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Announcing the Most Recent Luxurious Pieces of Furniture Created by FlexiSpot

04 August 2022

Many office workers are yet to understand the incredible and overwhelming impacts that ergonomic office furniture has on their work-life. This explains why some employees remain in deep romance with their regular office desks and chairs.

And for those that are in the know, it's unfortunate that they're still been tossed to and from by the innumerable ergonomic furniture brands in the industry. However, your wait is now over. This guide is here to walk you through the most durable, latest, and most reliable office furniture you'll ever find.

You'll also learn about the specifications of each piece of furniture, how it improves your seating posture and general office experience, how it pumps up your productivity and the perfect one for your home office.

You have lots of goodies to enjoy here and the only way to get them is when you follow to the end.

New Products on the Flexispot Online Store

All these products have undergone a series of tests and they have been certified to be ideal for use. Hence, Flexispot remains a household name in the business of offering you premium satisfaction through our ergonomic furniture.

With a keen evaluation of the specs, materials for designs, and other mind-blowing properties of these pieces of furniture, we assure you that you're on the right track to living a comfy and healthy work-life.

ESD101 (Studio) Standing Desk

ESD101 (Studio) Standing Desk

Are you a video editor or music creator? Or you're even enthusiastic about music? ESD 101 Standing Desk is all you need to turn your career around.

You're probably wondering how this studio desk also applies to an office worker? Well, your private life shouldn't be determined by your office and you should create time to explore other areas of interest you might have. The ESD101 Studio Desk has a sturdy and reliable frame that offers you a perfect and quick switch between various heights.

In other words, your height isn't a barrier here. All you have to do is lower or lift the standing desk to your position with the touch of a button. The desk also maximizes your productivity, comfort, and flexibility every time you embark on an extended music composition session.

There's also a spacious working surface for you to enjoy. And it has a top shelf where you can store your gadgets like speaker monitors, and 2 display monitors, alongside a complete 6U rack space below to keep the amplifier and equalizer in good shape.

Even if you're a person of many interests or hobbies, you can also get the ESD101 desk to serve as your DJ table, gaming desk, or platform for podcasts. This proves the multiple functions it can play. Most importantly, you can use it as your home workstation. Can you now see how it also applies to office workers?

The keyboard is very powerful such that it can carry up to a 88 keyboard tray and 70 pounds. Isn't that incredible? Only Flexispot does it better! And if you're considering safety, the desk also tops the list. The ESD101 Standing Desk has an inbuilt anti-collision mechanism that guarantees the safety of your possessions under the desk.

So there's nothing like your equipment getting squeezed up while the desk descends.

EB012 Adjustable Bed Base

EB012 Adjustable Bed Base

You've always been longing for a more quality nighttime rest but your bed seems to be work below par? It's probably time you change your bed base. Flexispot is here to serve you better with this latest and tried-and-true EB012 Adjustable Bed Base.

As the name implies, you can adjust the base to give you an ideal head incline between 0° and 60°. You can also adjust the foot incline from 0 to 35 degrees until you find a perfect position. So you can trust this luxurious piece to improve your sleep quality. It'll also help you get out of bed on time once you activate the alarm.

Have you been battling gastroesophageal reflux disease or back pain over the years? The EB012 bed base is the antidote you need. Furthermore, it'll help in bringing your sleep apnea and snoring to the barest minimum.

And if your spouse is pregnant, you shouldn't hesitate to get her this base to strike out every discomfort. What sets the Flexispot's adjustable bed base apart from other brands is the motor which has been tested 10,000 times and endorsed to give a non-disturbing sound while adjusting.

And the design has six legs which strengthen its stability and durability. That is, it's not easy to tip over. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs which allows you to lie down in any position you want.

To cover all your needs and preferences, you have the option of 3 different height levels for the bed legs - 3", 6", and 9". Very easy to assemble and use, the EB012 bed base also has a retainer bar and anti-slip felt stickers to give you maximum protection and support.

Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14

Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14

Here is the gorgeous Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14!

It doesn't matter whether your workplace observes a shared desk space, hot-desking, WFH, or on-site, OC 14 Pro Chair is your first and most reliable choice. Our engineers also designed the chair stylishly to fire up your office decors.

The chair is specially built to maintain the natural seating position of the human anatomy. The design is also contemporary and sophisticated such that it responds to your body posture immediately after you sit on it.

