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Flexispot Brand Day Activities: Super Clearance Sale Discounts

30 May 2022

Clearance Sale Offers

Flexispot has tons of activities for this year's brand day celebrations. These activities include giveaway discounts and coupons for both old and new customers. Each discount deal is targeted at a class of Flexispot products within a set timeframe. And one of such deals is the Clearance Sale Offers.

If you've never participated in any of Flexispot's Clearance Sale, there's good news for you. This year's sale is designed to blow the mind of both newbies and the loyal folks. There are office accessories up for sale at mind-blowing discounts. You get to buy your favorite office supplies for as low as $29.99. Yeah, that's right.

The sale will run from the 17th of May to the 30th of May. And for each day, the sale will start at 00:00 PST and end at 23:59 PST. If you're going to miss out on any sale offer this year, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this one.

While we anticipate the clearance sale, please look at all the office accessories that will be available and their discount prices.

C1 Desktop Air Purifier

C1 Desktop Air Purifier

If you have $109.99 between the 17th to 30th of May, here's something amazing that you can get at that amount. It's called the C1 Desktop Air Purifier, and it's not your regular air purifier or humidifier. We like to think of it as a not-so-tiny magic box. Cos', the box wields so many magical features, all at once.

To start with, this box functions as an air purifier. It functions as a humidifier, sucking out dry air and dust from the room, providing much-needed moisture. On the side of the box, you'll find an aromatherapy portion. You can add essential oils and fragrances to the purifier system through that portion of the box. Consequently, the box produces a pleasing blend of scents with each emission.

Note that the emissions can protect as far as 10sqm around the box. To control the airflow, you can adjust the air vents located at the front part of the C1 Air Purifier. Also, the cleaner is designed with a unique PM2.5 Sensor. The sensor I'd equipped to pick up dry humidity, dust, and particles in real-time.

Asides from functioning as an air purifier, the box has an ergonomic design that enables it to function as a desktop converter. Its ergonomic height and stable legs add 6.1" to the height of your standing desk. You can place your laptop conveniently on the air purifier and work better in better posture.

Furthermore, there are storage boxes attached at either end of the box. They're minute open boxes that can hold stationeries, small artificial flowers, and other not-so-big office supplies. There are two built-in chargeable ports at one end of the box. While one of the ports is a USB port, the other port is only compatible with Type C chargers.

Power Strip PS014

Power Strip PS014

For cable management in your workstation or even in your home, you should get the PS014 Power Strip. It comes in White and has a maximum power limit of 1875W and a 9.6"x1.9" dimension.

One good feature of this power strip is its length. The cord is about 2ft long, making it perfect for workstations where the power outlet is not so close to where the outlet is needed. It saves you the stress of passing tangled gadget cords across a relatively far distance.

The PS014 strip has six grounded outlets. This means that you can charge six different gadgets all at the same time. There's also an integrated circuit breaker in the form of a Red Led Indicator. The indicator light comes on in red to signify that the outlets are actively protected.

Since it comes in White, the power outlet on its own adds beauty to your workspace. But with so many cords attached to it, it might not look as pleasing as you would want it to. Thus, the product on delivery is equipped with a black mesh fabric. You can attach this mesh fabric below your desk and store the power outlet. There is also the option of mounting it on the wall using the keyholes at the back.

You can step up your cable management game for this clearance sale with the 50.01% discount on this product. This means that instead of the original $39.99 price, you'll be getting it for a meager retail price of $19.99.

KT2B Adjustable Keyboard Tray

KT2B Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Flexispot's KT2B Adjustable Keyboard Tray is portable and can go with you anywhere. Its black color offers a sleek and classy appearance that effortlessly fits any room. Imagine combining this awesome keyboard with an all-black spliced desktop setting. It will make for the most beautiful workspace setting.

But this keyboard tray is more than just a fanciful accessory. The tray is spacious, thanks to its 25" x 12" dimensions. These dimensions also afford it some versatility and allow for more uses. It can hold a keyboard, mousepad, mouse, and another small accessories. You need to ensure that the objects in the tray do not exceed the recommended 15lbs maximum weight capacity.

Installation of the KT2B tray can be done in four easy steps. First, you must ensure that the desktop you intend to attach it to does not exceed a 2.1" thickness. Once it falls within this range, unscrew the clamp a little to make space for the desk, attach it firmly to the desk, and then screw it back in place. It's that easy.

At $59.99, you can purchase this tray from the Flexispot online store during the Clearance sales. And then, you can enjoy the ergonomic relief that the product offers to your wrist.

