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FlexiSpot Member Day

28 June 2022

What is Flexispot Member Day and Why You Should Participate?

We understand that you play an invaluable role in our continuity as one of the foremost online ergonomic stores. And with you by our side, we can proudly say that your loyalty and commitment have brought us thus far.

On that note, we have decided to serve you better. Just as the name implies, the member day is a season set aside to appreciate all our dedicated customers around the world. And the most fantastic part of the season is that it comes every month.

It holds during the last two days of every month. So for June, you can tick your calendar and wait patiently for the 29th and 30th. Meanwhile, we're also bringing a tip of an iceberg your way. What's that? You can also enjoy our pre-activity plan and that's for a whole week (22nd - 28th June).

Before we move on, don't forget that each deal is available for a day. That's between 00:00 PST and 23:59 PST. In other words, you need to be time-conscious to be one of our lucky beneficiaries. Let's run through each activity we have for this month's edition.

Flash Sale

Flash Sale (29th and 30th June)

Whether you want to renovate your office interior or build it from the scratch, here's your chance to shop our online store. Meanwhile, you're not just shopping for these products. You can now cop them at discounted prices.

Believe it, you can only enjoy this type of customer-oriented offer with Flexispot. Now, let's take you through the available ergo furniture under this deal.

The E5 Electric Height-adjustable Standing Desk will be up for grabs at a 6% discount on the 29th of June. This means it'll go for $379.99 from the original $479.99.
The E1 Electric Height-adjustable Standing Desk will be slashed down to whooping 24% on the 29th of June. You can have it for $234.99 instead of $309.99.
If you've always been eyeing our Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, you can get it on the 30th of June for $449.99. That's 15% off from the original $529.99.
The EG8 Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk will be available on the 30th with 16% discount. In other words, you can have it for $419.99 instead of $499.99.

You should keep in mind that this deal is only available between 00:00 PST and 23:59 PST of the day. Don't miss it!

Direct Sale

Direct Sale (29th to 30th June)

Hope you've not forgotten that each activity works with time? Yeah, the window for direct sales is also limited between 00:00 PST and 23:59 PST each day. So even if you're unable to participate in the flash sale, this direct discount sale should be a perfect fit for you.

You can get our posh and classy E8 height-adjustable standing desk for $529.99 instead of $579.99. That's a 13% discount.
The Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk can be yours at a member price of $559.99. That's a 15% discount from the real price of $659.99.
If you want to stay fit and sharp while working, this deal offers you the FC211 Desk Bike for a member price of $329.99. It comes with an 18% off the original price of $399.99.
You can step up your standing desk with the M3 Desk Converter at a member price of $299.99. So you can trust us to slash 12% off the initial $339.99.
The M7 AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter will be available with a 20% discount from $249.99. So you can finally own this furniture with a $199.99 member price.
The EB012Q Adjustable Bed Base of $549.99 can be yours with $479.99. That means we've brought the earlier price down to $549.99 by 13%.
Our E1 Electric Height-adjustable Standing Desk is not excluded from this offer. You can have it at a member price of $244.99. That's 21% off the usual $309.99. However, this is only available from 00:00 to 23:59 PST on June 30.
The EG8 Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk will be available with a 17% slash down and you can get it for $429.99 as opposed to $499.99. However, you should also note that this offer is only valid from 00:00 to 23:59 PST on June 29th.

Be on alert!

Free Order

Get Free Order

Here is another opportunity you can explore to win some free orders. How does this deal work? We are going to make a compilation of customers that placed orders for any of our products between the 29th and 30th of June. Afterward, we'll make a random selection process where three lucky winners will be picked to get these free orders.

However, we will suggest that you join our Facebook group to further boost your chances of being among folks that'll enjoy the offer. Isn't that interesting? Well, that's one of our ways of saying thank you for pitching your tent with Flexispot.

Member-Exclusive Limited Coupon

Member-Exclusive Limited Coupon

This coupon offer is also limited. And we have decided to categorize it into three classes where you will be able to enjoy a certain discount on every purchase.

Between 00:00 PST on the 29th of June to 23:59 PST on June 30th, you can get as high as 15% off, 10% off, and $40 off every purchase you make.

However, you must have made a purchase of over $600 to be eligible to participate here.

How about the available products for this category?

The E7 Pro Standing Desk whose price is pegged at $579.99 will be up for grabs at the member price of $529.99 with 9% slashed down. All you need to enjoy this bounty is to get the coupon code ready.
You can go home with our E4L Height-adjustable Standing Desk. All you need is $929.99. That's an 11% discount off the original price of $959.99

Member Extra Benefits

Member Extra Benefits

Do you remember we hinted that there's another tip of the iceberg waiting for you? Yes, we are now at it! We have extra benefits that will span through a week (00:00 PST of 2nd to 23:59 PST of June 28th).

And the perk here is that if you are a registered subscriber, you can get some points in advance. You can combine these points with your coupons to increase your chances of winning our ergonomic office furniture.

Final Thoughts

We'll implore you not to forget that this superb deal is time-bound. And as such, it'll do you some good if you could include them in your to-do list. You can also tick the relevant dates off your calendar or set some reminders. It's your member day! It's our member day. Come and let us celebrate you in a newer dimension this month.