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Co-Working: The Evolution of New Workstyles

16 May 2022

Coworking, as a concept, has existed for a very long time. Humans are social beings, so working together comes naturally because we inherently like gathering together with others. In a group, people tend to feel safe and thus, they feel more productive.

So, really, it’s very that coworking has been successful, and given that human behavior is unlike to change, it’ll probably remain just as successful in the future.

Coworking, as we know it now, is often attributed to Silicon Valley – developers and tech guys split the expenses of having a designated workspace where they could focus and became popular from 2005 onwards.

In the past, there were very few coworking spaces available in the world, but now every city has its own setup to cater to the people who live in it.

Coworking Spaces

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

So, why has coworking been the evolution of workstyles and future office setups? It has a number of major benefits to offer, which makes it so appealing.

Boost in Creativity

When working in the same space for hours on end, day after day, it is inevitable that you’ll tire yourself out – mentally and physically. Sometimes, even working in an office with people who are just like you, carrying out the same tasks, can get exhausting.

Coworking spaces help expose you to new individuals and thus, new perspectives with which you can view the world. Having that brand new insight on things can boost your creativity by helping you look at the same problems from a new lens. On top of that, the different environment can also help refresh your mind by snapping you out of the monotony and let you find new and better solutions to your business problems.

Opportunity for Collaboration and Networking

Opportunity for Collaboration and Networking

When working with others, you get to meet new people from different backgrounds. Each of these people will bring their own set of connections into the conversation with you. You never know what a simple chat at the coffee station could lead to!

Working together in close proximity with others can result in collaborative work and greater networking opportunities. Who knows, you might end up hiring someone in the future because of a casual conversation you had with someone over tea.

Coworking spaces also allow you to step out of your bubble and make better business. Not only does the boosted creativity help, but it also helps you understand how you can carry out your business operations better.


Renting out an office is costly, regardless of whether you’re renting out one room, or multiple, you’ll have to pay for the space itself, and then the utilities associated with it, like electricity, internet, etc. The cost goes up further when you account for the furniture and equipment needed to get work done.

Designated coworking spaces usually come equipped with all these things within the monthly rate you pay. Since you’re sharing the space with other people, you also have to pay much less for each of these than you would have otherwise, and thus save money in the long run.

For larger businesses, this may not be such a huge benefit – especially if there are a lot of employees who need adequate space. However, for small businesses, cost efficiency is a major plus point.



Most office buildings, when rented out for larger organizations, will have contracts. You rent the space out for a specific period of time, and thus pay accordingly. This means that once you sign the contract, you are pretty much bound by it, even if you realize that you don’t need that much space anymore.

With coworking spaces, you get better flexibility; you can rent out the space for a specific period of time, and whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore, you can also cancel your membership without having to pay any penalty.

This makes coworking spaces great for businesses to try out and see how they work. If they think they can’t manage their work within that space, they can easily cancel and find something else.

Setting Up A Coworking Space

Setting Up A Coworking Space

We recognize coworking as an evolution of the way we work, but how do you set up a coworking space appropriately?

Equipment & Furniture

The first step to setting up any workspace is to provide appropriate working conditions. This means that the workspace should have good equipment to allow workers to get their work done, and good furniture that keeps workplace ergonomics in mind and thus keeps workers safe.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Flexispot has always been dedicated to providing ergonomic solutions for the workplace. The Vici Duplex standing desk is one such option.

This desk has a unique, one or two-tier working space that you can shift around depending on how you choose to work. You can keep your computer screen on the second tier while working to meet your eye level and avoid straining your neck, or you can have two people working at the same desk at different tiers.

You can also set it at one tier only when working at your own. The dual-zone height adjustment allows for greater versatility and makes working easier for everyone.

In the single-tier mode, there is a greater workspace for tasks that require more space. This dual-zone adjustment option allows you to work at home with your kids, or to meet your own requirements in more varied ways.

The desk also comes with adjustable tubing that moves up and down, thus allowing for height adjustment. The tubing is made of powder-coated steel, and thus resists any scratches or stains. It also ensures stability at the highest settings and makes sure you can work peacefully without worrying about the weight on your tabletop, or unsteady desks.

There is also a control panel that allows you to save 4 height presets, so you don’t have to adjust the height to the right setting every time. It also makes the process of working while standing or sitting easier.

The desk also had adjustable feet, which helps in case the surface it is placed on is uneven. This could result in a slanted desktop, which can be uncomfortable to use. The leveling glides along the bottom can help fix the issue and stabilize your desk.

The desktop also has a pressure-sensitive height adjustment option. When you press down on the table, it senses the downward pressure and automatically retracts by an inch and a half. Then, the height locks. At any time, if you need to adjust the height of your desk, you can do so without using the control panel. This also makes it much easier for you to find the right setting in case you need smaller adjustments.

Flexispot’s products are designed with workplace comfort in mind. Head over to their website and find out more! A desk like this is an excellent option for any coworking space.

Community & Space

Community & Space

Another major aspect of setting up workspaces is that you need to set up the workspace to allow community work as much as possible. Remember: the biggest benefit of coworking spaces isn’t that you are able to share space, it’s that you can work in a community.

People won’t flock to your coworking space just because it’s a coworking space – you have to provide benefits to them that they wouldn’t get somewhere else. That means that you have to make sure the workspace is suitable for a community mindset.

All the major benefits of coworking include things like networking and sharing ideas, all of which are related to the social aspect of being in the same environment, rather than the utilitarian, sharing-space aspect.

Function & Business

Most coworking spaces you’d find around the world are known for their contemporary, stylish look to create an energetic and encouraging environment. This isn’t bad (on the contrary, it’s good!) but it comes at a cost! Such an aesthetic is expensive to build, so you’d have to charge more if you want to make up for the costs.

But high prices can drive potential workers away. The primary focus of your coworking space design should be functionality. As long as workers are able to get their tasks done comfortable and get some perks while they’re at it, they are likely to come for your coworking space.



You also want to make sure that the area you build your coworking space in is not too expensive, not too far away from civilization (nobody wants to get up for work before the sun rises because their work place is too far!) and safe to work in. Older, underutilized buildings work well for this. These are much cheaper, and you can save up on the rent costs.

Coworking is easily one of the trends to look out for in the future of workspaces. Going in with the right approach, you can make sure your coworking space is a success too.