VB1 Vibration Plate

VB1 Vibration Plate

Do you know that you can put off that winter weight and put on the highly-coveted summer body in time for summer? Exercise will do the trick. But with the Flexispot VB1 Vibration Plate, you can step your exercises up a notch. How? You'd ask.

Well, here's how the VB1 plate works. The plate's waver starts a series of full-body vibrations. Thus vibration causes musculature stimulation which in turn enhances muscle contraction. Since the plate is being used while you work out, it increasingly activates the stages of your workout.

The vibration works on a different part of your body to produce full-body wellness. It decreases stress levels in the brain, increases strength in the arm muscles, and improves blood circulation from the heart. In addition, the waver works on the kidneys to boost metabolism, and it helps you gain mobility and flexibility in your feet.

That's not all. The plate works to burn excess fat in the body too. It provides a full rehab for your body from the convenience of your home.

Due to its compact nature, the VB1 Vibration Plate is quite easy to store. It has anti-skid rubber attached to its base, which prevents the platform from moving unsteadily while in use. You'll also find hidden handles under the VB1 plate, allowing you to carry it around easily.

You'll find our Loop Bands very useful if you engage in Yoga. And the remote comes in handy for vibration level adjustments.

In May, you can add this vibration plate to your home gym for just $99.99. That's a 28.57% cut from the regular purchase price of $139.99.

WSF1M Floating Shelves

WSF1M Floating Shelves

What better way to manage your workspace than with Flexispot's WSF1M Floating Shelves. This storage management shelf is ideal because it saves space and it's affordable.

Flexispot sells this shelf on a normal day at a ridiculously low retail price of $49.99. However, there's a 40.01% discount on this product during this clearance sale, which means that you can now purchase it at the Flexispot store for $29.99.

This product comes in a set of three on delivery. All three shelves in the set are of the same size and share the same dimensions: 6.67" wide, 17.7" long, and 0.98" thick. These dimensions make them long and wide enough to accommodate a handful of the object, so long as they don't exceed the 44lbs maximum weight capacity.

The shelves are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. They come in natural materials, maple and mahogany. These wood colors allow them to blend easily with any setting.

Two hooks are attached to the base of each shelf to provide more room to organize your needs further. Plus, the shelves are very easy to install. All you need to do is follow the instruction manual.

MR01 Three-Paneled Mirror

MR01 Three-Paneled Mirror

If you're a lover of makeup sessions or you take your skincare routine pretty seriously, then here's something you should buy. It's Flexispot's signature Three-Paneled Mirror that offers magnification at its best.

The mirror has three sides. The main mirror is in the middle, another on the right, and the 2.3 times magnifier on the left. With the mirror in the middle, you have a clear view of your face from the front. The right mirror gives you a view from the side.

However, the left mirror offers a more accurate view of your face. It's divided into two, with each part offering different magnification levels. The upper part of the left side offers two times magnification, while the lower part offers a 3x magnification. These left side parts are best when applying makeup or skin nourishment products to your eye and lips.

At the base of the mirror is a storage tray that can hold several makeup items, particularly the ones that are round and tend to roll off the table. You can play your foundation and lipstick in the storage pan to better organize your vanity area.

To save space, the mirror has a foldable design. It has a thin structure that makes it easy to put in a suitcase or store away in your bedroom dresser.

The mirror is equipped with tiny lights that offer a better view of your face. This light had infinite adjustment levels. Press and hold the adjustment button on the middle screen to increase the brightness levels.

It would help if you took advantage of the 23.92% discount on the MR01 during this clearance sale. Instead of $45.99, you'd be getting it for $34.99

HK01 Under-Desk Hammock

HK01 Under-Desk Hammock

This HK01 Under-desk Hammock is as good as it gets. As the name implies, the hammock is attached underneath your desk. But there's no need to drill any holes to make the installation. You only need to unscrew a couple of screws on your desktop's beam to install. Then, you screw the hammock's connecting plate to the beam, tighten the screws, attach the metal bucket, and you're good to go.

Sitting or Standing at your desk for long hours can be physically and mentally exhausting. And if you decide to push through the exhaustion, it can be counterproductive. With the hammock, you can escape from all the stress for minutes without anyone even noticing that you're gone.

This escape will only cost you $34.99

Participate In Flexispot's "First 3 Get Free Order" Deal

The First 3 Get Free Order Deal is a race against time and other customers. On the 25th of May 2022, at exactly 8:00 am, the first three customers to place an order on the site will get free orders. It thus becomes a battle of who is first enough.

To participate, log on to the Flexispot online store at the set time and register. Then you place an order as fast as you can, and if you're fast enough, you get your order free with some limited coupons.

Don't miss out on this chance to get that Flexispot product you've been gunning for all year long. We wish you all the best!