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FlexiSpot's Comhar Pro Q8: One of the Top Winners of the IDA Design Awards and SIT Award

18 April 2023

Since 2015, FlexiSpot has been in the business of designing the best sets of ergonomic office furniture for its clientele. This includes height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, adjustable beds, and lots more.

Hence, the diligence is fast paying off with a wide range of recognitions and certifications to the credit of the brand, and this time around, we have another feather added to our cap - IDA Design Awards and SIT Awards.

Meanwhile, the Comhar Pro Q8 standing desk made this unprecedented feat happen. But what does each award represent and how do they boost the reputation of these ergonomic products? Let's read further.

International Design Award (IDA)

IDA Awards was organized by the Farmani Group in 2007 with the aim of recognizing and commending creative and resourceful multidisciplinary design.

Apart from the world of interior design to which Flexispot belongs, the initiative also recognizes and supports other fields like fashion, graphics, architecture, and products.

SIT Furniture Design Award

Here is another prize won by our Comhar Q8 Adjustable desk. The campaign was introduced as a means of celebrating and sharing the wonderful handiwork of furniture designers, especially height-adjustable standing desks for home offices designed by FlexiSpot.

It amplifies ingenuity, creativity, and accessibility in the ergonomic world. After all, top and exceptional products should be recognized for other budding brands to learn from.

Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8

Here is the best height-adjustable standing desk you can gift yourself or your employees. Made of natural bamboo, the oval-shaped Comhar Pro Q8 improves the comfort level of its users and it is made of environmental-friendly materials.

You can adjust the height range of this adjustable desk from 24.0" to 49.2", so you've got no cause to fear about whether it won't suit your height. The standing desk legs are also designed to give you super stability as it works perfectly for folks with different heights. This is premium value for your money.

With 220 lbs loading capacity, the sturdy standing desk frame can also ensure the stability of your possessions. Even when the standing desk is at its highest level, maximum comfort is guaranteed.

The most innovative feature of Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8 is the embedded 28.3'' x 12.8'' x 1.97'' drawer. It'll further help you achieve a clutter-free workstation.

Your home office doesn't have to be clogged with the cords and cables of your gadgets, thanks to the under-desk cable management tray. This is an offer you shouldn't miss!

How do you feel charging your electronic devices from the sit-stand desk? That's a dream come true when you invest in Comhar Pro Q8. It has an in-built wireless charger that'll save you from the rigors of plugging and unplugging the cable.

The delivery cost to your location is free and you have a whopping 5-year warranty policy. This means that the assurance we have in this classic masterpiece also reflects in its warranty. After all, a substandard product won't have a warranty policy for up to 5 years.

Advanced Features of Comhar Pro Standing Desk

Anti-collision Feature

Before crashes or collisions occur, the height-adjustable standing desk for the home office is built with an anti-collision system that can sense that a crash is imminent. This often takes place when the desk is on its descent and it encounters an object along the way.

Meanwhile, the icing on the cake here is that the adjustable height desk will automatically retract and go back to its earlier position. With this innovative hack, any items under the desk cannot be exposed to any form of damage.

Leading-edge Control Panel with USB Ports

The Comhar Q8 is also ideal for your office use, especially with its two (Type A and Type C) smart USB charging ports. Thus, it comes in handy during a power outage and you need to charge your mobile device or any other gadget.

Broad Tabletop for All Your Office Essentials

The Comhar Pro Q8 standing desk is designed with a wide 55"×28" desktop which can conveniently accommodate all your office accessories. Therefore, this standing desk for work comes in handy if the floor space in your home office isn't much.

The Dangers and Health Complications Associated with Sedentary Office Life

Anxiety and Depression

A study conducted by the Iowa State University has shown that office workers who spend more time sitting are very much more likely to fall into the abyss of depression and anxiety.

This is because physical activities are known to be a wonderful morale booster, so their absence is bound to lead to sadness. Thus, it can be submitted that people living a sedentary life are missing out on all the exciting perks that come with a physically active or bustling life.


According to the National Institute of Health, sitting is known to be the body's most immobile and relaxed position, so it follows that there'll be no calorie burning or activation of energy to move across the room. This explains why office workers that sit all through the day have a higher likelihood of suffering from calorie build-up.

As the name implies, height-adjustable desks offer you the opportunity to switch from a sitting posture to a standing and even vice versa. This means that you get to leverage these standing desks to boost your employee efficiency and stay active.

Significance of SIT and International Design (IDA) Awards on Pro Comhar Q8

Among other ergonomic brands and household names in the office design space shortlisted for the award, the Jury Panel of SIT Furniture Design Award certifies that Comhar Pro Q8 by FlexiSpot leads the pack as it won the category for "Furniture Design - Office Furniture".

Therefore, here is the most trusted brand you can always partner with to improve your work pattern as we have the best sets of ergonomic office products that will give you a wonderful session whether on-site or at your home office.

In other news, IDA Award has certified Comhar Pro Q8 to be the solution for everyone yearning for a better workstation. The body also acknowledges that the height-adjustable standing desk is user-friendly and fosters your comfort.


Flowing from the above discussion, it is evident that Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8 is specially designed by our engineers to make your work sessions more productive and help you achieve work-life balance. After all, the SIT and IDA Awards are all the proof you need.

Invest in this height-adjustable standing desk for sale today and make your home office more lively and efficient. Comhar Pro Q8 is here to give you premium value.