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FlexiSpot vs. IKEA: Which Brand Offers the Best Small Computer Desk?

17 January 2023

The habit of sitting for a larger percentage of your daily working hours comes with its consequences. Apart from being exposed to all sorts of body pain, you also tend to pile on the pounds and that's where small computer desks come into play.

These ergonomic products will help you live a less sedentary life. But you shouldn't forget that there are some factors you need to consider before you invest in a small computer desk.

As such, you may have to check out the top and most renowned ergonomic brands in the market - Flexispot and IKEA. They are known for the production of superior and high-quality ergonomic products ranging from height-adjustable standing desks, to ergonomic office chairs, and office accessories.

With our focus on small computer desks with drawers and small computer desks for the bedroom, this article will explain the unique attributes and peculiarities of products designed by these brands and which one you should pitch your tent with.

Building the Shift

Whether you opt for Flexispot or IKEA small computer desk with a drawer, they both help you live healthily as you get a chance to easily switch to a remote working pattern. They boost your blood flow, enhance the proper stretch of your legs, and eradicate stiffness around the back region and often caused by sitting for long hours.

This means that embracing a small computer desk with drawers comes with so many rich dividends. And having shown that the two companies design amazing home office solutions to help you work with higher productivity, we will help you compare them to help you enjoy a fast and easy decision-making process when you need a desk for yourself.

Functional Flexispot Small Computer Desks

Do you need a small computer desk for a home office? Without compromising on the build quality or durability, the L-shaped small computer desk and small computer desk with a drawer designed by Flexispot will boost your efficiency, health, and morale.

All these products have undergone various safety tests and they have been certified to be healthy and safe for use by different bodies in the ergonomic space. So you have no cause to worry.

Although ergonomic office solutions are generally known to be expensive, these Flexispot products are sensibly priced and they come with a warranty backing of not less than five (5) years. Isn't that incredible?

So with the adjustable features that these home office and workplace desks offer, we assure you that you'll experience a pain-free and stunning day at work. And this won't even matter even if your workplace is completely sedentary.

Luxurious Surfaces

The Flexispot wood tabletops have a sleeky finish and you have different options to choose from. For example, we have black, white, white oak, walnut, and bamboo colors. This means that you can also go creative by mixing and matching the tops with a grey, white, or black small computer desk base.

As for the desktops, they are also available in different sizes and inches. So you have an array of choices to choose from. Each desktop also has a stunning matte finish which makes them very durable and scratch-resistant.

Automated Desk Frames

While checking out a Flexispot desk review, an extraordinary feature that stands out is the anti-rust and scratch-resistant automated Desk frames alongside a pre-programmable height adjustment. Even in less than 20 seconds, you can transition these cheap small computer desks to their maximum height

The dual motor that controls and regulates the desk's frame is also strong enough to lift whatever accessories you have on the desktop without making a noise or causing collapse. Many of them have their height ranges pegged between 25 to 47 inches while some can rise to 51 inches and lower back to 25 inches.

In terms of adjustability and flexibility, Flexispot also has you covered. Whether you want to walk on a treadmill, stand, or try cycling, all the small computer desks will offer you premium flexibility and satisfaction.

Rock Solid Construction

The small computer desk for home has a sturdy pre-drilled work surface and heavy metal legs, making it convenient to assemble the shipped parts. Placing the screws and bolts into their respective points does not take long. Within minutes, you can secure all the given parts, and your desk is ready for use.

Wiring Carefully Concealed

If you read through any Flexispot desk review, you will know that all the standing desks are fully motorized and boast a flawless cable management system that eases upward and downward movements minus the manual crank.

A central box is screwed to the desk's edge comprising the control panel. It houses the power cables to operate the leg motors. All the cabling is neatly concealed within the space between the desk's horizontal support beams.

Enhanced User Experience

Whether you choose IKEA or Flexispot, the durable and sturdy quality of a standing desk gives you no reason to consider a replacement for years on end. It holds up to everyday use for extended periods and lives up to your expectations with its hi-tech control panel.

There is even an alarm provision that you can set to switch positions frequently. The best part is, its in-built motor system facilitates smooth, quick, and quiet transitions. You can even accommodate a treadmill or stationary bike to squeeze in an exercise routine while working.

Flexispot vs. IKEA

Comparing these two brands will help you better understand the difference between Autonomous and Flexispot standing desks. A comparison of similar parameters gives you clarity on what suits your specific needs:


Flexispot has a variety of desk color options to complement your home office. Whether a natural bamboo look or beautifully finished wood, you can lay your hands on a pleasing workstation.

On the other hand, IKEA has a sturdy design aimed to deliver maximum structural integrity. With its double steel tubing frame and powder-coated surface, this desk becomes resistant to water, scratches, and other stains.

Standard Standing Desk (E1) by Flexispot

If you need a durable, and elegant small computer desk for your home office desk, we have the best choice for you here - Standard Standing Desk E1.

It's no longer a piece of news that bamboo is the plant with the highest rate of growth and this probably answers why it's being used for many contemporary office products.

After all, bamboo separates carbon faster than trees. So each fiber of bamboo used in making this product and other ergonomic solutions by Flexispot is keenly selected by local bamboo farmers.

The desktop and frames of the Standard Standing Desk E1 are powerful enough to conveniently hold the full weight of your PC and other office supplies you'll like to have on the table and within your reach.

The desk is also highly durable and you have two major keypad options - standard and basic. And with a single and gentle tap of the button, you can easily switch from sitting to standing and vice versa.

The Standard Standing Desk has fulfilled all the requirements of an environmental-friendly desktop and it's available in fiberboard, solid wood, chipboard, solid wood texture, and bamboo.

You should also note that the desktops have scaled through product security and safety tests. And they've been certified and pronounced healthy for use by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

You can also use the Standard Standing Desk for other purposes such as video conferencing, gaming, and other home or office activities.

RODULF Desk sit/stand, gray/white, 55 1/8x31 1/2" by IKEA

It works perfectly as a small computer desk for the bedroom as much as a small computer desk for the home office. And you can enjoy a 10-year warranty on it.

As it helps you switch between standing and sitting, your body system will be boosted to feel better and work with higher efficiency or output. You can also regulate the height of the desk's tabletop electronically from 27½ inches to 46 inches to arrive at an ergonomically healthy position.

Thanks to the cable management under the tabletop, you also get a chance to keep the desk tidy and clean at all times.

The desk has a maximum height of 46⅛, a minimum height of 27½, a length of 55⅛, a maximum load of 154 lbs, and a width of 31½.

Other areas that can be used to determine the better brand between Flexispot and IKEA are:


Weight capacity


Desktop size



Final Words

This piece invariably places an honest evaluation that can help you make a wise investment concerning Flexispot vs. IKEA, so you now have all the relevant details within your reach.

And from a practical position, it can be easily submitted that a Flexispot Small Computer Desk is far better than any other brand's. In terms of desktop dimensions, weight capacity, maximum load, and noise levels, the Flexispot desks beat other brands hands down.

Generally, there's also a guarantee that you won't experience stability issues while using Flexispot desks because they are widely known and acknowledged for their reliable and strong construction.

Most importantly, Flexispot small computer desks, including other height-adjustable standing desks, have been endorsed for their superior and mouthwatering features. All you have to do is check it out today!