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Flexispot Direct Discount Deals To Take Advantage Of At The Brand Day Sales

20 May 2022

Flexispot has manufactured several ergonomic pieces of furniture for workstation and home use. The company has stayed in business not just because of its creative and thorough manufacturing process. But also because of customers like you, who always find time to place an order or two from the store.

Thank you for keeping with the brand thus far; Flexispot always has amazing discount deals for its clients every brand day celebration. This year is no different, as there are tons and tons of deals to take advantage of.

One of such offers is the Direct Discount Deal. In subsequent paragraphs, you'll find more details on this deal and a list of products that you can maximize the deal on. Take a look.

Direct Discount Deals

The Direct Discount Deal features an individual discount on each Flexispot product recommended in this category. The deal only applies to a select list of products covering Standing Desks, Desk Bikes, Standing Desk Converters, and Ergonomic Chairs.

Unlike most discounts, this deal had a percentage peculiar to each product. The discounts go from 6.67% off to a 43.33% discount, depending on the product. Please note that the discount only applies from the 16th of May to the 31st of May. So prepare your budgets and immerse yourself in Flexispot's world of direct discount deals.

Standing Desks

Have you been craving any Flexispot standing desk, and you can't seem to afford it? This is a chance for you to stock up on certain Flexispot standing desks that you've longed for all year long. Certain standing desk products will be up for sale at mind-blowing discounts.

For a clear understanding of the standing desks available under this deal and their discount prices, take a look at the products listed below:

EB8 Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Bamboo Top

EB8 Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Bamboo Top

At a 26% discount, the EB8 Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Bamboo Top will be sold at $369.99 instead of the original $499.99 selling price. And at this price, you're getting a standing desk that can conveniently serve not just you but every member of your family.

The Comhar desk with the wooden top is a beauty to behold. It's a multifunctional desk with a robust motor that allows easy and smooth transitions. Transitions are allowed within the recommended 28.3" to 47.6" height range. You can also save up to four of your preferred heights with the memory presets.

Next to the All-in-one Keypad are three USB charging ports. Two of these ports are Type-A ports, with the last one being a Type C port. These ports enable convenience while charging and reduce the risk of dealing with entangled cords. Then there's a child lock feature that makes the desk safe around children. The desk comes with a spacious pull-out drawer and an anti-collision feature for enhanced safety.

EF1 Vici-Duplex Standing Desk

EF1 Vici-Duplex Standing Desk

This Flexispot's signature two-tier standing desk is an ideal product to shop using the direct discount deal. If you need two takes but can only afford one, you should buy this multi-use desk. With its two-tier design, two persons can conveniently use either desktop stage without bumping into each other. A shorter person can use the lower stage, say a kid. At the same time, the rear deck will be more suitable for a taller person.

If you don't intend to share your desk with anyone, the Vici-Duplex desk will still be an excellent option. You can use the desk in single-tier mode. The desk is much wider in this mode, with room to carry out tasks that require a large surface area. You don't have to worry about your stationeries or workspace supplies falling between your desk. This is because the two stages merge perfectly to give an unbroken space.

There is a 13.64% discount on this desk which makes it up for sale at $284.99 rather than the original price of $329.99.

ET120 Height Adjustable Drafting Table

ET120 Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Don't let the name fool you; you can use this desk for more than just "drafting." However, if you do a lot of drafting and drawing, this desk will serve your purpose better than other standing desks.

You can use this desk for a couple of things depending on the angle it's placed. At 0°, the ET120 Height Adjustable Table will serve as a regular workstation desk. It even offers more surface area space than a regular height adjustable standing desk. A foldable side platform extends the desk's width to accommodate more office supplies.

At 0°-15°, the ET120 table becomes a go-to option for authors and writers. In this position, you can maintain proper spine posture while writing. When placed at 15°-30°, you can conveniently use the desk for reading purposes. And at a 30° to a full 40°, there's no better desk option for drafting than this table.

In all these angles, there's a safety ledge stopper that holds your papers, documents, and devices, preventing them from slipping off the desk's surface.

If you're in awe of the already stated features, you'd probably be blown away when you find other features of this desk. Instead of reading about the features, why not own them by buying this desk with a 6.98% discount off the original price of $429.99.

E3/E5 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

E3/E5 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing desks offer so many cutting-edge features. One of them is optimum stability, and that is what the E3/E5 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk provides.

Built with a two-stage frame and dual-motor design, the desk lifts conveniently without fail within the stipulated height range. The adjustment process is easy, smooth, fast, and noiseless. At a <50db noise level, it's almost impossible to hear the sound of the motor. Even at the maximum 220lbs carrying capacity, the motor works effortlessly, lifting and leveling without crashing or destroying your objects.

During the brand day celebration, you can purchase this desk for as low as $369.99.

E7 Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk

E7 Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk

Looking for a desk that combines pleasing aesthetics with super stability and durability, the E7 Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk is everything you want.

The desk has been certified by BIFMA for its awesome stability feature. You'll find that the E7 table is built with thicker legs and a carbon steel base structure that helps the desk maintain its stability at every angle. Consequently, this desk will not wobble or even topple over even when at its maximum capacity.

When you buy this desk at a 13.79% discount, you'll get a unique 15-year warranty to go with it.

E1L L-Shaped Standing Desk

E1L L-Shaped Standing Desk

Here's a desk with a unique shape that gets the job done. Whether right-handed or left-handed, you'll have no issues using the E1L desk as it allows for reversible panels. This means that you can configure the desk's structure to your writing style. It also means that both panels, when put together, offer a large work surface area.

