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Ergonomic Mats And Their Uses

06 March 2023

Does your job require you to stand for long periods of the day? Do you often get distracted from work due to aches and pains from standing for an extended period? Many professionals such as academic professors or teachers, chefs who work in the kitchen all day long, and surgeons who spend many hours standing and operating on sick patients often have to stand for prolonged periods.

What Happens If You Stand For Too Long?

Many health risks and symptoms are seen in people who stand for extended periods. They are also seen in people who walk or run for a long period as well. The following jobs require people to stand for long periods, putting them at risk of suffering from unpleasant side effects. Jobs such as:


Working in an assembly line

Laboratory technicians


Security staff

Catering staff

The immediate effects of standing for too long or standing suddenly from a resting lying down position is the pooling of blood in the leg veins resulting in decreased venous return and decreased cardiac output, which in turn decreases blood pressure or, in other words, blood and oxygen to the brain causing resulting in a temporary feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness. Here are some of the health risks that can be seen in people who stand for too long and how their symptoms can be improved.

Health Risks Associated With Standing For Too Long

Muscular Fatigue

Muscles in the lower back, ankles, feet, and legs tend to swell up and become painful if stressed for too long, resulting in exhaustion and fatigue. According to studies, muscles become fatigued and painful for 30 minutes after the body has been in a standing position for more than 5 hours.


Sometimes exhaustion from standing for too long can result in slouching. Slouching is a non-neutral position of the spine that should not be assumed. Posture is extremely important for good health and should not be ignored. Posture refers to the body's position at rest or moving, such as lying down, sitting, standing, walking, or bending. Our spine is naturally curved in an S shape, and it is extremely important to maintain the curve of the spine to prevent postural and other health problems from occurring. We must always be aware of our posture and try to correct and maintain it. The correct standing posture is:

Stand with both feet planted flat on the ground

Both feet should be shoulder-width apart

Legs should be straight, and knees must not be bent

Stand tall and straight with your head held in a neutral position looking forward

Your shoulders must be relaxed and not hunched or rolled backward

Your arms should hang loosely by your sides

Your back must be straight and not hunched or bent

If you remain aware of your posture and try to maintain it correctly, then it is unlikely that you will suffer from slouching or related postural problems.

Compression Of Joints

Standing for too long can cause pressure and stress on the joints in the hips, knees, ankles, and feet, causing the cushioning between the joints to wear away. This can cause pain in the joints caused by friction and is an irreversible condition. Those who are suffering from early symptoms of joint pain must not ignore this condition and seek help immediately.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are veins that have become larger in size and slightly changed in shape to become twisted. This occurs as a result of the constant pooling of blood. All veins have valves in them that assist the movement of blood along them. Due to gravity, blood pooling occurs in the legs causing the valves to work harder to push the blood up to the heart. Under normal conditions, veins take help from the movement of muscles to push blood along them as the muscles contract. Varicose veins are most commonly caused in people who spend a long time standing and in aged patients.

Cardiovascular Disorders

People who spend long hours standing every day suffer from cardiovascular problems due to the pooling of blood and an alteration in the distribution of blood. It can also increase the risk of atherosclerosis in men, increasing the risk of ischemic heart disease. This serious and life-threatening condition must not be ignored or taken lightly. If you suspect that you or someone you know are showing signs of heart disease, you must immediately seek help.

What Are Antifatigue Mats?

Antifatigue mats are ergonomically designed for people who have to work for long hours in a standing position. They are designed to promote blood flow, improve circulation, and reduce pressure on the knees, ankles, and feet. They reduce muscle fatigue, joint compression, inflammation, pain, and swelling symptoms.

Uses Of An Antifatigue Mat

The following professionals can use antifatigue mats:

Office Workers

Office workers who sit behind desks for more than 8 hours every day have been advised to invest in standing desks to break the monotony of sitting all day long. An adjustable sit-stand desk allows the user to stand and work for some hours in the office to reduce discomfort, pain, and risk of injuries from sitting on the seat all day long. Taking frequent standing breaks is very important as it helps in the following ways:

Reduces stiffness in the muscles

Improves circulation

Improves digestion

Enhances productivity

Reduces anxiety and depression from burnout

Allows you to stretch your muscles

Prevents misalignment of the spine

An anti-fatigue mat can easily be placed just beneath the work desk for easy access for those who sit and work all day long. They can then adjust their workstation by elevating it and standing and working for a few minutes. Flexispot has fantastic options for standing convertible desks as well as anti-fatigue mats. Whether you have a home office or would like to improve the quality of your work life in the office, invest in these products to experience an instant change.

Chefs And Home Cooks

People who like to cook or have to spend long hours in the kitchen end up standing for prolonged periods. This can take a toll on their back, shoulders, spine, and ankles. Most kitchen floors are marbled or tiled and are generally hard floors. An anti fatigue mat perfectly adds to the kitchen to reduce fatigue and stress from standing for prolonged hours.

A kitchen is a place where there can be frequent spills of liquid on the floors. This can result in unpleasant accidents and risks of injury, which can very easily be avoided with the addition of an antifatigue mat. Antifatigue mats have a unique anti-slip feature and can therefore prevent the user from spilling in case of a liquid spill on the floor.

Antifatigue mats are also insulated and cushioned and can keep you warm in the winter months while you are cooking in the kitchen to prevent you from catching a cold from the freezing floor.

Types Of Ergonomic Mats

Flexispot has a fantastic range of ergonomic mats that you can invest in depending on the nature of your work and how long you have to stand for. They can easily be placed under your workstation, and you can continue with your work.

The Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

This is used under the standing desk and is also suitable in the kitchen. Since there is a high risk of slipping due to spillages on the kitchen floor, people who spend long hours cooking and those who are older should invest in anti-slip mats for the kitchen. Flexispot has fantastic anti-slip mats that can be used

The DM1 Anti-Fatigue Mat

This is great for dynamic movements and allows plenty of space to keep moving your feet throughout the day. Whether you work with shoes on or in your socks, the antifatigue mat stimulates a continuous foot massage while you work. This encourages blood circulation, massages your pressure points, and helps you feel mentally relaxed.

The Final Word

Fortunately, there is positive awareness, and work ergonomics has started trending in the workplace. More offices are incorporating ergonomic equipment for the comfort of their employees to enhance productivity in the workplace and their company's image. Flexispot has great ergonomic equipment options that can be bought and incorporated into the workplace. They make fantastic gift options for friends and family who spend long hours at work. Once you start using ergonomic mats, you will experience the difference it makes and will not want to return them.