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Guaranteed: 5 Best Modern Ergonomic Chairs for Your Workplace or Home Office

29 July 2022

The tragedy that accompanies sitting has been forecasted years back. We've seen reputable papers telling us that a completely sedentary life is shorter and doom-ridden.

Most often than not, the quick way out includes investing in a standing desk, taking regular breaks, going on walks, stretching, and so on. But many office workers seem to have forgotten the simple fact that all you might need is to soak yourself in an ideal ergonomic office chair.

Luckily, many companies are working hard to outrank each other in the game of building these chairs. But not all of them take time to consider how these chairs will satisfy your needs in areas like lumbar support, adjustability, comfort, materials, and modes of testing, among others.

On that note, Flexispot is here with the perfect recipe that'll give you a revived and more adventurous office life through these top chairs picked for you. All you have to do is read through and make any of them your favorite office companion.

Why You Can Trust this Guide to Give You an Ideal Ergonomic Office Solution?

Most office workers are now working from home while some are working in diverse remote locations. So it demands that you invest in a reliable office chair that guarantees your comfort. After all, you'll likely spend more time sitting in front of your computer all day with plenty of tasks to cover than when you work from the office building.

That's where this guide comes into the scene. All the selected and discussed chairs here have been certified not only comfy to use but also easily adjustable. Isn't that mind-lifting? We also understand the law of nature that no two people are alike, that's why each of these chairs is built to conform to your body structure.

And having done that, they have to give maximum support and protection to your wrists, arms, shoulders and lower back so that you won't experience repetitive stress discomforts. Meanwhile, using these above yardsticks, all the chairs scale through the test. So the onus now lies on you to pick which one works for you best.

Besides, it might be you, instead of your company, that'll be expected to foot the expenses for the new chair, so we have tried-and-true models of chairs in the price range of $100 to $1,000.

In other words, you have a ton of choices to pick from. Finally, you don't have to break a bank to make your body feel good both in your home office and on-site.

Ergonomic Office Chair Pro OC14

Ergonomic Office Chair Pro OC14

This is one of the latest brainchildren of Flexispot and it can be yours all for $629.99. And it doesn't matter where, when, and how you're working, your workstation shouldn't lack this luxury.

The ergonomic office chair OC14 has impeccable properties to help you ease your arms on fluffy and cushy armrests. And the designs used in constructing it are highly fantastic and sophisticated that your body knows the difference immediately after you sit on it.

It has an adjustable headrest which is built in an arch shape to help you position and firmly hold your head while easing all the pressure loaded onto your cervical vertebrae. Can you also see why we call it our number one pick and why it outsmarts other competitors in the market?


It is constructed to improve your office fashion taste.
Has a handrail lifting mechanism to operate the chair.
3D adjustable armrests.
The adjustability feature fits every user irrespective of their height.
The aluminum alloy chassis will help you wheel the chair from one spot to another silently and without scratching the floor.


It's a bit pricey and might not be affordable for every office worker.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Do you want a chair that offers you the best seating experience anytime you're behind your desk? The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is your first choice! Our team of engineers specially designed this chair to give you the most outstanding and relaxing taste that other brands can't give.

The well-cushioned 4D armrests will align your arms while sitting and the fitted headrest will make sure your head is also properly positioned. With the aid of the 45° backrest tilt, you can trust the chair to every form of back pain you might have been struggling with.

How about the 3D lumbar support system? That's the pathway to confirming your neck and spine. It'll also reduce the heavy load on your lumbar region since your head is free in the headrest.


3 height adjustment levels.
3D adjustable lumbar support
An easy-to-use rebound system.
The chair is made from chenille imported from Italy and K+R temperature-receptive fiber.
You can also adjust the seat depth.
45° backrest tilt.


Has a somewhat hard appearance unlike OC14.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Do you want an ergo office chair specifically designed for your comfort at work? You don't have to look elsewhere, here's Ergonomic Office Chair OC7. The chair is pretty much affordable ($119.99) and the backrest is curved in an S shape to give your lower and upper back the needed help to enjoy full support from your lumbar region.

