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Fostering a Deeper Relationship Between Your Office Interior Design and Mental Wellness

23 June 2022

How to rebrand interior design to improve mental robustness in an office? That's the question that flows into the mind of every business owner that wants the best for their employees. The pandemic has brought them to understand that there's a close relationship between these two concepts.

And until we acknowledge this reality and focus our attention on this path, it seems office workers will remain at the receiving end. Meanwhile, the connection isn't hard to crack - the more comfortable an office interior design is, the more mentally active the workers therein.

And if your office design is below par, you already know which part of the divide you belong to. Some of the best office spaces are the ones that are designed with the mental alertness of the workers in mind.

Meanwhile, the basic principle here's that every contemporary interior office design should be built in a way that allows ergonomics and enhances the employees' health. Speaking of ergonomics, this isn't limited to office furniture. It also covers any office supplies, gadgets, or accessories that'll make your work-life more fun.

Apart from this, the pandemic has proven that a healthy interior office decor will not only ensure your healthy lifestyle, but it'll also maintain it. Now that you've understood the essence of having a fantastic design in your workstation, you should dot your I's and cross your T's before we go deeper.

Although this is a well-detailed guide, it's not absolute. So you can think of other ways to promote your workers' well-being and complement them with the ones you're about to learn.

Impacts of Office Interior Design on Your Health

Impacts of Office Interior Design on Your Health

Are you of the opinion that good mental health means that you're not suffering from any psycho-related disorder? Well, you're not entirely correct neither are you entirely wrong. When you hear about mental health, it involves your physical and psychological fitness as well.

So how does your office decor relate to this? You're about to find out. Interior design and mental health are interrelated based on six areas and they are:

Your workstation's furnishing.
Level of hygiene.
General noise controls.
The greenery around you.

If your home office has old and rickety furnishings or layout, there's a very high chance that a feeling of negativity and dullness will radiate over the employees. It'll also make them lose interest and passion to work. Once that happens, a sense of hatred for the workspace starts building up and that's a huge challenge to address.

On the other hand, if you could closely monitor and control the air quality and noise in the room, we assure you you're taking a step in the right direction. They'll also help you improve the work environment.

After all, who loves working in a very rowdy and unhealthy ambiance? So if your managers fail to do these, you're being exposed to mental block depression, and many dangerous health conditions that will stall the company's progress.

On that note, you need to take charge and strike the balance for yourself. Flowing from the above, poor selection of office furniture, insufficient or no greenery, and inadequate air controls are major reasons why your office design makes you feel uninspired, depressed, and more likely to resign from the job.

That's why you need to learn the ideal ways to upgrade the office interior and you'll be excited at how it enhances your mental wellness.

How to Develop Your Office Interior to Promote Better Mental Health?

From this end, we've worked on some ideas that will assist you in your quest to strike an equilibrium between your well-being and healthy office interior design. Now, let's consider what you're expected to do.

Acknowledge and Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Acknowledge and Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Since we've cleared the air that a modern and classy office interior can stimulate your mental health, we'll suggest you invest in ergonomic furniture. At this point, you don't have to slump back into contemplation or skepticism that ergonomic furniture doesn't fit your budget.

We understand that you have to cut your coat according to your size but you should see it as an investment. And what do they say about investments? Sooner or later, it'll start yielding bountiful returns.

Besides, you should not forget that no amount is too much for your health. For a starter, you can get an office desk and pair it up with an ergonomic office chair. Believe it, it's very difficult to make up your mind about revamping your office interior design and you think it's possible without ergonomic furnishings.

This furniture has various adjustment features that will help you achieve a personalized work experience. Office workers that have a special spot for this supportive furniture will agree with us that the chairs and desks give them maximum support while adjusting.

They will also give you perfect sitting posture, increase your level of confidence, fires up your productivity, and sustain your mental health. Aren't they enough for you to take action today?