The E1L L-shaped Standing Desk comes with the All-in-one Advanced Keypad. The keypad allows you to save their height preferences and has a LED display and a sit/stand activity reminder.

We hope you take advantage of the 8.93% discount offer and own your Flexispot E1L L-shaped table.

UD4 Esben Standing Desk

UD4 Esben Standing Desk

Here's a standing desk doubles as a workstation table and a dresser. It's built with a bamboo top and an industry-grade steel base that offers aesthetic relief and energizes you for the work to come. It's also an ideal storage desk. This is due to the two large storage drawers attached to the desk. They are not just wide, but they're also deep enough to accommodate workstation supplies and personal needs.

The desk is comfy and flexible, and it has several USB ports for charging convenience. With the discount deal, you can buy the UD4 desk for $429.99 instead of $499.99.

Desk Converters

Lift your monitor and other workstation gadgets on a budget with Flexispot's Desk Converters. Check out the following desk converters that you can purchase with the direct discount deal:

M8MB Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

M8MB Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot's Edgeriser standing desk converter offers more work surface area than most desk converters. The desk measures 35" x 23.2" in tabletop dimension, which means that it can hold two monitors and desk accessories.

At $129.99 instead of the regular $169.99, you can own this desk converter U-shaped cutout design during the direct discount sales.

M7MB AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter

M7MB AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter

The AlcoveRiser Standing Desk has a spacious surface. It can hold a large monitor together with paperwork and table accessories. There's a removable release tray attached just below the surface of the desk converter. The tray provides enough space for a keyboard and a mouse. And if you don't have a keyboard, you can easily place a laptop on the tray.

Note that the M7MB standing desk converter comes with a single-handle lever instead of an adjustment button for quick and easy positioning. You can buy it during the direct discount sales at 10.53% off the original price.

M3 ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter

M3 ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter

While this desk converter also comes with a lever, the ClassicRiser lifts higher than its counterparts. When placed on a 28" tall desk, it accommodates 6'1" tall persons. And on a 31" high desk, it becomes suitable for 6'5" tall persons.

Adjustments can be made using the hand lever, which only requires a light, effortless squeeze to make the transitions even at 44lbs full weight capacity. For a desk converter that aids posture improvement and has an easy setup, the M3 ClassicRiser will be up for sale during the grand celebration at a 6.67% direct discount.

Desk Bike

While we take pride in creating furniture that provides ergonomic needs, we are also concerned about health and wellness in the workplace. Thus, we built desk bikes that allow you to cycle while you work. You can grab one of our desk bikes during the celebration day direct discount sales.

V9 All-in-one Desk Bike Pro

V9 All-in-One Desk Bike Pro

There's a 14.29% discount on the highly coveted V9 All-in-One Desk Bike Pro. It's called All-in-one because it comes with a spacious deck. You can use this desk for anything and by anyone as it's spacious and super easy to assemble.

The V9 desk bike also has gravity casters. These casters enable easy movement of the bike around the house or office. And when placed in a stationary position, the gravity casters can be locked to prevent them from moving while you work.

Besides being a perfect workstation bike, this desk bike is also pretty effective as a workout tool. It is built with an integrated digital display that helps you read your workout time, speed, and the number of calories burned.


What's a standing desk without an authentic ergonomic office chair? Take a peek at the super affordable ergonomic chairs we bring to you under the auspices of the direct discount deal:

OC8 Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

OC8 Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

The OC8 office chair is built from quality PU leather and industry-grade steel. The memory foam insert makes the seat soft and durable and offers strong support for the body.

Speaking of support, the chair comes with a built-in lumbar pillow and headrest that help maintain the ideal spine and neck posture. This chair can support large body frames with its spacious seat and 330lbs carrying capacity.

If you've coveted this chair for a while, here's your chance to buy it. It's up for sale in May at a 43.33% discount.

OC7 Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

OC7 Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

Your neck and spine can never go wrong with the OC7 Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair. The seat is designed to have an S-shaped curve which allows the chair to support your body's contour providing optimal back support. You can adjust the headrest until it's to your liking for enhanced neck support.

Instead of leather, this chair is made from a breathable mesh covering. You don't have to worry about sweat or moisture seeping into and destroying the material.

Place an order for this chair from the 16th of May and get your order delivered at a 26.67% off the original price.

OC6 Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

OC6 Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Probably the cheapest ergonomic chair you'd find on the Flexispot online store and any other ergonomic store. Originally, this sturdy mesh chair went for $99.99 per piece, but you get to buy it at a 20% discount in May.

Don't be deceived by the price; this chair is as durable as other ergonomic office chairs. Its thick padded seat, metal base, lumbar support, and Omni-directional 360 casters give you the feel of an executive chair.

How To Place An Order

If you're new to the Flexispot online store or you've never placed an order before, here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

1. First, you find your way to Flexispot online store via a mobile browser. Click here to go straight to the store.

2. Once at the store, you'll find a drop-down menu button at the top left corner of the page. You'll find a "Create An Account" feature when you click on it. This feature will help you open an account with the store.

It won't take much of your time, and there are often benefits to becoming a registered member. For example, you can participate in the brand day celebration Win Points challenge.

3. If you don't intend to open an account, you can skip the second step and proceed straightway to search for the product you intend to buy. The drop-down menu button lists the product types available in the store. When you click on any category, you'll find a catalog of all the products available in that category.

4. When you pick a product of your choice with color, size, and other specifications, click on "Add to Cart" and proceed to Checkout when you're done shopping.

5. At Checkout, you'd be required to provide your shipping details and other personal details. Then you'd proceed to payment and reviews.

6. Once payment is settled, Flexispot processes your order, and you can track your delivery till it arrives.