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Does Every Home and Office Worker Need Anti-Fatigue Mats?

27 October 2022

Ever since the corporate world has come to understand the importance of active sitting while working, the number of height-adjustable standing desks in offices has also tripled.

That's some good news but it seems that only a handful of folks know that you need to pair the motorized standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat. And some are left wondering if they should subscribe to this latest wave.

Yes, you should. First off, you don't feel worn out because you've been working all day, it's probably because you were not changing your standing positions as you should. But with an anti-fatigue mat, there'll be active micro-mobility within your calves and feet.

So why not invest in an anti-fatigue mat today? And if you're getting more curious, read further as we simplify the rudiments of anti-fatigue mats, why you need them, and how they work. Happy reading!

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

As the name hints, an anti-fatigue mat is specially built to minimize fatigue on your legs and entire body. So if you know that your line of work demands standing for long hours on a hard surface, this is for you.

While working on the spot for roughly 8 to 9 hours, you're exposing yourself to the risks of muscle soreness and as time progresses, the pain might become unbearable.

But with an anti-fatigue mat, all you'll experience is absolute comfort and a soothing feeling. There are even some mats built with a gel foam core so that it'll give you the correct amount of cushioning.

You can also find mats drawn from vinyl, wood, and rubber. But the unifying factor among them all is that you'll enjoy an exceptional and pain-free work experience. And when you work without experiencing pain or fatigue, improved health and increased productivity are also guaranteed!

You can also use an anti-fatigue mat to ward off accidents and watch over your work environment.

What Makes these Mats a Must-have for Workers?

What Makes these Mats a Must-have for Workers?

Do you know that while standing, you're using 20% more energy than your colleague who works on a seat? And if you could remain on that spot for 80 to 90 minutes, you'll start feeling pain and stiffness in your lower limbs.

Hence, your only way out of this discomfort is when you fly on the wings of an anti-fatigue mat. It'll ensure that you're observing the correct posture and blood flow is running optimally. Anti-fatigue mats are also designed to reduce the duration of static standing.

Other parts of your body that can be affected by the failure to use an anti-fatigue mat include your shoulders, neck, and back. Now, let's explore the major advantages.

Increase in Productivity

What distinguishes healthy employees from others is their advanced level of productivity. And that shows how intentional they're with their office accessories. Little wonder they have a lesser risk of developing heart disease, pregnancy problems, joint pain, and varicose veins

Using an anti-fatigue mat also ensures that your muscles are not contracted and this gives room for easy flow of your body. In no time, you'll be able to give your work full focus and passion. In other words, it's a win-win situation for you and your employer. There'll be significant growth recorded on the part of the company and your employee efficiency is expanded.

Minimizing Workers' Compensation Costs

As an employee for a business outfit, you have lesser costs to worry about as long as you're using an anti-fatigue mat. Apart from improving your muscle pump - your bloodstream gets better circulation -, it'll also minimize the accumulation of stress on your spine by 50%.

Reduces Accidents

Anti-fatigue mats have a textured surface, so this makes them more stable under your feet. In other words, there's no need of harboring fear about the mat tripping or slipping while working on it.

Downsides of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Foam Matting can Easily Contract

There are some inferior anti-fatigue mats made of foam material. Such mats are not always durable since the material can get out of shape anytime. However, you should note that this often occurs when you place a heavy load on the mat. For instance, putting heavy machinery on it will lead to wear and tear.

How do Anti-fatigue Mats Work?

How do Anti-fatigue Mats Work?

These mats are built with a cushy and soft surface that somehow cools and supports your feet while standing on them. This soft surface also helps to trigger micro-movements within the muscles around your calves and feet. In other words, although it looks like you're not moving, there are some movements going on.

Furthermore, the anti-fatigue mat is designed to give a mildly uncomfortable feeling to keep you off-balance a bit. The idea here is to ensure that you're not too comfortable in a spot - you'll be forced to adjust your feet at intervals. This method will enhance your body's blood circulation, prevent blood clotting, and give you lesser pressure on the two legs.

You'll also feel lesser constraint and tension in your neck, knees, and shoulders. All these perks bring you closer to a happy and healthy work experience.

Best 2 Anti-fatigue Mats You Should Invest in

By now, you should rest assured that an anti-fatigue mat is one of the essential office accessories you shouldn't work without. Hence, are you ready to get one for yourself? We're glad to bring you the top 2 anti-fatigue mats in the ergonomic space. Let's hit the road!

Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mat DM1

Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mat DM1

The Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mat DM1 is built to give you the best micro-movement with dimensions of 32.3" by 20.5" It has a spacious surface, so you can comfortably stand and adjust your position on it throughout the day. And depending on your choice, you work on it with your shoes or socks on.

Anti-fatigue Mat DM1 has various massage points for your premium comfort. It'll ensure that your body receives natural movements which can be used to trigger a continuous foot massage. Other benefits associated with using the massage mat are active blood circulation, stronger feet, and better physical and mental health.

The DM1 anti-fatigue mat has a thickness of 0.98 inches and this makes the force of gravity evenly distributed to your feet muscles and boosts your comfort. Interestingly, you can also have a sufficient taste of the two worlds. What do we mean? The DM1 anti-fatigue mat is designed to be very easy to move.

And it's amazing that you can move it with a push or swipe of your foot but it can't skid or slip while working on it. Lastly, it has a no-skid design alongside a seasoned skid-proof bottom that moves comfortably from standing to sitting while preventing accidents.

Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat MT1

Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat MT1

The standing desk anti-fatigue mat MT1 is an ergonomic solution designed to save you from achy and sore feet often common among folks working in completely sedentary workplaces. It doesn't matter where or how long you work, you'll always feel productive and cool. That's the handiwork of anti-fatigue mat MT1 by Flexispot!

You can also use this masterpiece in your kitchen or bedroom as you run all your house chores. During this crucial moment, the cushy surface will lift your body weight to minimize fatigue stress. At Flexispot, we deal with nothing but high-quality and this explains why our standing desk anti-fatigue mat MT1 outsmarts other mats in the market. How's that?

This mat had a no-skid design that automatically suppresses itself to a minimum irrespective of the surface you're standing on. Also, there are beveled edges that straighten the mat. And once it's not curled up, it'll be easier to clean the smooth and sleeky surface.

It's time to get yours today!

Wrapping It Up!

As we draw the curtain on this episodee today, we hope that we have done justice to all the questions that might be lurking around your mind. We also hope that you understand why we say anti-fatigue mat is necessary for all forms of workers.

So if you're ready to shop for your anti-fatigue mat, Flexispot online store is the best in the ergonomic world. Hop onto our site and see the incredible anti-fatigue mats we have in stock for you.