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All You Need to Know about Flexispot's Brand Day Celebration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

18 May 2022

All You Need to Know about Flexispot's Brand Day Celebration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You'll like to be among our beneficiaries for the upcoming brand day celebration, but do you know how and when to become one?

We've compiled some FAQs that'll keep you through. This gold mine is yours, and you shouldn't stop digging.

Flexispot Brand Day

Flexispot Brand Day Celebration 2022: History & Time Frame

The chances are that you've heard the brand name - Flexispot - before.

Flexispot entered the ergonomic industry in 2015, and our objective is to give your workplace and home office the best ergonomic solutions.

The mission resonates with you.

We've packed some mouthwatering offers for you to bring this luxury to your doorstep, nicknamed the "brand day celebration."

We want to celebrate you for staying committed to us. The beauty's that you can get our products at discounted rates.

Are you excited to hear this?

Flexispot has some pre-brand day deals for you (May 16th - May 24th). And that's a tip of an iceberg of what we've prepared for the D-Day (May 25th).

Post-brand day deals are the final big bang (25th - 27th May).

It would help if you didn't miss these deals.





Flash Sale

18th - 20th May (pre-brand day deals)

25th & 27th May (post-brand day deals)

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Standing Desks

Direct Discount

16th - 27th May

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

There are standing desks, adjustable beds, desk converters, desk bikes, and chairs.

Pre-Brand Sale

16th - 24th May

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Standing desks and chairs.

Clearance Sale

17th - 30th May

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Air purifiers, power strips, keyboard trays, monitors, vibration plates, floating shelves, mirrors, and hammocks.

Limited Coupon

May 25th

00:00 PST

Win Points

16th - 31st May

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Free Order

May 25th

08:00 PST

Full Amount Discount

16th - 27th May

00:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Brand Day

Get Your Brand Day Facts Right

You probably have different questions running through your mind right now.

Don't worry; we will solve the puzzle as we progress.

What Are The Discount Deals For The Brand Day Celebration?

Yes, many of them will be up for your enjoyment once we start the celebration.

We have direct discount sales from May 16th to May 27th.

And you'll be able to purchase standing desks, adjustable beds, desk converters, desk bikes, and chairs. All at discounted rates!

There are also flash sales (both pre-brand and post-brand day), clearance sales deals (17th - 30th May), and promo code discounts (16th - 27th May).

Are There Pre-Brand Day Offers?

Yes, there are pre-brand day offers.

The chances are that you'll like to get some office furniture before the brand day. We decided to introduce these offers between 16th and 24th May.

The window will be all yours between 00:00 PST and 23:59 PST.

I Missed All The Pre-Brand Day Discounts. Are There Still Offers For Me?

Yes, you can enjoy other offers. And we call them post-brand day deals (25th - 27th May).

Who knows? You might be one of our top winners.

There's a flash sale for you on the 25th and 27th of May. What do you stand to gain from the offer?

You can get our Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) at a 13.79% discount. What does that mean? You'll get it for $499.99!
Kana Bamboo Standing Desk will also be available on the 27th at a retail price of $299.99. That's 18.92% off.

You can also play our limited coupon deal. You might be lucky enough to be among the first 3.

How Do I Participate In The Win Points Challenge?

All you have to do is sign up on the Flexispot website. After signing up, you'll have to subscribe.

You'll be awarded 150 points immediately after signing up and subscribing. And you can redeem these points to make purchases during the brand day celebration.

You'll earn two points for every US$1 spent on our website. Voila, your earnings start accumulating.

The most amazing part is that, between the 16th and 31st of May, you'll be entitled to double points every time you buy Flexispot products.

I Have Enough Office Furniture Already. What Else Can I Get Asides Furniture?

Office ergonomics goes beyond furniture. We thought of introducing other products that'll complement your workstation.

You'll be surprised to see that the list is almost endless. But here's a sneak peek of the available non-furniture products.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB-35

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB-35.

This converter has an extra spacious surface where you can spread out your desk accessories and paperwork.

It has a wide u-shaped keyboard tray to perfectly house your mouse, full-sized keyboard, or a 17-inch laptop.

When you think of simple height adjustment, that's our AlcoveRiser Converter.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W-47

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W-47

Switching the converter from standing to sitting is fun and effortless.

You need to squeeze the hand bar and use 13 lbs of force to lift it. That's our energy-saving standing desk converter at work.

How about lowering it? 3 lbs of force will do the magic.

Assembling the converter isn't a big deal. Just determine the best spot for it, and you're good to go.

Bamboo Stand for your monitor

Bamboo Stand for your monitor

Hammock Under Desk (HK01)

Hammock Under Desk (HK01)

Do you feel like catching a nap during recess? Hammock Under Desk is all you need.

It's very easy to fold and carry. And it's compatible with every Flexispot standing desk.

That's a round peg in a round hole.

It'll give your body complete support, and the 210T parachute nylon fabric is very durable.

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1

Our vibration plate will rehab your body into fitness right in your home office.

Will you like to burn some fat or lose weight? Get the vibration plate today.

It has a remote control and LED touch screen to give you the best workout session.

Desktop Air Purifier C1

Desktop Air Purifier C1

The air purifier beautifies your workstation with some nice fragrance and fills your desktop space.

It comes with specially built legs to give you a comfortable sitting posture.

