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Best Entry level Standing Desk–Flexispot E2 Vs. IKEA RODULF

31 March 2023

Every other furniture shop, outlet store, e-commerce site, etc., has an adjustable standing desk variation; and, at first glance, they all look good. However, the demand train has led to many distributors hiking prices for basic standing desks without really matching the value for the consumer.

With so many models to choose from, consumers either end up picking the first desk that meets their budget or endlessly stall on purchasing one due to decision fatigue. It doesn't help that most people associate quality with branding and don't really know what to expect at different price categories. Today, we want to show you how to comparison shop and ensure you're getting your money's worth.

IKEA is a popular first stop for people looking for basic office furniture. So, we decided to run a comparison between one of their mid-category offerings, the Rodulf IKEA standing desk, and our most basic offering, the Flexispot E2 automatic standing desk to see how they are fair against each other. Our primary goal is to prove that you can get a quality adjustable height desk from a reputable brand, without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

First, a brief overview of the two desks, and then we'll get into a head-to-head comparison.

Flexispot E2

At Flexispot, we're dedicated to bringing you the very best adjustable standing desks for home and office use. Our catalog ranges from the affordable $200 E2 standing desk to the premium $1000+ Odin E7Q. The E2 is the best standing desk for anyone transitioning from a basic office desk to a height-adjustable desk.

The E2 is a steal for its price, given that you get our industry-renowned quality, a healthy 5-year warranty, a wide range of compatible accessories, customization options at purchase, free shipping, and a 30-day free return policy. Our customers really love it–4.9 stars rating on the website by over 3000 happy customers.

IKEA Rodulf

Everyone knows IKEA, and for your basic home or office furniture and accessories, they have been the go-to for many offices and households across the globe. The Bekant model seems to be the people's favorite, but it will cost you a significant chunk of change. And if you want to go cheaper, try the Trotten, their more basic sit-stand desk.

For the purpose of today's comparison, we picked the Rodulf IKEA standing desk, a simple, elegant, durable adjustable height standing desk that's also received a 4.9-star rating and closely compares to Flexispot E2 sit and stand desk.

Flexispot E2 Vs. IKEA Rodulf: The Showdown

Both standing desks are ideal for anyone looking to transition between sitting and standing at work periodically. But which does is better?

Let's find out!


The IKEA Rodulf is a ready design without customization options and retails for $459 on the IKEA website. On the other hand, with Flexispot's E2, you can purchase the stand-alone frame at $159.99 and get a tabletop of your choice. The chipboard desktop is the most affordable option, retailing at only $80, while the bamboo desktop is the most sustainable and durable option and retails for $130. Therefore, even with a more expensive desktop, the E2 remains the more affordable option.

Aesthetics and Customization

As stated, the Rodulf stand-up desk comes standard and you can only get it in a gray/ white color. The E2 takes the heat up a notch with 5 different tabletop options. You can choose between chipboard, bamboo, solid wood, solid wood texture, or fiberboard based on your preference. You can also further customize the desk by choosing between a gray, black, or white colored frame. Therefore, the E2 gets another point for aesthetic variation.


Both desks allow for vertical height adjustment. The IKEA standing desk has a minimum height of 27.5" and a maximum height of 46.13". The E2 rises between 28" and 47.6". They are both adequate for short and tall users.

However, the E2 stand-up desk by Flexispot also accords users width adjustability. It can expand from a width of 33.5" to 50.8", adapting to the user's workspace. As a result, the E2 can accommodate desktops as small as 42" x 24" and as large as 60" x 30".

The Rudolf's desktop is considerably large at a little over 55" long and 31.5" wide, meaning it can only serve people with a large office space.

Load Capacity

An adjustable-height standing desk should be able to handle a significant amount of weight without toppling over during movement. Depending on how much you intend to pack onto the sit-and-stand desk, you should check the manufacturer's recommended max weight.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 154 lbs for the IKEA, while Flexispot's E2 is rated for a max load of 187 lbs. Either can be sufficient for your needs, but remember the saying, better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Desktop Shape and Frame Design

Both desks feature a near similar design. You can get them both with a rectangular desktop–the most universally sought-after desktop shape. If you would rather have a curved desktop, the Flexispot standing desk has that accommodation. Note that the curved desktop is only available in bamboo or fiberboard material.

However, some would prefer an L-shape desk, popularly known as a corner desk. If you are one of those people, then you have to broaden your search a little further.

In addition, both standing desks come with a T-style frame design. The T-style standing desk frame is more stable than the C-style. The C-style positions the standing desk legs towards the lateral edge of the desk, giving more room for under-desk storage. However, the central positioning of the T-style legs allows for better weight distribution and fewer chances of the desk caving at its weight.

Controls and Presets

Both the Rodulf and E2 are automatic standing desks, meaning they come with an electronic panel to control the desk's rising and lowering. The Rodulf has a pretty basic interface with an Up and Down button, which you press and release when you've achieved your desired height.

The E2 has a similar Up and Down keypad. However, for $30 more you can upgrade to a slightly more advanced keypad panel–the one found on the E2 Pro by default. The advanced keypad has a digital LED display that indicates the height. Therefore, you can mark down your preferred positions and eliminate the guesswork each time you have to adjust the height. What's more, this advanced keypad also comes with a charging cable for your devices–type A and type C.

And, if you're really feeling adventurous, there's also FlexiSpot's advanced keypad with programmable height memory presets that allow for the most seamless sit-stand transitions.

Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling a standing sitting desk doesn't require much in terms of skill. With the right tools and a well-laid-out manual, you can do it in under 30 minutes. A little shorter with a bit of help. Luckily, both IKEA and Flexispot have detailed manuals and animated videos that guide you on how to set up your desk step by step.

The height-adjustable desks do not require much in terms of maintenance. Follow the instruction manual on cleaning dos and don'ts, avoid overloading the desk, keep cable mess at a minimum to prevent trips and falls, and in case of doubt, call customer care.


The Rodulf has a stronger warranty than the E2. With IKEA, you get a 10-year warranty, while with Flexispot's E2, you get 5 years. That said, with proper care and handling, both desks have passed industry-standard control checks and should last you a really long time–longer than your warranty period.

Final Thoughts

Getting an adjustable standing desk for office work, whether for your workplace or home office, is a choice you won't regret. What you might regret is spending a lot of money and getting less value than you paid for. Create a checklist to ensure that you're getting everything you need from your purchase.

The Rodulf IKEA standing desk is a good desk with an extra lengthy warranty–but the E2 Flexispot standing desk gives you so much more with a healthy 5 year-warranty, a free-return policy, full-scale customization options, better adjustability, and it will not cost you as much as the Rodulf, even with premium hardware like the bamboo table top and an advanced keypad.

To further sweeten the deal, you can get your height-adjustable standing desk for sale on the Flexispot website–simply subscribe and stay on the lookout for our seasonal sales.