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Grant Me these FlexiSpot Items for Christmas

23 December 2022

Just one day remains until Christmas! Even though Christmas Eve is a working day, it is a special day for the majority, if not all.

The weeks before Christmas were already overflowing with seasonal spirit on the streets. Christmas carols ringing, drunken discussions between loved ones who haven't seen one another in a while, a mingling of Christmas tunes, and muted noise from the mass of customers in brick-and-mortar establishments are all audible during this time.

It truly is the most delightful time of the year, as the song proclaims. We have the chance to spend time with the individuals we cherish most while also giving back by assisting the less fortunate.

December is often regarded as people's favorite month of the year. How could it not be? Everyone is happy, and businesses award Christmas bonuses and 13th-month pay. There are parties everywhere, and some of them even ask you to play Secret Santa for another attendee and purchase a gift based on what is on her or his wishlist. We use codenames for the excitement of not attaching any personality to the gifts we choose, just the fulfillment of the recipient's wishlist.

I took the liberty to provide links to my Secret Santa and explain why I want to receive each item because I am sure what I want. Here are a few items from the FlexiSpot website that I wish I could get as presents:

S4 Adjustable Bed Base

I am a busy girl who often disregards sleep. Because of this, I've been feeling burnt out and was even sent to the hospital because of overfatigue. The doctor told my parents that I really need some quality rest to recharge. The problem is it's hard for me to fall asleep. I already think of the million things I need to do that I'm fully awake even during the middle of the night.

With this bed base from FlexiSpot, I can adjust the height accordingly and get the most professional, luxurious sleep ever.

Through the past months, FlexiSpot has added new bed bases it offers to its clients. The S4 is one of the relatively new ones and promises to be durable and of high quality. The brand is confident that this can be used for 10 years after having passed strict SGS testing with more than 10,000 adjustments at a load of 600 pounds. More than that, this bed base also received approvals from the FCC, CE, and UL for all of its small parts. Its main frame is even made of construction-grade carbon steel and its six legs passed 25,000 wobble tests.

Operation is very important when a product is adjustable and this one operates with a noise of fewer than 55 decibels. I don't have to worry about getting stuck when adjusting the height of the bed. I can be assured of a comfortable sleeping experience with the S4 so I hope my parents get the hint or that my doctor advises them to buy an adjustable bed base. Oh, the things I will do just to be awarded with good sleep!

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

I am flooded with ideas during the day, so having a standing desk where I can write them down whenever they come to me is ideal for me. I'm going to buy it if no one else does if I have to! The flip tabletop, which can also be used as a dry-erase board, is one of its key features. The whiteboard tabletop is roomy, measuring 48" x 24". It is 0.7 thick and composed of PET high-gloss film, giving the surface a smooth, long-lasting finish. Dry-erase markers make it simple to make notes and then erase them with a dry cloth or eraser.

The desk can be turned over and oriented at five different angles: 0°, 60°, 70°, 80°, and 90°.

Sewing Standing Desk ES9W

I enjoy sewing, but I've never been sure where to keep my sewing machine. I knew as soon as I saw this desk to put a sewing machine on from FlexiSpot that it would make a wonderful gift or purchase for a special occasion.

The ES9W has the advantage that the sewing platform has independent adjustment settings. It has a knob that the user can turn to raise or lower the workstation by five steps. It can support up to 26 pounds of weight, which is just enough to support the weight of a typical electric sewing machine.

The workstation is also very roomy since, in addition to the platform for the sewing machine, there is also a removable side table that is 9" by 24" in size that can be added to the table that is already 43" by 24".

The desk structure is composed of high-grade steel, so I know I don't have to be concerned about scratching or staining it. Because of its two-state legs, it is assumed to be stable even at the maximum adjustment point, and transitions should be seamless and fluid during the day.

Deskcise Pro V9 Home office All-in-one Desk Bike/ Bike Workstation V9

Numerous colleagues have praised this bike, and I agree. It is most likely the best standing desk companion anyone could desire. Any fitness level can benefit from this, and anyone can use it to work up a sweat. It can be utilized with a standing desk that has adjustable height. The V9 can be dragged around the office effortlessly thanks to caster wheels. It is not necessary to install it because it is delivered to your door already assembled.

Its height-adjustable seat is another appealing feature. The user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level lifts the seat up or down with just a light press. It also boasts an eight-level pedaling resistance mechanism that is whisper-quiet for promoting healthy activity.

Final Word

I won't lie; I still believe that the true meaning of Christmas is to enjoy time with the people we care about and spread cheer, particularly to those who are less fortunate. Fingers crossed, I'll get to unwrap a present that contains one of them.