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FlexiSpot Presidents' Day Event Straight Down: Upgrade Your Space for Less with these Top Products

17 February 2023

Since the New Year began, we have all needed to make our work or home office look brand new. Presidents' Day is just around the corner, which is among the most significant holidays at the beginning of the year. By now, you already know that Flexispot is an ergonomic furniture store that can assist you in achieving the goal of upgrading your space. Hence, don't see this event as just a long weekend because you will miss out. It is your opportunity to save on different products, and since it begins in the early days of February, you don't have to wait long for the deals to start flowing in. If you want to see what this has in store for you, read our article until the end.

You might think this holiday is too short and isn't an excuse to do anything interesting. Or you could do something different for a change but lack ideas. Worry not because here is a list of exciting things you can do.

Exciting ideas you can try during this Presidents' Day event

1. Give yourself a break- if you can afford to get off work during this period. You deserve the best treatment and a few days off if you can afford it. Don't just see it as a long weekend. Go on a short trip to your dream place, go to the beach, or hire a vacation house and spend your holiday relaxing with your friends and family.

2. Visit your family back at home- with so many of us spending our days away from family because of work, this period can be a great time to visit your loved ones. You have yet to learn how much our family members appreciate a visit; hence, you should take advantage of this opportunity, even buy them gifts lest you regret it later.

3. Buy ergonomic furniture- one way to give yourself the best treatment or to show love to your family is by ensuring comfort. We all have that one close member that appreciates study time, right? Or you might escape working in your office only to work from home during this event. Either way, you can ensure comfort by getting a comfortable workstation, and by now, it is no debate that you can rely on us, one of the best ergonomic furniture stores, to give you comfort.

With a list of things to do, Flexispot has made most of its top-notch products available at very affordable prices during this period, from desk bike chairs and standing desk converters to ergonomic chairs. Here is a list of great products for you to shop for during this event. You want to make sure to take advantage of this.

Straight down details: Our star products participating in the Presidents' Day straight down

F1 Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Original price $469.99

Event Price $379.99, $90 off

You can place this desk bike chair under your standing desk and do your exercises while working. While exercise is healthy and beats a sedentary lifestyle, not every exercise equipment is equal. This equipment gives you a comfortable sitting experience which can be a perfect alternative to your ergonomic chair. You can cycle it effortlessly and slowly without disrupting the people around you, improving productivity. It is also very mobile and can move from one room to the next, or if you want to work outside in the morning, you can take it outdoors thanks to its smooth rolling casters. Also, it has a height-adjustable seat that is easily adjustable using the one-touch lever even when sitting. Other features of this ergonomic furniture are;

Breathable mesh backrest that ensures stability and comfort

A firm, supportive seat cushion that lessens pressure gives you a pleasurable sedentary experience.

This holiday shouldn't be your excuse to live an inactive lifestyle. Light cycling is an excellent way to stay active, especially for people with hectic schedules. The best part is you can use the desk bike chair anywhere, anytime, including during leisure activities and work. This exercise chair has hit two target markets: the overburdened office workers who need great exercise tools they can use while working and exercising simultaneously and those who work remotely and need ingenious ways of beating a sedentary lifestyle. It is an essential product you should take advantage of if you fall under these categories.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W -47”

Original price $329.99

Event price $279.99, $50 off

A stand-up desk converter can help you shift your posture from standing to sitting. If you take poor working posture seriously and know its causes and effects, you know the importance of a comfortable working environment and what you can do to give yourself that comfort. If you don't, you need not worry too, because we are here to help. Many articles on our website discuss the importance of ergonomic furniture like a standing desk. For some, an adjustable-height desk might be expensive to purchase during this event; others might own one but need something extra. We have a solution for you, a stand-up desk converter.

For the former, you can use your traditional desk and then add the ClassicRiser desk converters on top of your desk. With this, you can forget neck and back pains because you can shift from standing to sitting with ease and save money. The same goes for those that already own a standing desk; all you need to do is adjust your desk height and use your converter. It has a removable full-sized tray with enough space to place your mouse pad and mouse. You can also set it anywhere, even sit on the floor and work with it. The best part is it can fit most people's height since it accommodates people up to 6'1" tall.

Also, if you want to save more space, you can adjust it vertically. You can use a desk converter if you want to be physically fit and productive in your daily tasks. When you start feeling minor discomfort from staying in a similar position for a long time, you can readjust it or place it in a strategic position that isn't uncomfortable for you to keep working.

Other features include;

Easy setup

Has a desktop capacity load of 35lbs which easily transitions your workstation

You can use it as an alternative for an adjustable-height desk during this holiday and save up to $50.

Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14

Original price $599.99

Event price $499.99, $100 off

A deal of $100 off on a chair with features like the OC14 is the best gift you can offer yourself during this event. Flexispot is an ergonomic furniture store changing the work industry through its products. One way it has achieved this is through this ergonomic chair that gets you thinking about your sitting posture. The chair's inner frame has been designed to offer you lumbar support, not to mention it can provide support by adjusting according to your height and weight. This ensures that the chair integrates with your body to give you optimal sitting while working.

Its mesh fabric is elastic and gives room for breathability. It is an excellent way to make you feel extra comfortable while working. It also has a waterfall-type full mesh frame design that makes it comfortable and breathable. The mesh cloth makes it a durable or long-lasting product, so you don't have to worry about the quality of this chair. A front foam pad is placed in the cushion to help disperse the pressure you will feel on your legs when you sit for so long. As if this feature isn't outstanding, a 45-degree backrest tilt enables you to recline comfortably as you work.

Other features are:

Armrests that offer comfort by preventing injuries

Adjustable headrest

Aluminum alloy chassis that protect your floor and move silently.

The OC14 and an adjustable height desk can create the perfect workstation. It is the best among chairs in its price range, and its features are worth the price.

To sum up

From February 20th to 26th, we will offer several discounts on a range of products across our categories, such as standing desks, adjustable bed bases, and more, so you can enjoy relaxation and comfort during this event. Prizes include discount offers and cash coupons, and you will also get the chance for "buy more, save more" offers like; $50 off $600, $90 off $900, $120 off $1200, and $150 off $1500. With this, you will be able to get discounts on different products. "Buy more, save more" will be available to everyone and to orders within the specified time. It would help if you used the given codes, and discounts will be reflected at the checkout. There is more! Check out the link for other flash sale products to expect and the codes to use during this period:

We will continue, we have several other offers throughout the year, so if you miss this one for specific reasons, you can check back regularly for further offers and discount opportunities.