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An Insight into MLILY Ego Charcoal Mattress

14 March 2024

Quality sleep is the best gift you can give yourself to ensure all other aspects of your life are in top-notch order. A good night's sleep will allow your body to rest and recuperate from the previous day's stresses and prepare you to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and energized to take on the day's challenges.

What Is the MLILY Ego Charcoal Mattress?

MLILY is a mattress brand known globally for using unique materials like bamboo charcoal and CPD-infused materials to optimize their users' sleep quality and experience. The brand is well known for having partnered with the Manchester United Football Club and is available in stores worldwide and the United States. You can order your MLILY Ego Charcoal Mattress at FlexiSpot today.

The different types of MLILY Charcoal mattresses







The special features of the MLILY Ego Charcoal Mattress include:

1. Its cooling gel foam keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night while allowing air to circulate through the fabric regulating the body temperature as you sleep without overheating.

2. The bamboo charcoal-infused foam provides fantastic body support without being overly soft or hard.

3. They come with adjustable base options as well to allow for an added cooling system

4. The pocket spring support system is ideal for those suffering from aching joints and a painful back for the ideal firmness and support to relieve pressure in certain sensitive areas.

What Is the Importance of Good Sleep

Our bodies have their own natural built-in mechanism to go into resting and reenergizing mode. This is known as the sleep cycle. While our brain never needs to rest and will continue to work, the rest of our body needs sleep to be able to function at its optimum level. Without sleep, all our bodily functions would go haywire, and we would always be tired. It is important to strive to achieve a healthy sleep routine for the following reasons:

To Improve Immunity

The better you sleep, the stronger your immunity to help protect you from various diseases. Lack of sleep can make you susceptible to catching the flu and viruses.

To Improve Focus And Alertness

good quality sleep helps your mind stay fresh and alert, and you can perform all your daily tasks. Without proper sleep, you are drowsy and tired and unable to perform at work or focus on anything. Lack of sleep can make you feel drowsy and sleepy all day long and unable to stay focused and alert while performing at school, your workplace, or even house chores.

To Replenish Energy And Prevent Muscular Fatigue

Muscles tend to become tired and fatigued from being overused and need rest to recover and replenish themselves. Sleep helps all the muscles in the body to recover and become reenergized especially the eye muscles. Lack of sleep can cause your eyes to become heavy and tired since eyes your eye muscles get exerted from staying awake for prolonged hours.

How To Improve Your Sleep Routine?

Here are some ways that you can improve your sleep routine for overall health, wellness, and success in whatever you do. You should strive to achieve and maintain a healthy sleep routine using the following tips:

Go To Bed And Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day helps to train your body and align with the body's natural circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is sensitive to daylight and encourages the body to sleep when it's dark and become alert during the day.

Ensure A Good Sleep Environment

Where you sleep is essential to the quality of sleep you get. It is important to make sure that you maintain a good sleeping environment. This includes the room you sleep in and the bed you will be sleeping on:

Your Bedroom:

1. Ensure that the room is cozy and dark. Bright lights can trick your brain into thinking that it is daytime and can delay the release of melatonin, a sleep hormone.

2. Make sure that the temperature of the room is comfortable. It should not be too hot and neither too cold. Our body temperature drops by a degree when we are just seconds away from falling asleep. This is why a sleeping person is slightly cold to the touch.

3. Make sure that the room is clean and tidy and not cluttered. It is not comfortable to sleep in a room that is messy

4. Make sure that there are no distractions such as work documents, laptops, or even a television set in the room as it can delay sleep

Your Bed:

Your mattress is the most important part of your bed as this is the surface that you will be sleeping on. The more comfortable it is, the better will be the quality of your sleep. It should ideally have the following features:

It should be large enough so that you don't feel cramped while sleeping

The fabric of the mattress should be breathable and allow air to circulate through it

It should be firm enough to support your back if you suffer from backache

It should not be too soft as it can cause misalignment of the spine and cause your body to sink into the mattress resulting in more pain

Do Not Go To Bed Immediately After A Large Meal

Lying down immediately after a large meal can cause indigestion and heartburn in many individuals as the digestion process takes some time to complete. Lying down immediately after eating a heavy meal can result in spilling stomach juices into the upper esophagus, making it quite difficult to fall asleep. If you get hungry before bedtime, try to eat a healthy and light snack instead.

Take A Warm Bath Before Sleeping

For those struggling with falling asleep, it helps to take a warm bath before sleeping. A bath helps bring the body temperature down and soothes and calms the muscles before bed. You may light a scented candle to help soothe your nerves and help you fall asleep.

Close All Screens Before Bedtime

Television screens, laptops, and phone screens are all major culprits in making it difficult for people to fall asleep. Not only does it distract your mind, but most of all, the light from the screens can delay the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. The presence of light confuses our brain, delays the release of melatonin, and keeps us awake longer as are tricked into thinking that it is daytime. This results in our bodies feeling even more exhausted and sleepy and often ruining the next day as well.

Meditate Before Sleep

Taking a few minutes before going to sleep, taking deep breaths, and doing some light stretches help to calm the mind, bring your focus to the present, and prepare your body to relax and sleep. Getting into the habit of meditating and focusing on your breath can play a significant role in improving your sleep.

Invest In Sleep Aids

Some people like to drink a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea before going to bed as this helps to calm their nerves and help them prepare for bedtime. Others like to use lavender or jasmine scents on their pillows or in diffusers to help them relax and fall into a deep and calming sleep. People who suffer from anxiety are prescribed anti-anxiety, which also helps them fall asleep.

Stay Away From Caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical that is present in coffee, black tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. Coffee has the most amount of caffeine, and it is no wonder that it is such a popular early-morning beverage used worldwide. Caffeine has the quality to put the body into a fight or flight mode and make it super alert. Having caffeine at night can cause people to stay up at night and prevent them from falling asleep.

The Final Word

If you are struggling with insomnia or uncomfortable sleep at night, there are certain changes you can make to your sleep routine that are described above to improve your sleep. This includes changing your mattress to a more comfortable one. Sometimes switching your mattress can do wonders to help with getting a good night's sleep. FlexiSpot has the MLILY Ego Charcoal mattress which has been designed to ensure a fantastic night of sleep. Try it yourself to experience the difference. They are available all over America, have a fantastic cooling mechanism, and provide supreme comfort and support during sleep. In case you struggle with continued anxiety and restlessness during sleep, it is best to consult a professional.