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Choosing The Best Under Desk Treadmill And Is It Worth It?

22 March 2024

In an ever-increasing fast-paced world, people have increasingly busy schedules at work and other commitments, leaving them with very little time to take out for themselves. There has been a constant growing awareness to lead healthier lifestyles, including eating better and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

For most people with very busy work schedules, finding the time to get a gym membership and take out the time for a workout may be impossible. In the long term, lack of exercise can make you unfit, unhealthy, overweight, and discontent.

How Can To Get In Some Cardio In The Workplace?

Here are some great ways to incorporate workouts into your daily routine without leaving your office.

Under desk cardio machines are a great way to work out every day while continuing to keep working. it saves up time as you don't have to leave the office, and neither do you waste any extra time doing the workout. Both can be done simultaneously.

What Are Under Desk Treadmills?

These are standing desks with a treadmill attached to them. Without leaving the house, the user can continue working on the standing desk while walking at a comfortable pace on the treadmill underneath. It is a genius solution to get both things done simultaneously. A standing desk is an elevated desk that can raise your sitting workstation to a standing one. There has been a lot of research regarding sitting behind a desk all day long. It can be damaging to the head, shoulder, neck and back region due to improper posture in the same position for an extended period.

Standing desks can elevate your workstation to a comfortable standing height and allow the user to take a break from sitting and standing while working. Standing while working has the following positive effects:

Increases Blood Circulation

Prolonged sitting can cause muscle stiffening and the blood vessels to become squeezed. This restricts blood flow to certain parts of the body, causing muscle fatigue, stiffness, numbness and tingling. Standing increases blood circulation and provides the organs and muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

Improves Digestion

Sitting for long periods in an incorrect posture slows down digestion due to crowding together of the abdominal organs. This results in indigestion and acidity.

Burns More Calories

Studies show that walking on the treadmill helps to burn calories and lose weight. It is recommended to do a brisk walk for about one hour; you can burn up to 120 calories in a day. You can slowly increase this to up to 2 to 3 hours and burn more calories while you work on the keyboard, click with a mouse or take calls. It takes some time to get used to, but it is definitely worth trying out. Why not take a positive step toward a healthier and more active lifestyle?

Reduces Back Pain

Taking a break from prolonged sitting can help reduce backache and muscle stiffness. Sitting in the same position or an incorrect posture for an extended period can cause misalignment of the spine, muscular stiffness, and upper and lower back discomfort and pain. Getting up from your seat and doing light stretches every thirty minutes or taking a walk around the office space is recommended. A treadmill desk would be an excellent investment as you can continue to work while brisk walking on the treadmill. This helps to loosen up your muscles and gets your body moving rather than being in the same position all day long. It helps improve back pain and muscle stiffness as well.

Reduces Shoulder And Neck Stiffness

sitting for extended periods or sitting in an incorrect posture can cause muscle and neck stiffness due to hunched back, rolled shoulders and extended neck. This can cause sprains and be very uncomfortable. By walking on the treadmill, the user will assume a dynamic posture and break the monotony of the sitting posture. This helps to ease neck and shoulder stiffness and decreases the risk of neck and muscular spasms and pain.

Reduces Numbness And Tingling

Sitting for extended periods can cause disc bulging of the spine and spinal nerve compression. This can cause muscular pain, tingling and numbness in the extremities such as the arms and the legs. By standing up and walking, the body will have increased blood circulation and will break away from the static sitting posture. This will help reduce tingling and numbing sensation and decrease the risk of spinal nerve compression.

What Are Under Desk Bikes?

Under-desk bikes are similar to under-desk treadmills, except they have a bike attached to them. Pedaling is an excellent form of exercise and has many health benefits such as increasing your heart rate, burning calories, reducing blood sugar and improving circulation. It is fantastic for use in the

Which Machine Is Better To Use?

They are both equally great for getting in a cardio workout while working. While a bike requires you to sit and pedal, a treadmill requires the user to walk. It depends on the user's health status and their preference for what they would like to use.

At What Speed Should You Use An Under Desk Treadmill?

For beginners, it is best to start at a very slow speed when using a treadmill while working simultaneously as multitasking can be distracting and result in an injury. It is also recommended to begin using the handrails to ensure you have proper support. You can slowly increase the treadmill's speed and start brisk walking on the treadmill. You should maintain a comfortable speed and not increase it too fast. If you would like to go faster, take a break from your work and then increase the speed of your treadmill to minimize the risk of an injury.

Is It Worth Getting An Under Desk Treadmill?

If you have a busy work schedule and you spend the entire day at the office, without finding the time to join a gym or run in the morning, this option is great for you. Invest in a desk cardio machine such as an under-desk treadmill or an under-desk bike to get in a workout every day while in the workplace. There are many benefits to working out, especially while being in the workplace:

Reduces Health Complications

Prolonged sitting has many damaging effects on the back and spinal health and should not be ignored. If you have a desk job requiring you to sit for extended periods, do not wait for symptoms to appear. Act now and invest in an under-desk cardio machine to prevent physical health complications in the future.

Improves Mood and Focus

Exercise increases blood circulation, increases the heart rate, and triggers the brain to release adrenaline. This elicits a fight or flight response in the body, making it more alert and improving focus. It causes the release of cortisol, a 'happiness' hormone that helps improve the individual's mood and energy. Working all day can cause office goers to become 'burned-out' fatigued, and drowsy. Exercise can uplift their spirits and energy and help them produce better quality work, and improve the overall environment in the office.

Improves General Health

Getting in some cardio helps burn calories, lose weight, improve blood sugar levels, improve breathing and aid digestion. It is a positive activity for all individuals and is highly encouraged to be incorporated into everyone's daily routine.

Is It Safe To Use An Under Desk Cardio Machine?

Of course, the user should practice extra caution when multitasking, such as working while using the treadmill. Initially, it takes some practice and getting used to it, and it is advised to use handrails while walking. Always walk at a comfortable pace, especially in the beginning. If you intend to type while you walk, you should wait and become familiar with walking on the treadmill first with some light use of the keyboard. Do not rush into it, as this could increase the risk of injuries.

The Final Word

An under-desk cardio machine is a fantastic device to use in the workplace for those who are unable to make time for exercise. There are desk bikes and treadmills to choose between, and the user can decide which one they prefer more. Exercising every day has many health benefits,, and exercising during work has the added benefit of improving the overall health and well-being of the individual as well as boosting mood, enhancing work quality, and improving the overall environment in the workplace, making it more positive. FlexiSpot has some excellent options for desk bikes and under-desk treadmills that you can select from.