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FlexiSpot's Brand Day Arrives

24 May 2022

FlexiSpot Brand Day Anniversary

What is new for the FlexiSpot Brand Day Anniversary & what products should you grab?

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Anniversary has been an excitingly anticipated celebration for the deals customers get to experience and for FlexiSpot to help people get on the right track with high-quality ergonomic desks and chairs. Providing a way for people to work and focus on the best things for their bodies is a huge mission for FlexiSpot. Their goal is to also make you feel comfortable with the transition to ergonomic desks or chairs and make sure you find the right one that is for you.

FlexiSpot not only has state-of-the-art technology but also scientists that help them design the top-of-the-line ergonomic products that are up to date and great for any body type. They focus, test, and make sure that these products are perfect for their ever-growing customer base. Not only is FlexiSpot great with their products, but they are also great with their customer service. If you have never used ergonomic desk chairs or desks, or you just don’t know what route to go, their customer service agents are trained to be a guiding light for you to find the best product for you. They also are there to answer your questions in order to feel comfortable before you choose a product.

FlexiSpot does all these things and more for their mission to help provide the best and healthiest choice for their customers. They even go above and beyond with their service by providing amazing deals on FlexiSpot’s brand day. These brand day deals are perfect for new and returning customers looking to find the best product without breaking the bank. Some of the many deals that they will be offering on the brand day sale are:

Flash Sale

The Flash Sale will provide different daily deals on these specific dates (May 18th, May 22nd, May 25th, May 26th, and May 27th). This will be the biggest sale on the website, so don’t miss out on these incredible markdown deals as the days occur.

A Direct Sale is a great experience for savings. All deals from May 16th through May 31st are 25% off on recommended products. Be sure to keep an eye out for the products for this sale.

First 3 Deal

The First 3 Deal is a unique experience for customers. If you are one of the first 3 people to complete your checkout within a provided time frame on May 25th or May 27th, you will get your order for free. This is a huge opportunity so look out these days for more information.

There is a limited availability coupon that will be available for select customers. On May 25th the first 50 customers who checkout will receive 15% off their order. If you are within the first 100 customers who checkout, you will get 10% off your order. These deals are extremely limited so keep your eyes out for the sale time on the website.

You also get a chance to win points during these sales! From May 16th through May 31st be sure to sign up and subscribe to get 150 points at check out. If you purchase while logging in, you can get double points from May 16th through May 27th. Every dollar you spend will earn you 2 points.

FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

There are so many fantastic products that are going to be available for all of FlexiSpot's customers. One product that will be a must-have is the FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7). The E7 is BIFMA-certified, setting the bar for its super stability. It is built with thicker leg columns. Plus, the column gap is scientifically designed to be 0.05 mm, which is the optimal setting for the stages of columns to move very smoothly.

The E7’s base structure uses solid carbon steel, which has reached automotive-material grade quality, which makes this standing desk a durable and sturdy experience with every use. It always stays stable, even when you top your stuff unevenly on the desk. It is very steady when moving the desk up or down to find the best height adjustment for you to work comfortably. Not only is this ergonomic standing desk such a great product, but FlexiSpot proudly offers a 15-year warranty. They are confident that with this product that offering this warranty shows that it is a reassuring experience when you use it.

FlexiSpot is not only proud of every product they make, but they are proud of the health effects that it has on its customers. People are quickly switching from the standard desk to a more ergonomic experience with their desks and chairs. Many companies all over the world are making the switch so their employees enjoy the most of their time at work. For more products, visit their website here.