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Best Sit-Stand, Tall, and Electric Standing Desks by Flexispot

03 January 2023

The contemporary office has undergone several changes when compared to its former state. And now that we have a taste of the two worlds, it's no gainsaying that the regular practice of working at a desk for long hours has different health challenges.

After all, all you're trying to do is scale through the day and execute all the tasks on your table and other deadlines. So why do you have to suffer all these health complications when you can easily switch to any of our sit-stand desks and adjustable stand desks?

Meanwhile, you can't have a full understanding of the difference that an ergonomic sit-stand desk can make in your daily schedules until you invest in the experience that comes with one.

Depending on your taste and preference, we also have L-shaped seat stand desks, tall desks, tall desks with drawers, small talk desks, monitor stand desks, and others. Meanwhile, they're all available at different heights.

Top Flexispot Electric Sit-stand Desks

To enjoy the exciting perks that the best sit-stand and adjustable stand desks offer, you need to note that it's worth the effort to invest in a Flexispot standing desk. And since they are designed to mix your daily activities with sitting and standing, you'll surely fall in love with them in no time.

These pieces of ergonomic furniture also have some high-tech and adjustable features that'll make your day more productive, fun-filled, and adventurous.

Keep going through this guide as you learn more about Flexispot standing desks.

Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 has been endorsed by BIFMA and this development raised its standards in terms of maximum stability and capacities.

Even when your properties are unequally distributed on the tabletop, there's no cause for fear because its stability and sturdiness are second-to-none. In other words, it cannot wobble or collapse even when you're executing different tasks at a time.

And when you raise the sit-stand desk to the highest level, that's when it becomes 100% stable and strong. You can also pair the desk with a keyboard tray as this function also offers you full control of your workstation.

The Pro Plus Standing Desk is a tall desk but if you're taller than 6'4", we will suggest that you invest in a monitor stand to make the setup more comfortable for you.

In terms of weight, the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 has a capacity of 355 lbs. It encourages a clutter-free workplace and it can fit in workplaces or home offices with limited floor space in the room.

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

The Pro Standing Desk is specially designed with a dual-motor lifting system which offers its user a sturdy, stable, and smoother work or gaming session.

It is designed with high-end motor tech, so this explains why the electric stand desk has the most user-friendly touch and its stability doesn't wane even when it is raised to the highest level.

You should also note that the Pro Standing Desk E5 can accommodate 220 lbs of weight. That's a rock-solid feature! And it comes with a special keypad panel that holds three programmable height presets.

These resets allow you to customize heights for yourself. Also, there's an advanced sit-stand reminder that you can set between 0 and 99 minutes. This feature will bring it to your remembrance that it's time to sit or stand or change your working posture.

The adjustable height range of this piece is pegged between 24.4" and 50". Hence, you don't have to worry if your height is somewhere between 4'6" and 6'7".

Pro Standing Desk (E5) also comes with an anti-collision feature that'll automatically bring the desk to a stop once it senses any hindrance while descending. This will save you from the problem of crushing any device or object directly under the tabletop.

Concerning durability, this standing desk is available as a solid, laminated, or bamboo wood. And it's no longer news that all these alternatives have twice the strength of ordinary wood.

Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8

Imagine a luxurious standing desk with oval leg designs and sleek features, that's what Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 offers!

The dual-motor lifting system of the Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 is built to give you premium value since the density of the stability never reduces. Not even when it's at the highest level.

The desk is specially designed to improve your home office or workplace with added aesthetic appeal and warmth.

Investing in the Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 will also give you access to the child lock feature which you can use to prevent your pets and kids from touching the sensitive parts of the desk. And there are multiple desktops from which you can choose your favorite.

To give you a wider array of choices where you can pick from, we have the ergonomic piece in assorted shapes, colors, and sizes. This will also help you make better and more informed decisions if you want to go DIY.

It also enhances a clutter-free workstation through its reliable cable management system. Thus, you can use a cable tray while the groove also conceals all the cables and wires under the desk to give the office a more organized look.

What is a Flexispot Standing Desk?

Also known as an electric stand desk, a Flexispot standing desk is a type of ergonomic furniture that affords the user the chance to regulate the height of the desk in a manner that it'll satisfy the user's needs.

Based on the model, the adjustment can be done electronically or manually. Flexispot standing desks are fast becoming the number one choice of gamers as well and this landslide record can be connected to the health benefits that our ergonomic solutions provide.

Another point of the uniqueness of these sit-stand desks is that you can easily set your favorite sitting posture, height level, and other individual needs that'll make your work easier and smoother.

Meanwhile, the rule here is that the more you feel comfortable, the lesser your body system will respond to strain, body aches, and other forms of discomfort. And if you want to switch from standing to sitting, you can easily do that too.

Moving further, all the standing desks produced by Flexispot are very easy to adjust and you don't have to clear your PC or any other office accessories on the tabletop before you can do that. With a single push of the button, you can adjust!

These standing desks are extremely durable such that the sleek and modern features they are built with can't be found in regular desks.

Many of the models are also available with in-built USB ports where you can effortlessly charge your devices just as you work on the table. Another advantage here's that some Flexispot standing desks have components where you can hang up your paperwork or carefully arrange your cables without cluttering the room.

Flexispot Standing Desks Versus Traditional Desks

There are some key distinctions between conventional desks and Flexispot sit-stand desks. And the most apparent among them all is that the latter allows you to experience both sitting and standing while working but the former is restricted to sitting alone.

Flexispot standing desks have also become a favorite among corporate and individual clients because of their larger height adjustment range. Well, this isn't surprising because all our tall desks with drawers, monitor stand desks, white tall desks, and other products allow standing.

While the regular standing desks cannot be adjusted or regulated to fit each user's needs and satisfy him optimally, Flexispot standing desks can be trusted to give you a hitch-free adjustment.

In other words, you can choose to customize the standing desk's height and save them for each task. That way, the piece will be easier and comfier to use since every task has a setting that works with it.

Additionally, Flexispot standing desks are often slimmer and lighter when compared to their regular counterparts and the reason behind this feature is not far-fetched - for easier movement around the home office or workplace.

Even without stepping out of your seat, you can regulate these ergonomic standing desks through the digital display or control panel. However, this is not possible when you use the traditional office desk.

Do you remember that these desks are highly stable and strong? This comes in handy when it is time to raise the desks' heights. You don't have to clear all the items on the desk before the tabletop can be raised. And while raising the tabletop, the lifting capacity will also ensure that there's no tipping over or collapse of all the items and office supplies.

Most importantly, you should always bear in mind that it is very dangerous to your health when your daily lifestyle revolves around sitting all day. You need to mix it up and that's what Flexispot standing desks offer!


Propagating the campaign that standing desks are way better than regular desks, however, doesn't necessarily mean that you should not sit while working anymore. Rather, you need to mix up the two styles - sitting and standing - and strike a balance between them.

And if you're the kind of person that doesn't enjoy standing for long hours either, we have a tip for you - medical experts have advised that standing for 15 minutes at least out of 60 minutes before returning to your seat is ideal and healthy enough.