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Christmas Blues when Anxiety Hits

20 December 2022

We all agree that Christmas is a season of pleasure and celebration. We can sense the spirit of the season all around us as we listen to Christmas carols playing everywhere, smell the. waft of turkey coming from the kitchen, and take a look at. Christmas decorations. However, this may also be a period of worry, despair, loneliness, or tension for many other people, which is frequently not mentioned in mainstream media. An entire family able to enjoy the holidays in style and together is the epitome of the ideal Christmas. But again, not everyone celebrates Christmas in this manner. It's time they get heard as well.

Even individuals who recently said a forever goodbye to a loved one could experience severe grief during this season. Others experience loneliness as a result of being apart from their families. Some others are having financial problems and couldn't afford the season's unavoidable expenses. Some people must confront their loved ones at the dinner table even though they are at odds with them.

People who experience these circumstances shouldn't be criticized because they produce significant tension and worry, which in other circumstances would already call for expert assistance.

Without a professional therapist or counselor immediately around, we are here to offer advice on what you can do to fight the blues or the silent demons in your head.

Managing Financial Issues

The holiday season may not be ready for your wallet. You could not have enough money to get through Christmas and all the other expenses since you lost your job or tried and failed to start a business. We recognize your sense of overwhelm, but urge you to take things slowly and address each of your financial problems one at a time.

Instead of making impulsive purchases and exceeding your credit limit, you might customize presents on your standing desk. If you can't go out to pricey restaurants for dinners with your pals, host your own BBQs or invite everyone over for a potluck at your house. Your participation in these reunions would be significant.

Increasing family harmony

Blood is said to be thicker than water, and in many circumstances, this saying is accurate. Family is always more important to you than friends and more so, than strangers. Problems, rifts, and fights, however, become much more severe than say if you were arm wrestling with a friend. Why? Because your family is with you most of the time, you grew up with them and they know every fiber of your body and soul.

Your Christmas anxiety is likely to increase if your parents are divorced and there is antagonism among you and your half siblings. Typically, issues in the household and in relationships will cause anxiety. This is the reason you need to practice having reasonable expectations. Set aside your adult arguments if you have children so they won't associate the season with lonesome days. The next step is to limit your drinking. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption because it can worsen your stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, avoid bringing up previous disputes with anyone in the family because doing so could just bring up a long history of fights that won't be helpful for anyone. It doesn't only take happiness away from the person being attacked but also from you and family who hate to see you fighting against each other.

Dealing with loneliness

You may feel alone because you are abroad and lack the funds to return home, or you may have recently lost a loved one. We understand. But no matter how lonely you are or you become, always remember to stay in touch with your friends and family. In the digital age, it doesn't matter if you are physically separated from one another as long as you have a trustworthy internet connection and some equipment.

To ensure that your equipment records your ideal angle, consider using a monitor mount, a portable laptop docking station, or a standing desk converter. Use a FlexiSpot ergonomic chair to reach maximum comfort if you plan to spend hours speaking with them on the phone on several days.

Volunteering is another technique to deal with loneliness. You consider your concerns less when you consider others. You pay it forward to a less-fortunate community and might even become more active by going to neighborhood gatherings. This holiday season, you could participate in carol-singing or attend neighborhood markets. Do small things that will make you smile on Christmas Day.

Make a holiday-themed breakfast, purchase a present for yourself, go to church, or take a stroll in the park. Allot bonding time with your pals who are also spending the holidays alone, away from their families.

Put your health first.

Making changes to behaviors that cause stress is one strategy to lessen anxiety. Ensure you are drinking plenty of water, obtaining the proper amount of sleep, eating wholesome foods, and exercising practically every day to help you deal during the season. Your mental concerns may be resolved when your physical body is healthy and well. Additionally, these hobbies are mindful and divert your focus from things that are making you sad or anxious.

Final Word

For some of us, the Holiday season may be too much. Because they are compelled to interact with others, it may be the worst season for some people. They might have gone through a difficult period at work this year and were unable to afford to buy presents for all of their loved ones and friends. After that, they go binge esting, listen to music, or read online. However, doing all of this in isolation often makes people feel even more depressed.

You can always manage anxiety with a mental shift, expert assistance, and support from those around you.

Everything else that is being said online is merely noise. Pay attention to what you say and what those in your close vicinity tell you. Never feel embarrassed to seek friends or other people for assistance. Relax and seek for assistance if necessary because you do the same thing for them when they encounter a difficulty.