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Creativity with No Restraint: Studio Standing Desk ESD101

16 March 2022

Standing desks' goodness and health benefits are not reserved for office workers alone. Every professional that works on a desk stands to benefit from a standing desk. Standing desks have been proven to improve productivity and enhance workplace wellness. It eliminates prolonged sitting and encourages an active work life.

As a music producer, you must often sit for long hours to produce those great beats that keep the dance floor active. And those long hours of sitting aren't very healthy for you. Standing desks will be a great addition to your workstation. It gives you more flexibility and active work life, which will, in turn, boost your creativity and productivity.

Finding a standing desk that's fit for a studio can be challenging. That's because a studio desk often carries lots of equipment than the regular desk, which means it needs to have more space. With this in mind, FlexiSpot produced the Studio standing desk ESD101- the perfect desk for studio work.

Studio standing desk ESD101


The Studio standing desk ESD101 is one of the latest additions to FlexiSpot's collection of ergonomic office desks. It is specifically designed with unique features to suit the needs of a music producer/composer.

The desk is sturdy and stable. It is built with an industry-grade steel frame and a very spacious two-tier desktop to give you enough space to hold all of your studio equipment. This desk gives you the option of producing music either sitting or standing. You can even dance to the tunes you're producing while you work. Below is a detailed description of the features and benefits of this desk.

What I Like

I like a lot about FlexiSpot's Studio standing Desk, but what I like most is that this studio desk is an all-in-one desk. The design of the desk is both functional and sustainable. I do not need to purchase an additional desk to hold my equipment. It comfortably holds all my equipment from a monitor to keyboard, microphone, mixers, and even speakers. It makes music production easier and more seamless.

I like another feature of this desk is the easy sit/stand transition. I like the fact that I can produce music standing. I noticed that standing gets me to respond to beats faster, which helps me simulate how the music would impact listeners on the dance floor. It enables me to test the flow of my sounds easily and make adjustments on the go.

What I Don’t Like

Studio standing desk ESD101 is a very functional and practical desk, and it was hard to find something I did not like about it. I observed, however, that this desk has a maximum loading capacity of 110bs, which is rather small compared to that of most standing desks.

While the desk would hold your monitor, keyboard, mouse, monitor speakers, and other lightweight equipment, it is not advisable to load heavier equipment on the desk. Nonetheless, the desk transitions smoothly and does not wobble even at the highest adjustable height. And it has served me excellently so far.

Design and Layout

Design and Layout

FlexiSpot’s studio standing desk has a functional design that includes a two-tier desktop, a large sliding keyboard tray, and a durable steel frame. The top shelf can hold up two display monitors and display monitors. Directly underneath the top shelf are three compartments attached to the lower shelf for holding mixers, amplifiers, equalizers, or any other equipment of your choice.

The lower shelf still has enough desktop space to hold your monitor keyboard, mouse, desktop microphone, and any other equipment you might need. Beneath the second layer is the sliding keyboard tray. The keyboard tray spans the entire length of the desk. It is very sturdy and can support an 88 keyboard and up to 70 pounds.

All of these components are firmly held up by a sturdy steel frame. The frames are scratch and stain-resistant and very balanced. It also provides enough under desk space to keep your legs comfortable while sitting.

Desk Specs and Features

This studio desk features a very spacious work surface that can comfortably hold all your studio equipment and still leave you enough room to move your hands around while you work.

It has an advanced keyboard that enables the transition between sitting and standing at the touch of a button. But that's not all; you can save friendly sit/stand reminders using this keyboard. It also allows for three programmable height presets that enable you to save your favorite standing desk height.

This studio desk also features advanced anti-collision technology that ensures the safety of your equipment under the desk. The anti-collision feature will detect any object in the way of the desk during the transition and prevent the desk from colliding with it. So you do not have to worry when you're using an under-desk speaker.

Studio standing desk Esd101

Who Is It For?

This studio standing desk is specially designed for music and podcast production creatives. However, it is a multifunctional desk and can be used as a regular workstation if you're combining regular work with music production and do not have space for multiple desks.

The two-tier design of the desk also makes it suitable for use as a gaming desk. You can pair it with an under desk bike or the Sit2Go fitness chair to keep you active and healthy during long hours of composition.

How Much Does It Cost?

Studio standing desk ESD101 is sold at $999.99 on FlexiSpot’s online store. You can get a $100 discount when you purchase using FlexiSpot's special coupon code STUDIOS. Put in the code STUDIOS when checking out your order.

If you're running a tight budget and can't afford a one-off payment, you can opt for any of FlexiSpot's monthly payment plans. That way, you can conveniently spread your payment for 3 to 12 months.


With the many features of this studio standing desk, it’s difficult not to want one. But if you can't afford the desk at present, FlexiSpot has several unique standing desks you can choose from as an alternative.

These desks are sturdy, durable, and offer a spacious work surface for your studio equipment. They include:

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Made from naturally sourced bamboo in a sustainable production process, the Kana bamboo standing desk is a good studio standing desk. Bamboo is known to be strong and durable. The durability of this desktop, combined with its 220lbs maximum load capacity, makes it ideal for holding your studio equipment.

The standing desk is powered by a dual-motor that allows a fast, whisper-quiet lifting speed of 1.4"/seven at maximum loading capacity. It also features an advanced keyboard that allows save up to three height memories and sit/stand reminders.

It features two enhanced safety technologies: an anti-collision and a child lock feature. The child lock enables you to lock the height position until you disable it. The anti-collision feature prevents the desk from crashing into and destroying objects during a sit/stand transition.

Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

Standing desk E7 is another great alternative to the studio desk. It offers a wide height adjustable range, sturdy desk frames, and a smooth & noiseless sit/stand transition.

It also has an advanced keyboard for setting sit/stand reminders and saving your favorite height settings. The dual-motor desk has a 275lbs maximum weight capacity and a very sturdy frame. It comes with an embedded cable management tray that helps keep your under desk free from messy wires.

L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L

L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L

If you’re looking for a desk with a very spacious work surface, then you should consider an L-shaped standing desk. Standing desk E1L offers you a spacious work surface that can comfortably house your basic studio equipment and still leave you enough workspace. The panels are reversible, making the desk suitable for both a lefthander and a right-hander.

Its industrial-grade steel frames combine with a sturdy desktop to give you a strong and stable standing desk with a maximum load capacity of 177lbs. It also features an advanced keyboard, a dual-motor lifting system, and an anti-collision function.

Final Words

You're more likely to produce better quality content when your workstation is comfortable, inspiring, and flexible. That's why your choice of a studio desk is very important. The right desk will create a comfortable and functional work environment that wonders for your creativity and productivity. Not only will work become more fun, but you will also produce better content.

FlexiSpot’s studio standing desk is specially designed for your studio needs. It is the ideal desk for creating an inspiring and user-friendly studio environment.