Do you want to relax your arms on a comfy and soothing armrest? The chair has you covered alongside other mouth-watering features. Just like when you're rocking your sports car, you can also enjoy the handrail lifting system while adjusting the chair.

How about the cushy headrest? You'll be amazed that it's also adjustable. Even if you're the tallest at your workplace, the chair is designed to meet all your needs through adjustability.

To reduce all the accumulated pressure from sitting by pushing your cervical vertebrae into the natural state, the chair's headrest is in an arch-shaped design. And if you want to move the Ergonomic Chair OC14 from one section of your home office to another, it has aluminum alloy chassis that protects your floors from sustaining scratches or dents.

High Back Office Chair 2191E

High Back Office Chair 2191E

You have the freedom to adjust the chair's height to your needs through the pneumatic controls. This feature will help you reduce or lower or raise the seat to give you enough room to rock the chair back and forth.

You should also note that the height is adjustable between 19.3" and 22.4". And if you want to adjust the chair's flexibility, all you have to do is turn the tension knob under the seat between 90" and 110".

The High Back Office Chair 2191E is designed with blonded leather which makes it easier to give your home office or workplace a posh and stylish aura. The chair is also easy to move around through the nylon rolling coasters and a strong and sturdy metal base. Meanwhile, these features also ensure your stability while working.

You'll receive all tools needed for its assembling and each screw has an extra backup in the package, so you have no cause for alarm. And with the 250-pound weight capacity, the High Back Chair 2191E is the most durable and comfy office chair for yourself and your employees.

We assure you of maximum comfort and elegance and our customer service unit is ever-ready to receive your email and respond within 24 hours.

Flexispot Monitor Riser Stand D003

Flexispot Monitor Riser Stand D003

The Flexispot Monitor Riser Stand D003 is designed to ease your neck strain by lifting the monitor up to match your eye level. And it's another fantastic means to declutter the workroom. Yes, the stand gives you more desk space to work with since all your accessories can be stored below.

Flexispot Monitor Riser D003 is also ergonomically built with a clamp-on platform which gives your monitor maximum support. And if it's your PC, you'll have enough room to position it.

The monitor lift is also healthy and appealing to the eyes. You don't have to worry about the monitor's stability because the stand has a steel platform positioned with anti-friction and non-slip rubber pads.

Finally to installation, you can perfect everything within 5 minutes even without a helping hand. Free yourself from neck strain today by placing your order here.

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

Flexispot's Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OCBN/OC8B has a thick-contoured pillowed backrest and headrest that give you absolute and psychedelic support while on it. The materials used in the building are also genuine and they give the chair a smooth and sleek surface texture. This makes the seat pad very smooth and easy to clean.

It has a very powerful set of five legs which can carry up to 330 lbs. This makes it extremely easy to give you all-round support while using it. Also, the Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OCBN has a pneumatic seat height lever that you can hold as you adjust the chair.

And as you adjust, you can study how you feel until you finally have the perfect sitting position for yourself.

046 Locking File Cabinet

046 Locking File Cabinet

The Locking File Cabinet is another latest invention by Flexispot and it's a very beautiful addition to your workroom. It provides an exceptional storage system. It has two spacious file drawers doubled up with complete extension slides.

The cabinet also gives room for creativity in the sense that you can choose to arrange different combos of folders in separate drawers. For instance, all the letters can stay in a drawer while another drawer houses the A4-sized paperwork.

The 046 File Cabinet is made of metal and fortified with anti-rust electrostatic spraying to expand its lifespan. And it can bear weight up to 330 lbs. Our engineers have also foreseen that mice and small insects might want to force their way in but that's no longer possible with the closed design of the base and borders.

Apart from the casters, the package will be delivered to your doorstep fully assembled. And it's very easy to move around due to the center caster which avoids tipping over, 2 front wheels, and brakes.

Back Support Ergonomic Office Chair OC13

Back Support Ergonomic Office Chair OC13

The Back Support Chair OC13 is also adjustable and you can adjust the headrest as high as 2.36 inches while finding the angle that perfectly works with your height. It is also built with 360° wheels and 5 multipurpose casters which makes it move from one part of the office to another without disturbing the partner sitting next to you.

Invest in the Back Support OC13 today and you'll be blown away by the high level of flexibility it offers. Meanwhile, that's your surest path that leads to a work-life free of back pain and other discomforts.