Let's check some office furniture by Flexispot.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Talk about a list of inspiring office chairs and you'll always find our Soutien Ergo Office Chair at the top. This chair is specially built to give you the most comforting and soothing work experience you might ever get out there.

It brings your arm into perfect alignment with the well-cushioned 4D armrest by positioning your neck into the fitted headrest. With the 45° backrest tilt, the office chair neutralizes any traces of back pain as you can comfortably recline to your preferred degree during recess.

This chair will even be a perfect fit in your office break room. The 3D lumbar support system and the curved backrest will also conform to your spine and neck. Through that, your head will conveniently fit into the headrest and the load on your lumbar structure will reduce.

The most amazing part of the deal is that the ergonomic office chair is built to fit into your sitting posture irrespective of your body shape. Invest in soutien ergonomic office chair today and experience the magical touch that comes with it.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

With an S-shaped curve for the backrest, the ergonomic office chair OC7 gives your back the necessary support it needs to enjoy optimal support from your lumbar structure. You can also adjust the chair's height to any degree that conforms with your height and sitting posture.

Unlike the traditional chairs out there, our ergonomic office chair OC7 not only supports your lower back but also energizes you all through the day. The chair's seat pad is designed with a breathable mesh material that absorbs your sweat and body moisture. So you can be at peace that the seat will not start wearing out anytime soon.

Since it comes with elastic cushions that relieve your body, your body structure will be well supported while sitting and working.

Seiffen Laminated 4-spliced Standing Desk

Seiffen Laminated 4-spliced Standing Desk

You can trust our Seiffen 4-spliced Standing Desk when it comes to lifting speed and promoted stability. And you can load it up with a weight of up to 220lbs. It has a USB charging port where you can charge your mobile phone and other gadgets.

If you also detest tangled cords around your workstation, this standing desk is for you. You see, the port is right in the keypad with large electronic compatibility that ensures all your cords are not messed up. When you hear that a desk uses a dual motor, that means twofold performance and power. And that's what Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk gives you.

The desk has a set of desk hooks (2) - one on each side. You can use it to keep your favorite accessories within reach. We've also gone a mile further - the hooks are strong enough to house your jacket, headphones, backpack, and lots more.

It has an eco-friendly and eyeful desktop which means you don't have to worry about where to store your office supplies and accessories. The icing on the cake here's that it has an anti-collision security feature to ensure your safety while using it.

How does it work? If the desk smells any unusual obstruction while working, the anti-collision feature will immediately stop and backtrack the desktop to prevent damage.

Draw From the Beauty of Nature and Colors

Draw From the Beauty of Nature and Colors

What is life without colors? Dead. Colors are capable of influencing our liveliness and exerting a strong force on our physical and mental life. That's for you to see how much we need it. And it's another vital means we can adopt to foster a deeper bond between our office interior touches and mental alertness.

Take, for instance, it's common knowledge that the color green eases stress and brightens the mood. In the same way, you can introduce plants and some other biophilia into your workplace or home office's interior design.

They'll help you flush out stress and build a calming and comfier environment. Do you know that tactile and natural materials are also relevant here? You can use brick, natural fibers, wood, water, and natural lights can also improve your cognitive capacity, and spur and distribute some aura of positivity around the office.

They'll help employees feel encouraged to maintain the bond with their sense of touch and communicate with their vicinity. When you hear or see water or some plant elements, it's another natural method you can use to soothe yourself and boosts efficiency while working.

Imagine different species of fish swimming in. a posh aquarium right in your office, isn't that a beautiful sight? Almost everybody that enters your workspace will appreciate such a classy move.

To fast-track your health, you can introduce large windows, cool window blinds, skylights, and other ways to attract natural light into your office. If you could do this perfectly, you should bid farewell to headaches, eye strains, and stress levels.

What if your ceilings are slightly exposed to generate some airy and bright feelings? It's another brilliant idea!

