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Flexispot's World Sleep Day Event Straight Down: Don't undervalue the importance of proper sleep.

08 March 2023

The official page reiterates that the three elements of good sleep are duration, depth, and continuity. What it means is a good bed plays a crucial role in quality sleep. Through having a dedicated day, the world aims to raise awareness of the vital need for sleep and its role in our health and celebrate the significance of healthy sleep.

Are you in the mood to save big? During this period, Flexispot has massive markdowns on the most sought-after products, from adjustable beds to best-selling standing desks. World sleep day straight down event is happening right now and is among the best holiday sales of the year, with many promotions and significant discounts. Below are some Flexispot star products with massive discounts participating in the world sleep day straight down event.

Flexispot straight down event star products

Adjustable beds getting a good night's sleep can be challenging sometimes; regardless, it is essential for your well-being and health. An adjustable bed frame can provide you with the comfort you need by allowing you to shift positions. The article will review the details and features that make this product an item of fascination. You will also learn why you need the products and the amount you will save by getting them during the straight-down event.

Expensive electric bed frame design- Adjustable Bed Base S5 Pro

Original price: $799.99

Straight down price: $649.99, a discount of $150

The bed has excellent features making it come at an additional cost. They include;

1. Retainer bars- you have probably wondered about the essence of retainer bars in adjustable beds. They have been placed there to ensure comfort while using your bed. The S5 Pro, electric bed frame, has retainer bars that keep your mattress in position when you lower or raise the bed base. Without the feature, your mattress will likely slide off while adjusting the bed base to your preferred angle. It is among the most crucial feature of this bed.

2. Anti-snore mode- you can raise the head to 15 degrees. Lifting your head to this position can help open the pneogaster and reduce the risk of asthma and snoring. Also, the zero-gravity mode can elevate the foot to 30 degrees, lowering the pressure in your body and preventing injuries on specific body parts like the neck and back.

3. Different sleep preferences- thanks to its size, you can fit two-bed bases in the S5 Pro bed frame. It means that you can have a split king-size bed. The feature is perfect, especially for couples that fancy different sleep preferences. If your partner loves sleeping in a reclined position while you enjoy a flat resting position, you can still share the bed. All you need is a split king-size adjustable base which allows you to adjust your side to your preference.

4. Memory buttons- this adjustable bed frame has three memory buttons allowing users to adjust their beds according to their preferences. The M1 memory button is completely customizable, while the M2 and M3 are preset for reading and TV mode.

This bed base is the perfect solution for people that want a comfortable yet versatile night. You can also get the most out of this product thanks to its 30-day free return service in case of dissatisfaction and a 10-year warranty.

Height Adjustable Overbed Table H6

Original price: $129.99

Event price: $99.99, a discount of $30

An overbed table may be a need for senior citizens who spend more time in bed. It is simple to enjoy staying in bed with a firm surface nearby where you can do everything you wish, like playing games and eating. The primary target of Flexispot overbed tables is (but is not restricted to) senior citizens and patients in medical facilities with limited mobility.

Here is a quick highlight of the features of this overbed table;

1. Easy to move- one factor you should consider before getting this product is mobility. Luckily, this Flexispot product has four hidden casters that make it easy to move around. It is portable, and its size can save space in your bedroom and office.

2. Ergonomic design- standing tables come in different sizes. The size you desire should suit your needs. For example, if you want it for meals in bed, you should go for a smaller one, but if you need it as a working table, you can buy one with a more extensive tabletop. The H6 table has a spacious desktop that can fit any laptop size or tablet with a keyboard. It is a good choice if you prefer to stay in bed and study or work before sleep.

3. Gas spring pneumatic lift system- its built-in gas spring offers smooth height adjustment, which ranges from 25.6" to 40.5". You can use one hand to adjust the table to your preferred height without force or bending.

MLILY Dreamer Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Original price: 159.99

Event price: $144.99, a discount of $15

This Flexispot product comes at a better time because there are huge deals across mattresses that we usually don't see until January sales or black Friday. You are probably already aware of how much time you spend in bed. So, if you experience discomfort and injuries that stem from your bedroom, here's something that might help: Dreamer memory foam mattress. This mattress is the right balance of efficiency, cost, and reliability. Here are some of its features;

1. Comfort- at $15 off, the mattress seems like quite the steal. It gives you a cloud-like and instant balance of support and comfort right up to its edges. It is highly recommended for front and side sleepers, medium firmness fans, and people who get hot at night. It supports your body and conforms to its curves, relieving pressure and tiredness and ensuring quality sleep.

2. CertiPUR-US certification- this product has been tested and certified for durability, safety, emission, performance, and content. You can have a good night's sleep without being concerned about health risks.

3. Skin-friendly- the mattress is made of a fabulous premium bamboo fabric cover which is soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable. It is the kind that gives you a natural and comfortable sleeping experience.

Ultimately, it is the type you'd sleep on in a boutique hotel and wake up thinking, "I need to get one of these."

Other product offers

Flexispot products have been designed to help make sure you're having quality sleep and a healthier life. One thing we know you prefer even more than being healthy is being healthy at a reasonable price. World Sleep Day event officially kicks off on the 14th to 20th of March and will be celebrated through superb product offers that can help you practice good sleeping habits.(Flexispot S5 Pro straight down event will take place from 14th to 16th March.)

Amazing discounts

You can save money on several innovative products during this period without breaking the bank. Prices will go down up to $150 for the best products. Get them before you miss the chance!

Buy more, save more offers

You can enter the BMSM90 to get $90 off on orders worth $900 or more, BMSM120 to get $120 off on orders worth $1200 or more, and finally, use the code BMSM150 to get $150 off on orders worth $1500 or more. Also, keep an eye out for coupons and other flash sale deals on the website.

To sum it up, all of these products have been designed to assist in getting you back on a healthy sleep pattern for the rest of the year. Get them for yourself or your family, and don't forget to spread the word about the importance of quality sleep. Help elevate the conversation around sleep so that more people can benefit.