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Becoming the Most Successful You Can Be in Your Career

28 June 2022

People define success in their careers differently. For some, they regard themselves successful in their careers when they are multi-awarded and recognized by their colleagues as well as award-giving bodies. Others feel they are successful when they hold high positions in the company while there are many who are simply content with feeling happy and fulfilled everyday in their workplace. Unfortunately, there are several employees who are unhappy with their jobs. They find themselves demotivated and working without passion and left with no choice but to continue because they have to pay bills. Do not be too devastated. You might think that quitting may be the only answer but there are actually many ways on how you can be happy in your current job.

But first, is it even important for one to feel happy with their work? You work everyday so it’s a major part of your life. You would feel motivated and happy with your life in general if your work gives you fulfillment and simply puts a smile on your face. It means you show up at work with enthusiasm. You are excited to meet and work with your colleagues as well as deliver your tasks for the day. You will generally have an upbeat mood and also feel a lot of pride with your career. You become confident and feel empowered. Aside from the inner peace of mind, contentment, and fulfillment, being successful in your career means more opportunities to grow your income and enjoy the luxuries of life.

It helps to have career goals that you work hard towards achieving. You would feel more successful and fulfilled when you reach your goals one by one. When you add up all these goals that you were able to achieve, the more successful you will feel. So how can you gain success in your career?

Choose the right career.

1. Choose the right career.

Some people are very blessed to land a career that they love on their very first time. They feel they were born to do it and nothing else in the world comes close to the feeling they get from working in this career. There are many who find it a lot difficult to pick the right career for them. If you are the latter, you won’t feel at a loss forever if you keep trying. It’s really a cycle of trial and error to finally have a job that you are proud of and that you are happy to be working in every single day.

Ask yourself. What do you see yourself doing when your eyes are closed? You are really blessed if it is what you are currently doing now. Cherish that life and savor every moment of it. It just means that your current job gives you your wants and needs, fits your personality and makes it pop out, and in line with your values and principles.

If you are confused, taking a self-assessment test may help. It might be hard for you to answer the questions in these tests but they will at least guide you to the right path. If it is still not enough, approach a career counselor so they can offer assistance as to how you can pick the right career.

At the end of the day, it’s your own voice that you will listen to. Your loved ones will always have your best interest in mind so consider their opinion when you’re making a decision. But remember that you can only attain contentment and peace of mind when you listen to what your heart tells you.

Formulate your own definition of success.

2. Formulate your own definition of success.

Success will mean differently to different people. Shut down the noise that you hear around you and listen to yourself. Are you happy? Do you think you are successful in your career? This is the only standard that matters. When you are able to achieve success in your own terms, what others will say won’t matter at all. There is no right or wrong answer as to what form success should take for you to feel successful. If it’s a loaded bank account, then work hard towards earning a lot of money. If being financially stable is enough, then put safeguards in place so you have an emergency fund and a savings account to run to in case there is an untoward incident that happens.

Know what success is to you. When you make that definition a reality, then congratulations, you’re successful!

Accept and recognize your mistakes.

3. Accept and recognize your mistakes.

Never point fingers in the workplace or anywhere. Avoid looking outward and blaming others when something assigned to you goes down South. It’s your responsibility even if you asked for help from others or are waiting for their part in the project. If you are the person in charge, you are at fault if something goes wrong. You have to figure out yourself what the missing equation is for you to finally do it right.

Take note that there is grace in defeat. You can only fix what is wrong and become successful in making it right if you acknowledge what is wrong in the first place. Own up to your mistakes and correct them one by one.

Ask for help.

4. Ask for help.

You do not know everything. This is why you work in a company where people have different roles. For you to become successful, you need to ask help from other people who are skilled in that particular task. It will only reap you a lot of benefits such as brilliant outputs if you trust the right and excellent people to do the job. Tap into the strengths of your colleagues and yours as well in order to deliver the best output possible.

You can also ask for help for career growth. Ask a mentor to impart tips on how you can grow in your career. They can even share their personal experiences to help you cope with your daily struggles.

Work hard.

5. Work hard.

Nothing is served on a golden platter. You need to be hardworking if you want to achieve success in your career. It’s when you go through struggles that your true character shines. It’s when you become the best that you can be. So do not push away from challenges because they can only make you stronger. You will most likely get promoted if your colleagues and supervisors applaud your good work ethic.

Investing in tools is investing in yourself. Buy ergonomic furniture that will boost productivity and improve work efficiency. You will have a lot more willpower to achieve success when the going gets tough if you have the right tools in your arsenal.