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Break Free from the Burnout with These Office Accessories

22 March 2024

Worker burnout is a common phenomenon for professionals around the world in various industries. It can significantly impact productivity, increase employee stress, and reduce work efficiency. Thus, it negatively affects both workers and their employers.

Well, an ergonomic setup with the use of accessories, such as a monitor arm, can help reduce the chances of burnout. What is a monitor arm used for? Well, it's used instead of a stand to hold the monitor in place, and it offers superior adjustability.

This article, therefore, highlights certain accessories and why they are useful. You can then consider investing in some to make your office setup more ergonomic and conducive to working productively.

What Is Ergonomics?

Before highlighting the accessories, it's necessary to explain what ergonomics is and why it is essential. Ergonomics is the practice of setting up your workspace in a way that maximizes efficiency. You can do this with standing or seated setups. The goal is to make your seating or standing position as comfortable as possible without making you feel too relaxed that it becomes hard to focus.

So, sitting upright, keeping the screens at the correct eye level, using back support, etc., are all essential to ergonomics. An ergonomic setup can greatly reduce the risk of discomfort or pains in your body, allowing you to stay more focused on your work during work hours.

As essential as furniture is to ergonomics, there are also acts that are essential to an ergonomic workplace. For example, taking necessary breaks, getting off your chair at least once an hour, and resting your eyes by looking at different distances for twenty seconds also help minimize the effect work has on your body. In turn, you will be less at risk of workplace burnout.

Office Accessories That Can Make a Significant Improvement on Workplace Ergonomics

Considering there are many factors that contribute to ergonomics, this article is focused only on accessories. Larger furniture, such as desks and chairs, is not discussed. With that said, take a look at these accessories and what they have to offer.

A Monitor Arm

As explained above, a monitor arm is a device used to hold a monitor at a certain position. Thus, it's used in place of a monitor stand.

Benefits of a Monitor Arm

One of the advantages of such an accessory, like the intelligent monitor arm from FlexiSpot, is that it offers a level of flexibility that you most likely will not find with a monitor stand. So, you have the option to adjust the tilt, height, distance from you, and its position toward the right or left.

This particular monitor arm can move in all three dimensions, i.e., up and down, left and right, and in and out. So, you can get the ideal position for your monitor regardless of where you're seated.

Another advantage a monitor arm offers is space-saving on your desk. This monitor arm, and most others, clamp onto the edge of your desk. Therefore, you can either keep a cleaner, less cluttered desk, or you can add other elements, such as a second monitor.

This monitor arm is designed for monitors that are between 17 inches and 30 inches in size. It also has a weight capacity of a maximum of 18.7 lbs. screens. So, you don't have to worry about compatibility. You can also rotate your screen with this monitor arm to landscape or portrait mode. This feature is especially for production work (such as graphic designing, video and image production, etc.) that requires two screens.

Using Monitor Arms as Docking Stations

Can I connect a monitor to a docking station? Yes, you can. In fact, this intelligent monitor arm includes a docking station within the base that clamps onto the desk. It includes 2 USB-A 3.0 ports, Type C ports, an HDMI port, and a VGA port. The VGA port is useful for old monitors that don't have HDMI outlets. Thus, you can use this docking station to connect a monitor with a VGA connection to a desktop computer that only accepts HDMI. So, the benefits of this device include great positionality and functionality.

Why a Monitor Arm Is Necessary

An ergonomic setup needs to have the right position for your screen. Thus, one aspect of the ideal position is that the top of the screen must be at your eye level. With this position, you won't need to bend your neck to look upward or downward. As a result, you will put minimal strain on your neck. In turn, you can reduce the risk of neck pain and back pain.

Another aspect of the ideal screen position is that it should be at arm's length from your eyes. A screen closer or farther away than that will strain your eyes. You could experience headaches or eye fatigue when your screen is not at an ideal distance away from you. A monitor arm can help eliminate both of these concerns about the screen's position.

Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

Many workplaces are also considering using standing desks as an alternative to seating arrangements. Of course, users can still switch between standing and sitting whenever they want with height-adjustable ergonomic desks. This way, they can stay focused on their work without tiring themselves out.

A product that helps reduces tiredness is using an anti-fatigue mat for standing desks. Using such a mat is an excellent way to reduce the chances of pain in your feet at the end of a long day at work. This product is almost one inch in thickness, giving your feet a soft platform to rest on. This mate also features multiple mounds and massage points, taking the comfort to another level.

In addition to comfort, these mounds and massage points can also wake tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation, and increase physical (and mental) relaxation whenever you move your feet. The design of the mat is created to provide exceptional comfort regardless of whether you're barefoot or wearing socks or shoes.

The anti-skid texture at the bottom of the mat also provides confidence whenever you stand, as you know that it won't move or slip when in use. It's designed to offer superior grip on various types of floors. It's also worth mentioning that you can also use this mat when you're seated. It offers great comfort even if you don't apply much force to it.

Why an Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks Is Necessary

The primary purpose of ergonomics is to reduce any risk of fatigue, pain, and injury to your body while working in front of a desk for several hours. Standing on hard ground can hurt your feet, which can make a standing desk unusable. So, this mat helps eliminate that problem.

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

A clamp-on adjustable keyboard tray is a separate piece that you can attach to your desk. You can use it on a standing desk or a regular one. The purpose of this tray is to provide you with additional space beyond your desk. This particular one has dimensions of 25"x 12". So, you can place your keyboard, mouse, and other essential accessories on it, greatly reducing clutter on your desk.

It also has metal clamps that attach securely to your keyboard. You won't have to worry about bringing it down when you rest your arms on it when typing. You can also slide it in and out of your desk (it goes under the desk) to save space whenever you need it. That said, it comes with non-slip materials that prevent the keyboard tray from moving in and out when you're using it.

Why an Adjustable Keyboard Tray Is Necessary

Your keyboard position is an integral part of an ergonomic setup. That is to say that your arms should be almost perpendicular to the floor, with your elbow at nearly 90 degrees. If your arms are facing upward, then you may put unnecessary strain on your wrists. You could also cause wrist problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you hurt your wrist, working at a desk and using a keyboard can be extremely painful or near impossible. Therefore, the correct position is integral to keeping your body running in the best condition and reducing the risk of burnout.

Thus, a keyboard tray like the one linked above is particularly useful when you have a desk that's too high for an ideal typing position. In addition to that, it allows you to move it in and out so that you don't have to extend your arms to reach your desk.

Last Few Words

In addition to answering the question, "what is a monitor arm used for?" this article has provided you with essential work accessories that can truly make a positive impact on your productivity at work. Simultaneously, they can significantly reduce the risk of burnout thanks to their well-thought-out designs.