Power Strip with 6-outlet PS014

Power Strip with 6-outlet PS014

Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B

Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B

You know that a classy, sleek, and black office product fits any office design, right?

Getting this adjustable keyboard tray means you'll declutter your Desk, make it more appealing, and trigger you to be more productive.

Imagine how beautiful it'll be to have a 25"×12" under-desk keyboard tray.

It'll accommodate your mousepad, mouse and full-sized keyboard, and other accessories.

Floating Shelves WSF1

Floating Shelves WSF1

These shelves are very easy to install and fit into most people's budgets.

Each shelf has two hooks to make your organizing cleaner and more appealing.

You can mount them anywhere in your home.

Talk of aesthetics, the shelves are made from mahogany and maple.

Three-paneled Mirror with 2.3 Magnification and LED Light MR01

Three-paneled Mirror with 2.3 Magnification and LED Light MR01

You can use the mirror in a room with low light. You need to long press the button and adjust the brightness to your preference.

It has a dual power supply which means you can power it with batteries. If you don't have batteries within your reach, all you need is a USB charging cable to make it work.

How Long Does It Take For Flexispot To Deliver Orders?

If we have the ordered item in stock and the delivery address you give is within Tennessee or California, it'll take two business days. At most.

However, it would help if you did not construe this to be a 100% guarantee. You know that some unforeseen exigencies beyond our reach might surface.

You'll get your orders within two days in the absence of such.

If your shipping address is not any of the two states mentioned, you should be expecting your delivery within 2 to 5 business days.

If the product is back-ordered, it'll be shipped to your address immediately. It is restocked based on the shipping schedule earlier mentioned.

Is it Mandatory That I Register On The Site Before I Can Place My Order?

Yes, you must register on the site. That is your license to participate in the brand day celebration.

As you make your purchases, you need to ensure that you're logged in.

Are The Discount Deals Available In Walk-in Furniture Stores?

No, all these great deals are not available in walk-in furniture stores. They are only available online - through our website.

Don't forget that Flexispot is an online ergonomic furniture brand. We do not operate walk-in stores.

But we'll keep you informed if we deem it fit to expand our service into walk-in stores in the future.

How Long Is The Flash Sale Going To Last?

Don't forget that we have two flash sales here - one for the pre-brand day deal and the other for the post-brand day offers.

The pre-brand day flash sale will hold for two days. The first day is May 18th, while the second day will be May 20th.

The flash sale will also last two days for the post-brand day offers - May 25th and May 27th.

Don't forget that this superb deal is only valid each day between 00:00 PST and 23:59 PST.

Will Frames & Desktop Only Products Be Available During Any Of The Sales?

Yes, many of these products will be up for sale. Can you see it's another good offer you should hop onto?

They include:

Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B
Desktop Air Purifier C1
AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7MB-35"
ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter M3B/M3W-47"
Bamboo Monitor Stand

Do you remember we talked about these ergo products earlier? You should check them out to know which of them you'll like to get.

Let's get ready for the brand day celebration. It promises to be worthwhile.

How Do I Apply The Full Amount Discount Codes?

All you need to know is the category you belong to.

How do you know where you stand? The answer's in the total worth of goods you purchased.

Now let's get to it:

You'll enjoy a $40 discount when you purchase products worth $600 and use the code - FLEXISPOT 40.
You'll enjoy a $50 discount when you purchase products worth $700, and you use the code - FLEXISPOT 50.
You'll enjoy a $70 discount when you buy products worth $1,000, and you use the code - FLEXISPOT 70.

What's the Cheapest Flexispot Product On Sale In May?

The cheapest product for the brand day celebration is the Hammock Under Desk (HK01), and it'll be available under the clearance sales (17th - 30th May).

The original price is US$49.99, but we've slashed it down by a 30.01% discount. That means you'll have it for US$34.99.

Place An Order

How Do I Place An Order?

If you've been eyeing any of our ergonomic products, you should know when they'll be up for sale.

Before that day, you must have signed up and subscribed to our website. Once you've settled that, you can order using the account you created.

And you should confirm if you're logged in before placing an order.

When Does The Limited Coupon Challenge Start?

The limited coupon deal will run for a day (May 25th). That means it's part of the deals for the brand day.

The first 50 people who successfully placed their orders once 00:00 PST clocks will enjoy a 50% discount on their purchase, while the first 100 people will enjoy 10% off.

Is Shipping Free On All Brand Day Celebration Purchases?

No, it is not. The usual charges will apply to every purchase you make during the brand day celebration.

How Many Can People Win The Free Order Discount?

This offer is for the first three people to make purchases.

Do you believe you can be one of the early birds? Let's meet on the 25th.

Who Can Participate In The Flexispot Brand Day Celebration Discount Sale?

The direct discount sale is open to every Flexispot customer. All that's required of you is to purchase one of the listed products.

Tada! And you'll have your discount.

How Many Products Do the Limited Coupons Cover?

The good news here's that the coupons cover all our products.

That means the first 50 people that successfully placed their orders once 00:00 PST on May 25th clocks will enjoy a 50% discount off our products.

That's not all; the first 100 people will enjoy 10% off.


Let's all come together to make this year's brand day celebration remarkable.

Get ready to celebrate with us in high galore. It's Flexispot's brand day celebration!