Most importantly, you need to choose colors and lights that align with your office layout while planning healthy interior decor. We'll recommend that you get some minimalistic designs and light colors. Apart from that, you should also select some healthy feng shui plants.

Yes, it'll produce some greenery vibes in the office and that's a major determinant of a safe workplace environment.

Make Provisions for Mobility and Breaks

Make Provisions for Mobility and Breaks

To ensure deeper rapport between your health and interior design, we'll suggest you dedicate some space in your workplace to moving around and interacting. Ever since we can back from the COVID-19 pandemic, people tend to sense a communication gap with other folks around them, and it can be very frustrating.

If you're in such a situation, you should develop an office layout that allows your colleagues to come over to your corner, crack jokes, laugh, and build a deeper bond. Some workplaces have even embraced the idea of open space offices, you should also give it a trial.

But the most important part remains hygiene. Whether as an employee or employer, you should be ready to keep the open space clean at all times by preventing contaminants that might break you down.

Additionally, the dedicated spaces should always be ventilated and filled with fresh air. While ensuring that, a sense of community, health, comfort, and collaboration will be achieved in the workplace.

They'll also develop endorphins in your body system. There should be corporate perks like quiet zones, gyms, gaming spots, and yoga sessions where employees can easily "escape" and spend some time alone.

All these options will give you positive mindsets, suppress sedentary tendencies, and boosts your passion at work. You can also move around using height-adjustable standing desks and ergonomic office chairs to ease your mobility around the office and work as a team.

Before we move to the next idea, what do you feel about having a breakroom where you can spend some quality time with your colleagues during lunch or coffee breaks? If you love that idea, you can influence your employer into creating one.

Develop a Health-based Approach While Working

Develop a Health-based Approach While Working

You also need to be creative at this juncture. You have to think of health-based office programs and design solutions that will give you an endless supply of connection and safety. As expected, these depend on the structural layout of your office. So you should ask yourself what you can add or remove to make your work-life more robust and interesting.

Companies have also started encouraging their workers to engage in other activities that are not work-related. You can join a creative workshop. You can even conceive the idea, and pitch it to your colleagues and employers. That's another way of thinking outside the box.

As an employer, you can study what your clients and workers need. Once you get the full picture, you'll be able to customize each space most appealingly. In other words, the future of the corporate world depends on how effective offices can facilitate healthy and purpose-driven environments.

Finally, the conducive environment will help you attain stronger interaction, increased morale to work, and a sense of unity and safety.

Conceive and Build a Stress-reducing Design

Conceive and Build a Stress-reducing Design

We'll also advise that you think of some stress-reducing activities that work best for you. Here's a self-interaction, so we expect that you know designs that you love engaging. If you're a lover of classical or hip-hop music, you can introduce some background music into the office.

However, you don't have to distract your co-workers. If your workplace operates an open space style, getting a pair of earphones or headphones should work here. You'll be amazed at how your favorite songs calm your nerves and make you concentrate on tasks.

As you do this, your office interior design will not just look more appealing, your health at work will also be promoted. Above all, always stay minimalistic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Up an Ideal Office Interior?

You should know that there are no generally-acknowledged features your office needs to possess before we can label it as ideal.

But you can always be on the lookout for the following:

Comfy and supporting ergonomic office furniture.
Technological integration.
Potted plants and disco balls.
Break rooms and relaxation zones.
Natural lights and proper ventilation.
The color harmony of every decor incorporated into the office.

Does the Traditional Office Setup Mean You're Prone to Mental Instability?

Not necessarily. But you risk being exposed to mental block disorder and other health conditions due to your unergonomic work environment.

Wrap It Up

In conclusion, any office interior design that doesn't have a positive impact on your mental health should be set aside.

As such, we'll implore you to always work with the principle that says designing your office is as good as developing your mental wellness.

If you could follow the principle religiously, you should not encounter any problems as you progress career-wise.