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FlexiSpot L-shaped Standing Desk: Why Investing in a Corner Desk is a Smart Office Decision

28 April 2023

What is an L-Shaped desk?

If you've worked in an office or remotely in recent years, you probably know quite a bit about the different designs of standing desks. One of them is L-shaped desks which closely resemble typical standing desks except they are designed in the shape of an L, letting you fit them between two perpendicular walls. They comprise the main desk where you naturally perform most tasks and a return that gives it the signature L shape.

Why you should get one?

While a normal ergonomic standing desk is great, an L-shaped standing desk is even better, and here are some reasons:

1. Saves space. Due to its innovative shape, an L-shaped office desk is made for the corners of your office. If your office has limited space, these desks will ensure you use it wisely; by setting it up by the corner, you can put the remaining space to good use.

2. Great for shared workstations. Whether it's a home office and the kids want to do some homework or work premises, and you share an office with another employee, an L-shaped standing desk is perfect for co-habitation. One of you can take the main part and the other the return while ensuring your individual spaces are not invaded while working due to the large desktop.

3. Larger desktop surface. With this height-adjustable desk, the space for those extra pieces of equipment is just around the corner! You can use the main desk for the items you use frequently and reserve the return for those you occasionally use.

These are some ways these desks can transform your office life. Check out the features of the E7L and E1L L-shaped desks below.

The E7L Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk

Starting at $499.99 for the frame and $799.99 for the entire desk, the E7L will surely excite you about replacing that ordinary office desk. Some of its features include:

Firm and durable design

The frame of the E7L is made from industrial-grade steel, meaning it is extremely strong and can bear loads of up to 330 lbs. In addition, it remains stable even when you reach its maximum load capacity and raises its height.

A triple-motor system

As if the sturdy frame is not enough, the desk comes with three independent motors that power each leg. The result is improved stability when you raise or lower the desk and a smooth transition whenever you do so; it has a transition speed of 1.5 inches per second. With this, the corner standing desk ensures your workstation remains as is even when you adjust its height at maximum load capacity.

Wide desktop

Unsurprisingly, the E7L has more space with its unique design. Its main desk has a width of about 47.2" and 78.7", while the return is close behind with dimensions of approximately 51.1" and 70.1". As such, you can do so much more with the extra desktop surface it affords you; it's also worth noting the desktop's depth of between 23.6" and 31.5", meaning it will support most loads you place on it.

Customizable panel

As mentioned, an L-shaped desk is made for corners; however, the E7L has a reversible panel that lets you align it for a right or left-handed person. You don't have to turn the whole desk around if you suddenly realize you prefer placing your left hand on the return.

Sustainable aesthetics

The desk frame of the E7L comes in black and white. Don't let this fool you; the desk is as sleek as they come. In addition, it is made from bamboo, which is a material that promotes sustainability. Hence, if you care about keeping the environment viable for future use, this is your desk, as your newly-found productivity won’t jeopardize nature.

Stylish keypad

Speaking of aesthetics, this L-shaped standing desk has a keypad that keeps this in mind. It contains three programmable height presets, meaning you can save your most frequent heights and don't waste time readjusting in search of the level you used the day before. The keypad also has a reminder for switching between sitting and standing and great protection software for ensuring no one tampers with your height presets.

Anti-collision feature

Despite its bulkier build, the E7L is relatively quick in transition, as evidenced by its speed of 1.5"/s. As such, you should rest easy knowing that it has a safety feature involving an anti-collision system that ensures the desk doesn't hit any objects while in transition. If it detects an object, this height-adjustable desk will stop and reverse its trajectory so it doesn't damage any of your items that get in the way; it's also great if you have small kids around the house.

The E1L L-Shaped standing desk

The desk costs $399.99 for the frame, while a complete desk is about $529.99. However, you will find the price quite the steal after seeing some of its most prominent features. They include:

Quick and easy setup

For such a complex standing desk, the E1L is quite the opposite when setting it up inside your office. It arrives at your doorstep in two boxes containing the desktops and the frame; assembling it should be straightforward using clear instructions. Here you can configure the reversible panel for either right-handed or left-handed orientation. The cords are also easily placed using the accompanying zip ties, and after fastening everything in place, you're good to go.

LED control panel

This L-shaped desk has an elegant LED keypad that lets you control the desk's movement and features. The panel has three programmable height presets that allow you to save your preferred height settings and switch from sitting to standing by pressing a button; it is also easy to set up as you screw it inside any of the multiple holes beneath the desktop.

Strong frame and spacious desktop

The desk has a solid frame that can bear loads of up to 220 lbs; hence, you can comfortably place equipment such as two monitors. It is a welcome addition because the desktop is wide enough for those of you that prefer placing multiple office equipment; to be precise, the desktop is about 63" by 40" and 71" by 48". Additionally, the desktop is made with chipboard meaning it is easy to clean if you accidentally spill anything on the surface while remaining durable for the most part.

Dual Motor system

Unlike the E7L's three motors, this L-shaped office desk is designed with a dual motor system that powers its legs during the transition. Regardless, it offers impeccably smooth adjustments from heights between 28.9" and 48.2" while ensuring it makes almost no noise. The dual motor system lets the noise level remain under 50 decibels, meaning you won't risk disturbing others in the office or home when working late at night.

Safety mechanism

Similar to its predecessor, this desk comes with a piece of ingenuity for added safety during the transition; it has an anti-collision feature that prevents it from bumping into anything. If you have a cramped office or a playful child, this corner standing desk is made for you because you won't have to worry about them getting destroyed or injured respectively.

If you're still not sold on the desks, Flexispot has gone out of its way to give you free delivery on any order and a five-year warranty to help you sleep at night. An L-shaped office desk such as the E7L or the E1L will spruce up your office by freeing up more room and giving you extra space on the desktop. Improved productivity is just around the corner with two marvels!

To conclude:

The L-shaped desks discussed above are excellent for transforming your office setup. However, when choosing which one to buy, you should consider features like size, design, and price; for more information about these desks, contact Flexispot.