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Creating An Ergonomic Workspace With A Standing Desk Converter: (2022) Flexispot Office Furniture Guide

28 April 2022

Why You Need A Standing Desk Converter

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, working for long hours will remain the status quo. The location may change, and the hours might be more flexible. However, the need to sit at a desk for four to eight hours at a stretch will remain. It's one of the downsides to earning a living.

While most take pride in "working their fingers to the bone," sitting for long hours can have a damaging effect on the body and the mind.

To start with, experts discourage sitting at workstations for long periods. It is said that it could impede proper circulation and lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Long stretches of sitting are also a major reason why 9-5'ers suffer back pain and spine-related aches. This is especially the case when such a person lacks ergonomic furniture.

Physical detriments aside, sitting for long hours also has a way of affecting your mood. You lose the required energy, and you become less productive. Experts advise that one alternates his position while working for long hours. And it can only be possible when you have office furniture that allows for easy transitioning.

So many ergonomic pieces of furniture on the Flexispot market encourage these sit-stand transitions. A standing desk is a good example. Most people, however, tend to shy away from the idea of a standing desk because they're not ready to let go of their old desks. And trust us when we say that it's not entirely a bad thing.

If you belong to this category of people, we have good news. Standing Desk Converters allow for easy transitions without getting rid of your beloved desks. You can sit, stand and even lie down while working with a standing desk converter.

This piece will guide you in finding the most suitable desk converters. As a plus, it suggests the best standing desk converters you can find anywhere in 2022.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Desk Converter

Factors To Consider When Buying A Desk Converter

Buying a desk converter is easy. You'd get tons of desk converter options if you were to walk into any furniture store now. The problem then becomes finding the most suitable product. And that's where this guide steps in.

At Flexispot, we pride ourselves on having the most discerning of customers. We don't just point you in the direction of our furniture; we also teach you how to find the most suitable ones.

Here are a few tips on how to find the most appropriate desk converter:

Height Range

When buying a desk converter, the main factor to consider is the height range. Remember that you're only buying the converter to make working from sit-stand positions easier. The product you're getting must be commensurate with your height. In other words, when standing, you should not be taller than the converter.

When you're taller than the converter's highest standing position, you have to bend to its height. And staying in such a position can have adverse effects on your spine. The same goes for the keyboard tray. It should be low enough when sitting and high enough when standing.

If the desk converter has a built-in monitor arm, you must make certain that the monitor arm is flexible. It should be flexible enough to hold the monitor at a convenient angle. The monitor arm must hold your monitor(s) with its top a little below eye level when standing or sitting.

Task Space

Nobody loves working in a cramped space. We're sure you don't too. Thus, you must ensure that you get a desk converter with a spacious work area.

A spacious area means that you can fit your office gadgets on the surface with enough room to move your hand from keyboard to mouse. If the surface is thin and it impedes the movement of your hands, it could affect your wrist over time.

Luckily, Flexispot has many desk converters with spacious surfaces. You can find them on the Flexispot online store.

Keyboard Tray

Desk Converters with keyboard trays are more ergonomic than the ones without them. Ideally, your keyboard shouldn't be on the same level as your desktop. It puts a greater strain on your spine.

As such, you should get a converter that has a keyboard tray. Note that the tray has to meet the specifics of your keyboard. That a desk converter is spacious does not translate to a spacious keyboard tray. So be sure to check the specifics.

Weight Capacity & Stability

There's no better converter than a heavy-duty standing desk converter. That is a converter that can shoulder the weight of your daily work needs without strain.

Please do not confuse a heavy desk converter with a heavy-duty standing desk converter. That a converter is heavy does not necessarily equal carrying strength. And where it does, there's no guarantee that it'll be stable. You should find a product that combines quality, weight carrying capacity, and stability.

Most stand-up desk converters have a carrying capacity of 29lbs - 35lbs. To know the most suitable weight, you can put your daily work needs together and weigh them. That way, you can make a more appropriate standing desk choice.