With this chair, you don't have to worry about the dangers of sitting for long hours. After all, you can tune the chair's lifting height mechanism to 3.1" to discover your best sitting posture. The office chair OC7 serves two purposes in the sense that it keeps you refreshed all through the day while restoring your body to the natural position.


You'll also enjoy elastic cushions and the seat is made of an ultimate breathable mesh material. So it will take in your sweats and other body fluids. That means that the chair isn't one of those that easily wear out.


The chair is highly durable.
You have the discretion to adjust the seat height.
It works for tall people.
The headrest is moveable.
Works perfectly for gamers.
It brightens up your mood throughout the day.
Very comfy and stable.
Easy to install.
You can move it around the office while sitting on it.


The seat surface is only available in dark blue color because of its popularity in the US and Europe.

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W

The Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F is another comfortable piece you can get yourself or employees. It has a comfy headrest that'll bring your head into the perfect position and it also gives maximum support to your neck.

This means that all the stress and pressure often accumulated while sitting for hours won't have any effect on you. Thanks to the chair's retractable foot pads, you can also use it to relax after a hectic day. And as you put this overturn footrest to use, your legs will be pressure-free and warm.

Depending on your height, you can also adjust the footrest. Finally, the 360° swivel casters will help you move the office chair from one part of the office to another.


Works perfectly for both adults and teenagers.
Easy to assemble.
The multifunction headrest can also solve your previous neck complications.
The armrest is also ergonomic and you can change it upward or downward.
Gives the perfect sitting position for people whose works demand sitting.
Made of breathable mesh.

Back Support Chair OC13

Back Support Chair OC13

The Back Support Chair OC13 is a luxury-giver and hundreds of reviews from our verified customers confirm this. The chair gives you the room to adjust the headrest as high as 2.36 inches. You can even go beyond until you find the level that perfectly relaxes all your neck muscles.

It has 5 multipurpose castors and 360° wheels that'll help you move it quietly and quickly with ease. With this chair, your body gains clear-cut access to a high level of flexibility and that's a sure means to finally escape back pain.

You can also adjust the chair's lumbar support to any height of your choice as high as 3.14 inches. You'll love it! You can get yours here and now.


The feet are equipped with multifunctional castors to help you roll the chair quietly and fast.
Contemporary lumbar support.
Multifunctional handles.
3D adjustable headrest.
Looks classy and posh.


Slightly expensive.

Buyer's Guide

While scouting for the chair that appeals to you most, you need to also put some factors into consideration to arrive at a perfect answer.

They'll help you make an informed decision. Here they are:


This is an important feature of a modern ergonomic chair. That is, any chair that doesn't allow you to tweak pretty much isn't fit to be called an ergonomic chair.

And the key places you need to check include:

The armrest height, angle, and width.
The seat's depth and angle.
The backrest's angle and height.

This is because our body structure differs and you'll need to get a chair that has all these qualities configured to your body shape.

Also, you shouldn't forget that the more pricey a chair, the more adjustable properties it'll have. For instance, you can't expect much from a chair gotten for $100.


Comfort is the very essence of why we're advocating for an ergonomic office chair and how do you identify a comfortable chair? It should have a yielding seat that calms your nerves and makes you feel relaxed. However, it should also have some level of firmness.

It should be able to wick moisture to save you from getting sweaty on sunny days. In this regard, backs and seats made of mesh would do the perfect job. Also, the seat should be broad enough to conveniently accommodate folks with a larger stature and not make them feel like getting squeezed into a baby's chair.

The chair should also have strong lumbar support and the upper arms and elbow should be able to rest easily on the armrests. Finally, the armrests should be made of fabric or any soft material that'll prevent scratch or tearing your elbow when you bump into the chair.


Among all the above-discussed chairs, we hope that you've seen one that'll transform your work-life and help you achieve a balanced work-life. These chairs will also triple your efficiency level. Meanwhile, this guide is not for employees alone.

As an employer, you can use any of the chairs to appreciate and encourage your workers. For more ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic desk chairs, you can check Flexispot online store. Stay tuned for more.