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Ergonomics In The Bedroom

06 March 2023

Ergonomics uses psychological and physiological principles in their application to design. It is used to create a more functional and comfortable space for the human body by keeping its proportions in mind.

By designing the room layout and furniture placement, you can achieve ergonomics in your bedroom.

Ergonomic Elements In Bedroom Design

Your bedroom is your safe space; it is your sanctuary. It should ideally be the most comfortable room in the house. The room where you enter at the end of the day to forget about all your stresses and worries from the day. To a bed where you hope to melt all your aches and pains away as you sleep through the night. It is important to make sure that this room Is designed perfectly, keeping all ergonomic elements in mind. Here are the ergonomic elements that you can make sure to incorporate into your bedroom space:

The Position Of Your Bed Matters Greatly

Do you live alone or share your bedroom with a partner? Depending on that, you must choose the size of your bed carefully. You must utilize the room's space as best as possible. If you are living alone, selecting a queen-sized bed is a better idea to maximize space in the room. How you position the bed is important too. You must ideally select the longest wall in the room and place your bed against the wall. This is to allow for plenty of room to walk around in the room once the bed is placed, as it takes up a lot of room. It is also important to consider the bed height with the mattress placed. You don't want a bed that is too high that injures your back upon getting in and out of bed. The average height of the bed measured from the top should be between 16 and 25 inches, depending on your own height.

When choosing where to place your bed, try not to position it just under a window, as that can lead to drafts, noise, and cool breezes. It is also not a good idea to place the bed to close doors and cupboards as that can give a crowded appearance to the room and limit accessibility.

Furniture Size Should Be Kept Into Consideration

When buying furniture, it is a good idea to measure your room and the space designated for the bed and other pieces of furniture that you intend to keep in the room. Make sure to get furniture according to the correct proportions of the room to avoid it looking too bulky and covering the entire room. When getting bedside tables, be sure to get the same height of tables as the top of your mattress for ease of access.

There Must Be Adequate Space To Walk Around

Since the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room and takes up most of the space in the room, it should be carefully positioned to allow adequate space in the room to walk around. There should be at least 30% clearance in the room after the bed is placed to allow for space to walk around while also being close to everything else around the room. Sometimes rooms are oddly shaped and may not have the same dimensions all around. In this case, it is a good tip to remember to keep at least 30 inches of walking space all around the bed wherever you decide to place it. This way, there is enough room to walk around the bed, and it doesn’t appear too crowded,

Position Of The TV

While the bedroom should ideally not consist of a television and it should be reserved for the living room space, some people like to get cozy in their beds and watch their favorite movies and tv shows. When placing a tv in the bedroom, it must be remembered that it should be placed in a position where it is at the best angle for viewing. It is usually placed on the wall right in front of the bed. It is best to place the tv mounted on the wall as it saves the most amount of space. The height of the tv should be at eye level to maintain the best posture while viewing it, to minimize strain on the head and neck. The tv should also be at least 30-34 inches above the ground when viewing from the bed.

How To Maximize Storage Space

Stash under the bed and hide

Add floating shelves

Add a trunk at the foot of the bed

Ergonomic And Comfortable Mattress

The most important part of sleep is the mattress. Without a comfortable and ergonomic mattress, achieving a good night of sleep would be impossible. A mattress must have the following features for it to be comfortable,

It Should Not Be Too Soft

A mattress that is too soft might look luxurious and comfortable, but often these mattresses can cause the natural curve of the spine to become over-curved. This can cause additional problems, such as back pain and joint pain.

It Should Not Be Too Firm

A mattress that is too firm prevents your body and spine from contouring naturally in its shape, causing pressure points and pain. It is best to get a mattress that is not too soft or not too firm.

It Should Be Of Breathable Fabric

The mattress's fabric should be breathable and allow air to circulate within it so that it doesn,t get too hot while the user sleeps on it. It should be cool and comfortable to prevent the user from sweating while they are asleep, as this can interfere with the quality of sleep

Its Should Be The Right Size

The mattress should not be too small and have enough space to change sides and extend the arms and legs during sleep. A mattress that is too small can become crowded and can cause the feet to hang off the edge of the bed, becoming uncomfortable and difficult to sleep in.

The MLILY Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The MLILY Gel memory foam mattress is available on Flexispot to order and is a fantastic mattress with the ideal features that make it an ergonomic and highly comfortable mattress. The mattress has a memory foam feature that allows your body to contour onto it perfectly and retain its shape. It also has a layer of cooling gel that prevents the accumulation of bad odor and keeps the mattress cool and fresh. The mattress is made with durable material that lasts a long time and is perfectly soft and comfortable.

Importance Of Sleep

A good night of sleep must not be underestimated, as it has many benefits. There are many advantages and benefits to a good night of sleep that must not be ignored. You would be surprised how significant a role sleep plays in our overall health and wellness. Here are all the reasons why sleep is so important for our bodies:

Improves Bodily Functions

While we sleep and our muscles rest, our brain focuses on other essential functions of the body, such as the wear and tear of cells, respiratory function, digestion, hormone function, and temperature regulation. All of these processes are extremely vital for the optimum functioning of the human body.

Improves Concentration And Focus

A good night's sleep ensures that the human brain is well-rested and has the capacity for improved focus and concentration when performing everyday activities. A tired mind will be unable to perform and focus and will be sleepy during work. Improved concentration and focus prepare the body mentally to perform routine tasks efficiently and effectively.

It Boosts Mood And Social Relations

A well-slept mind and body are content and happy. A happy person can maintain good social interactions with those around them and is less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

It Improves Productivity

The healthier and happier people feel, the better they will perform in the workplace. They can improve their quality of work. A more alert and present mind can make better decisions at work, affecting their workplace performance. Lack of sleep can affect the quality of work and cause the person to make poor decisions.

It Boosts Immunity

Sleep boosts the immune system in the human body and helps fight disease and infection. A person with less sleep is more likely to fall sick faster and have a reduced immune system. Therefore it is important to prioritize sleep and take action when you have insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

The Final Word

Good quality sleep is essential for a good quality of life. Therefore, anyone struggling with sleep problems must address them as soon as possible as it can cause a lot of hindrance in everyday life. It is important to pay attention to ergonomics in the bedroom as they play an important role in the quality of sleep and the peace in your bedroom. This article discusses how you can achieve good ergonomics in the bedroom.