Best Flexispot Standing Desk Converters To Buy In 2022

Now that you know how to find a suitable standing desk converter, you can proceed to pick the best of the best at Flexispot. These standing desk converters are the best you'll find anywhere this year. Check them out.

Compact Riser Standing Desk Converters M5

Compact Riser Standing Desk Converters M5

The Compact M5 Standing Desk Converter is a sturdy desktop riser. It has a compact structure suitable for corner cubicles or workstations with limited space. You can get this converter in the standard desk shape or an L-shaped variant.

The converter is suitable for tall people. Note, though, that the final height of the converter is influenced by the desk on which it's placed. When placed on a 28" high desk, it is suitable for persons that are 5'9". The desk sits on a 31" high desk; it accommodates all user heights of 6'1" tall.

One amazing feature of this desk is that its compact structure does not affect the task area. The task area is deep and spacious enough to allow for comfort.

If you're looking for a desk with a monitor arm, this Flexispot product might not be the most suitable. Except, of course, if you don't mind getting a monitor arm yourself.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7

Now, this is some table riser.

The Flexispot AlcoveRiser M7 converter is U-shaped with an 18.5" wide table surface area, which is undoubtedly a very spacious task area. One can easily place a 17" desktop, laptop, or monitor on the surface and still have enough room to hold personal items.

The product is designed with a detachable tray. The tray is also wide, and it can easily be detachable at the flick of levers placed on both sides of the converter. Both the tray and the base frame are rubber-padded. These rubber pads keep the table riser stable and prevent a crash.

If you love X-lift converter designs, you shouldn't hesitate to buy this desk. Unlike other brands, Flexispot desks have a unique lift. All the converter parts have uniform height adjustment, which causes the desk to lift vertically without crashing under full load.

The carrying capacity of this desk is set at 33lbs, and it has a wider height range. The desk riser can conveniently suit 6'1" tall people when placed on a 28" desk. And on a 31" desk, it's a great fit for 6'5" tall persons.

Standing Desk Converters M-18M - 31"

Standing Desk Converters M-18M - 31"

This Flexispot standing desk converter is best for people working from home. It's lightweight and portable. Thus making it easy for you to carry this sit-stand transport anywhere you go.

Don't let its portable nature fool you; the Standing Desk Converter M-18M can hold a reasonable number of office needs. The task surface has a weight capacity of 22lbs, while the keyboard tray has a 4lbs weight capacity. You can conveniently place a 22" monitor and the 13-inch laptop on the surface of the converter.

The no-base free-frame design is also pretty clever. The base has an X-lift mechanism that adjusts the table vertically at the touch of a lever. During this adjustment, the non-slip rubber feet hold the desk firmly to the surface on which it has been placed.

EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converter M8MB- 35"

EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converter M8MB- 35"

Here's another heavy-duty Flexispot Standing Desk, as this desk has a weight capacity of 33lbs. It can conveniently hold two monitors with a little space left for other items.

The U-shaped Edgeriser Standing Desk Converter M8MB has a unique pneumatic lift. The table riser lifts straight up or down at the squeeze of a handle, taking you from it to a sitting position. The dual X structure also allows for extra stability.

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - 36"/40"

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - 36"/40"

The Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 desktop shakes every other desktop converter out of the water with its features.

First off, this Flexispot table riser does not have a manual lift like others. It has a fully motorized lift mechanism that does the heavy lifting for you. You need to push either of the up or down buttons. Then you can stand back and watch this desk lift smoothly and quietly even when at 44lbs full weight capacity.

The table surface is also spacious. You can perfectly fit two 21.5" monitors on it with space left for personal items. Let's not forget the quick release table tray design with its 11lbs load capacity.

Final Words

Flexispot Desk Converters are a healthy combination of convenience, functionality, and ergonomic support. With these table risers, you no longer have to worry about the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle. You also do not need to dispose of that desk you hold dear to achieve a healthy working lifestyle.

You need to pick a desk converter and ensure you find its specifications suitable. Then you can proceed to find comfort and more productivity in the quality of your workspace.