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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Reminds Us of How We Take Care of Our Breasts

11 October 2022

During National Nursing Month in August of last year, breastfeeding women were honored and encouraged for the sacrifices they make to provide their newborn with the greatest nutrition. Breastfeeding is difficult, especially if a workplace or other public setting does not provide abreastfeeding mother with the security and comfort to feed her milk-hungry child in front of onlookers.

In case you didn't know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs from October 1 to October 31. This time of the year, we get extra reminders of how we should take good care of our breasts. The numbers are alarming because one in eight US women may get invasive breast cancer over their lifetimes, as per

In the US, it still remains to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. This 2022, they estimated that there will be a total of 287, 860 cases of invasive breast cancer. Men are also not safe from the diseases as among these predicted cases, 2,710 are men. Good news is that the mortality rate has declined through the years but still, more women and men die ever year because we grow old every year that passes.

Read this. According to the National Breast Cancer Coalition, one woman dies every 13 minutes from breast cancer.

It is also a racial issue as more black women die from a breast cancer diagnosis. 41% of Black women with breast cancer die as compared to white women who were diagnosed with the disease.

The numbers also say that there are around 3.8 million individuals in the United States that have breast cancer history. Genetics is one said the cause of the common disease.

Older women may be more vulnerable to breast cancer but all women may acquire the disease. This just tells us that we should pay attention to our breasts and ensure that they are healthy.

So this month, we give you tips on how to avoid having breast cancer. We hope you take down notes and you do follow them because it is very important for your health.

Observe the proper diet.

Prevention is always better than cure. This list is for those women who don't want to deal with cancer when they grow old. It is obvious to assume that cancer cells won't be growing if you provide your body the correct nutrients. Consume fruits and vegetables and stay away from junk food. Additionally, studies have connected Vitamin D deficiency to a higher risk of breast cancer. There are foods that are high in the specific vitamin, in addition to getting a healthy dosage of vitamin D from the sun. Include salmon, egg yolks, cheese, and milk in your diet.

Make time to work out.

Exercise is typically the last thing a working woman thinks about, especially if she already has children under her care. Here's one to get you moving: being overweight is a major risk factor for most malignancies, including breast cancer. 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is sufficient, according to a study published in Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, to reduce the levels of biomarkers and other substances, such as the hormones estradiol, estrone, and insulin, which rise when a person may be a potential candidate for breast cancer.

Therefore, invest in a desk bike or an under-desk foldable treadmill to complete those 150 minutes each week while at work or doing home duties. You may check out this desk bike from FlexiSpot:

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Another great feature of this product is its adjustable desktop which you can move forward or backward, up and down—whatever configuration is comfortable to you.

You could also easily move it to another location in your home because of its four caster wheels. It also has an adjustable seat that could accommodate heights ranging from 5'1" to 6'2".

You may change the six (6) resistance levels according to what you want and need.

Limit your intake of alcohol and sugary drinks.

According to some reports, alcohol raises your body's estrogen levels. Health professionals do not advocate complete abstinence from alcohol because women should enjoy happy hour, but know that everything should be taken in moderation.

It's also ideal but best to keep an eye on your soda consumption. Drinking less than one can of soda each day, or 100 ml, may already increase the risk of breast cancer by 22%, according to research on sugary drinks or soda.

Give your boobs its much-needed support.

Wearing a bra that is your size will provide the right amount of support to stop your breasts from stretching downward. 80% of women wear a bra that is not the right size so every year, make it a point to check if your bra size is right with your current weight. Keep in mind that while engaging in vigorous exercise, your sports bra needs to be doing its function of supporting your chest. You also don't want to wear a sports bra that is not elastic anymore. Make sure to get rid of these and change them every six months.

Only breastfeed when you are able to do so.

Again, if you can, breastfeed your child. The health advantages of breastfeeding for your child are well-known and recognized. Not a lot of people know though that it's also beneficial for the health of your breasts. To encourage lactation, you might drain or stimulate your breasts. You could employ manual methods or an electric breast pump.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Let's all do these for cancer patients and make the world more cancer-free than it is now.