home office can be overwhelming, but you should most definitely do it.

This blog post will help you understand the importance of a proper home office and how you can get the design right.

Why Do You Need a Proper Home Office?

Before anything else, it would be best if you considered designing a proper home office because you may be working from home for a very long time, and it makes quite some sense to have a dedicated space in your home where you can work.

Apart from this, there are numerous reasons why you need a proper home office. Some of the biggest reasons are as follows:

Lesser Distraction and Higher Productivity

Many people who don't have a proper office space at home work from their living room or bedroom. Now, the problem with not having a proper working space at home is that there are a lot of distractions. You aren't the only one at home. You've got other family members at home who may be a source of distraction during work. Imagine attending a very important meeting and your wife using the blender in the kitchen in the background or your children fighting in the adjacent room. Not only will it look extremely unprofessional, but it'll also affect your productivity.

However, when you've got a proper home office, you can simply shut the door and work with full focus and dedication. With fewer distractions, your productivity will skyrocket.

Enhanced Comfort

You may like the thought of working from your bed or couch, but just a few days into working from random spots at home, you'll start to experience pain in various parts of your body, particularly the back, shoulders, and neck. Not having proper office space at home will keep you in a constant state of discomfort, which will come in the way of your performance. However, when you've got a proper home office with ergonomic furniture, you can enjoy working in greater comfort.

Higher Alertness

You'll be completely engrossed in your work when you've got a peaceful and comfortable working environment. You'll be more alert and will be better able to address challenges and come up with reasonable solutions. Alertness and problem-solving will take you a long way!

Designing the Perfect Home Office

Now that you know how the right home office design can benefit you, let's move on to the tips that'll help you get the design of your home office right.

However, before we move on to the tips, let's first get clarity on the "right home office design". The right home office design is one that's ergonomic, comfortable, and free of all workplace safety hazards.

Below are some helpful tips that'll help you design the perfect home office.

Choose the Right Location

The location of your home office is a very crucial factor when designing a home office. The purpose of having a proper home office is to provide you with a calm and comfortable environment, and if your office is situated in the center of the home where everyone keeps passing by, the home office won't serve the purpose right. You've got to choose the right location for your home office.

If you're a professional who has got to attend a lot of meetings every day, you've got to be sure that your home office is situated away from all the distractions at home (the basement, attic, or an isolated room). If you're a working mom, setting up your workstation in the living room where you can keep an eye on your children is a good idea. It all depends on the nature of your work.

Select a Good-Sized Space

You would want your home office to have enough space to allow you to move around after you've arranged all the furniture. It shouldn't feel too cramped. Opt for a room in your house that can accommodate basic office furniture, storage shelves, or cabinets and still offer space for you to move around. Working in a cramped up space can affect your mood, morale, and productivity.

Equip Your Home Office with Ergonomic Furniture

Once you've selected an adequately-sized room for your home office, you now need to equip it with the right furniture. One of the biggest challenges for people working from home is poor ergonomics. Remote workers work in poor ergonomic conditions and as a result, are at a higher risk of musculoskeletal disorders. However, choosing the right ergonomic furniture for your home office will make it a safer and more comfortable place to be.

Start with choosing an ergonomic desk that can be adjusted according to your height. When your work desk is at the right height, you won't have to sit in an incorrect posture while working. If the desk is too high for you, you'll have to sit with your shoulders stiff, back and neck stretched, and arms placed awkwardly. If the desk is too low, you'll have to sit with your back curved and your neck bent forward. Both these postures can be detrimental to your overall well-being in the long run.

An ergonomic chair is the next essential piece of office furniture you need for the perfect home office. Since you'll spend most of your time sitting in front of your computer, you should be sure that you're comfortable in your chair. An ergonomic chair like the Ergonomic Office Chair BS2 can be adjusted as per your comfort preferences. You can adjust the height of the chair to ensure your feet are flat on the floor. You can also adjust the seat depth according to your physique. The adjustable backrest and armrests provide added support to ensure your body is relaxed and absolutely at ease.

Install an Adjustable Monitor Mount

One of the most neglected features of a home office is the placement of the computer monitor. Not many people pay much heed to the position of their computer screens. Ideally, the computer monitor should be at eye level, at an arm's distance, and right in front of you so that you don't have to tilt or bend your head. Installing an adjustable monitor will allow you to adjust the position of your monitor according to your requirements and ensure the correct working posture.

Include Plenty of Storage

If your job requires you to use a lot of books, documents, and files, you should include plenty of storage in your home office so that everything is well organized. Not having adequate storage like shelves and cabinets would result in a messy home office, which will affect your productivity and mood.

Organize the Wires and Cables

As we said in the beginning, the right office design is the one that's safe and free of all workplace hazards. One of the biggest (and often neglected) safety hazards is the ill-managed wires and cables. If the wires aren't properly arranged, there's a high risk of tripping and falling. When designing a home office, ensure the wires and cables aren't scattered all around. Install a cable organizer so that all the cables are neatly organized, and your home office is safe for you, even when you aren't being too careful.

Incorporate Adequate Lighting

Ideally, you should set up your home office in a room with a window so that there's a lot of natural light during the day. Even with a window, you'll need adequate lighting so that your home office is well-lit when the sun settles. Apart from general lighting, you should also have a table lamp to illuminate your work desk, especially if your job requires you to read a lot of documents.

Final Word

Designing a home office is surely a lot of work, but it's a one-time effort. Once you've designed the perfect home office, you can continue to reap benefits for as long as you're working from home. Designing the perfect home office starts with understanding the importance of having a proper home office. Once you know how important it is to have a dedicated working space at home, you can start designing your home office step by step.