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Give Your Workplace a Fresh Start with These 4 Ergonomic Updates

13 September 2023

Over the past few years, ergonomics has continued to be an integral aspect of workplaces. Investing in ergonomics is a great way to accomplish organizational objectives in a corporate world that primarily revolves around improving efficiency and productivity to improve employee well-being and the corporate bottom line.

And the investment in ergonomic office furniture has gained even more importance in the last few years because of the increasing significance of employee wellness programs. Moreover, with the changing workplace dynamics, investment in updated ergonomic office furniture serves as a measure to encourage remote workers to return to a physical workplace location. Furthermore, investment in ergonomic office furniture goes a long way. From boosting retention to promoting a culture where employee wellness is a priority, there are numerous organizational benefits of ergonomic updates at your workplace.

Hence, ergonomic office furniture is now a focal point for decision-makers looking forward to giving a fresh start to their office landscape.

In what follows, we look at several updated ergonomic office design and furnishings tips that you can conveniently implement in almost every workplace. These ergonomic updates go beyond adhering to OSHA recommendations for ergonomic safety. Instead, they are intended to boost productivity, reduce the risk of chronic musculoskeletal injuries, enhance mood and promote a culture of care and appreciation.

Here are four ergonomic updates for you so you can give a fresh start to your workplace in the coming year.

#1. Ergonomic Office Chair - Key Features to Look Out For

Sitting is the new smoking.

And while many employees with a desk job may still debate this notion, the significance of investing in an ergonomic office chair shouldn't be minimized.

Prolonged sitting, especially without appropriate posture support, can lead to improper alignment of joints and muscles and cause unnecessary pressure on the body. As a result, it is common to experience strains and weakened neck, shoulder, and back muscles, leading to chronic pain. Untreated musculoskeletal pain can also result in more severe musculoskeletal health conditions, including arthritis, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis.

One of the ergonomic office chairs that you must consider investing in for your employee to give a fresh start to your workplace is the Back Support Ergonomic Office Chair OC13. The mesh office chair offers an adjustable headrest that can be tilted up and down as required to meet the needs of individual users. Moreover, it offers modern, movable back support that conforms to the natural curve of the spine and aids in improving posture. Furthermore, the use of this chair has proven to be effective in preventing back pain.

Another distinguishable feature of this chair is the patented material that is designed to keep its users cool and comfortable while working.

And the chair is not only highly functional but also features a chic design that can make a perfect addition to give a fresh start to your workplace.

Tips for Adjusting Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ensure that the height of the seat is positioned at approximately 90˚,

Place your feet flat on the ground,

Ensure that the armrest is adjusted right under your forearms, so the shoulders are relaxed,

Adjust the seat depth so that the user can maximize the benefit of the chair's support,

Take regular breaks from an extended periods of sitting.

#2. Ergonomic Work Surface – Features to Consider

An ergonomically positioned work surface is another critical feature that you need to look out for when updating your workplace. With an ergonomically positioned workplace, you can prevent neck, back, and shoulder pain.

One of the perfect additions to an updated workplace is a height-adjustable standing desk. It serves as a workstation that can be lowered or raised to any standing or sitting height. Apart from the height adjustability feature of a workstation, you need to look for workstations that feature

soft, angled edges and corners. Such a design of the work surface aids in reducing the risk of injury, scratches, and bruises.

Moreover, ensure that the workstation that you choose to give a fresh look to your workplace should have slim and well-positioned legs (placed towards the back to reduce the risk of bumping). Furthermore, also opt for an easy-to-clean work surface that is large enough to hold multiple screens along with other computer accessories, including a mouse, keyboard, and other items, without feeling confined.

The last thing you need to look for when choosing a workstation for your upgraded workplace is enough space to accommodate a coffee mug or any other personal use item you may need to use frequently, such as your smartphone.

Tips for Adjusting Sit-to-Stand Desks

Ensure that the monitor is placed at an arm's length,

Make sure your elbows make an angle of 90° or more,

Place the top of your work surface at the height of your elbow,

Maintain a neutral position for your wrist.

#3. Ergonomic Office Equipment – What You May Need for an Upgraded Workstation?

The equipment and accessories that are frequently used at the workplace play an integral role in preventing the risk of musculoskeletal concerns, including repetitive strain injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, they can be a source of other health problems, including frequent headaches, eye strains, and more.

When you are looking forward to giving a fresh start to your workplace, you can rely on the following guidelines to enhance the productivity of your employees while enhancing their well-being.

Screen, Monitor, and Mouse

The most critical aspect of your upgraded workstation would be your computer screen, monitor, and mouse placement.

Ensure that the monitors or laptop screens are placed directly in front of your employees. Moreover, if the workers rely on the use of a laptop, using a laptop stand to adjust the height of the computer screen to ensure a proper viewing angle will also enhance productivity while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal concerns. When placing the screen, another critical consideration should be that employees don't have to twist their necks or body to view screens appropriately.

The keyboard is another essential workplace accessory that one must take care of. If laptops are primarily used by employees, investing in an external keyboard is a must, as it allows you to place your wrist in a neutral position that is in line with your forearms. The other aspect of the ergonomic placement of the keyboard is that it should be within reach of the users. Instead, it should always be placed in the primary work zone to ensure close proximity to the user, which aids in managing the risk of twisting and turning the body.

As for the mouse, investing in an ergonomic mouse is the key to a modern-day upgraded workstation. Moreover, when using a mouse, ensure that you allow your wrists and fingers to remain as straight as possible to avoid the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Invest in a Footrest

For some employees with a desk job, finding a balance between the appropriate desk height and the most comfortable height of the chair is challenging. Hence, keeping their feet flat on the floor is challenging. And when the feet are not firmly placed on the floor, it can strain your back, hips, and legs.

Investing in a footrest is one of the best ways to solve this challenge while ensuring that all employees can maintain an adequate posture while at work.


Appropriate lighting makes one of the critical features of an upgraded workplace. Without adequate lighting, employees' productivity can quickly go down. Moreover, they are also more likely to experience negative implications of poor lighting like bad mood, stress, and headaches. Furthermore, they are also more prone to suffer from eye strain.

Investing in appropriate lighting allows you to give a fresh start to your workplace while enhancing the productivity and well-being of your employees.

#4. Ergonomics for Remote Workers

Modern-day workplaces are quite different from what a typical workplace would look like a few years ago. Today, an increasing number of employees with desk jobs are now continuing with remote working, and this recent change in workplace dynamics has affected employees' physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

One of the critical considerations for remote workers is that wellness shouldn't be confined to the physical workspace. Instead, employees need to provide ergonomic solutions to remote workers to ensure they continue to be productive members of the organization.

If your organization is looking for ergonomic updates for their on-site and remote workers, get in touch with FlexiSpot, which is home to reliable, ergonomic office furniture and accessories.