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FlexiSpot new arrivals: FlexiSpot Odin 4-Leg Standing Desk

06 January 2023

Standing desks have been touted as the solution to many problems. It's not just about making your employees healthier; it's also about reducing the risk of injury and fatigue that can lead to absenteeism.

A standing desk is a desk that has a raised surface so that you can stand while you work. This design is intended to make it easier for people who use their computers for work to switch between sitting and standing positions throughout their day.

Standing desks are considered healthier than sitting at a desk all day long because they keep your body active and improve blood circulation. They also may reduce back pain, neck pain, eye strain, and lower-back pain - all of which are common problems among office workers who sit in front of a computer screen all day long.

How to Choose the Right Desk for Your Needs

The desk is often the first thing people think of when planning their home office space. And while there are many different types of desks, the best ergonomic vertical desk design will help you work more efficiently and comfortably.

The right ergonomic desk can help you with your posture, productivity, and comfort. We've compiled a list of some of the best ergonomic vertical desk designs on the market today and what makes them great for your needs.

Flexispot is a company that manufactures standing desks. They have a variety of different models and sizes available.

The FlexiSpot Odin 4-leg standing desk is perfect for people looking for a desk that will help them stay healthy and active all day long.

FlexiSpot Odin 4-leg standing desk

FlexiSpot is making standing desks and sit-stand desks more accessible than ever before with the introduction of their new Odin model. This new desk is an excellent option for any office space /home space because it offers a wide range of features that make it easy to adjust to any environment, either work or home. The FlexiSpot Odin 4-Leg Standing Desk is the pinnacle of Flexispot's standing desk collection. It is dedicated to those who seek the ultimate, magical, poetic, and healing standing desk experience. Its base structure uses solid carbon steel, which has reached automotive-material grade for a durable and sturdy experience. The design of the four beams makes the FlexiSpot Odin's structure more robust and durable and makes the desktop less prone to bending and deformation.

Features of the Odin Standing Desk

The Odin standing desk has 4 motors which are more powerful than any other electric standing desk in our collection. Those motors are driven by "linear drive technology", which is more intelligent and provides a smoother lift experience. In addition, these motors are quiet as well, with noise levels of less than 50 decibels, making sure that it doesn't distract you from your work. The four columns provide extra stability for heavy loads up to 440 lbs (200 kg). The adjustable height range is 23.8"-49.2" (60-125cm), and the adjustable width range is 43.4"-74.8" (110-190 cm). You can fit any size desktop on the top surface area between 70.9 x 31.5 inches or 94.5 x 35.4 inches.

Benefits of the Odin Standing Desk

Don't settle for a standing desk that will only last a few months. FlexiSpot's Odin standing desk is built to last, with its sturdy metal frame and durable surface options:

1. Durable and long-lasting: The Odin standing desk is made from 100% carbon steel, which means it's durable enough to last.

2. Modular and adaptable: The four-leg design of the Odin makes it easy to move around the room or into different offices. If you're working in an open-plan office, there are no obstacles to worry about when using your Flexi-desk. This also makes it easy to reconfigure your workstation as needed.

3. Ergonomic design: Adjusting the height of your desk allows you to work in a comfortable position that reduces stress on your body by encouraging good posture and preventing aches or pains caused by long periods spent sitting at a computer monitor or keyboard.

4. Aesthetically pleasing: The sleek finish of this standing desk looks great in any room! It features smooth edges and finishes, so there are no sharp edges that could damage other items on top, such as laptops or monitors - especially if they are leaning over onto another surface like another person's shoulder! This is most important when setting up multiple monitors because they may scratch each other otherwise without proper precautions.

Odin Standing desk Installation

When you receive your Odin standing desk, you will find that it has all the parts to assemble it. The first step is to unpack everything and lay out the pieces to familiarize yourself. Below is a list of what you will need for assembly:

2 supporting beams

2 side brackets

4 lifting columns

2 feet (one for each base)

Some additional components go along with these main parts, including a keypad, control box, power plug, and cable management net. Some accessories help connect these parts.

The next step is attaching the side brackets to one end of each supporting beam. After this, adjust the frame length onto which you will affix the desktop. Once this has been set up correctly, install the leg columns. Once the columns have been installed, fix the keypad on the desktop and the control box. After that, connect the wires to the power port so you can finally install the hooks where you will hang the cable management net to finish the installation.

Where to use the Odin Standing Desk (a multipurpose desk!)

Use the FlexiSpot Odin as a standing desk in your office.

Use it as a conference or meeting table.

Use it as a dining room or kitchen table.

To conclude:

The Odin Desk is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get more out of their work day. It has everything you need to be productive, including a large surface area, multiple adjustable positions, and built-in cable management. The desk is also designed with safety in mind: it has stable feet on all four corners that keep it from sliding around while standing or sitting at any height.