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Accessories That Make Your Home Office More Organized

07 October 2023

Working at an organized home office is crucial for maximizing your work efficiency. It can also help reduce stress by eliminating cluttering in your workspace. You can follow essential organizing practices, such as keeping only essentials on your desk, and you can use some useful accessories to store supplies and documentation or display important ones at all times. Thus, this article highlights a few accessories that make your home office more organized. Investing in high-quality equipment can help significantly in the long term.

Accessories That Make Your Home Office More Organized

One of the best things about the accessories listed below is that they are all relatively affordable. Therefore, you don't need to spend considerable money to organize your workspace and improve your efficiency. With that said, here the best accessories that make your home office more organized.

A Cork Bulletin Board

If your work involves a lot of project planning and team management, a Cork Bulletin Board can be a crucial accessory in your home office. The board by FlexiSpot is 36 inches x 24 inches, providing significant space for putting up detailed notes and plans. Moreover, the extensive space allows you to space out your information so that it does not look cluttered.

The bulletin board has a silver aluminum frame for good durability and a classy appearance. It also comes with the kit to fix it up onto your wall. If you're unsure about drilling holes into your wall, you can place the board at one corner of your desk and lean it against the wall.

One of the best features of buying this bulletin board from FlexiSpot is that you get lifetime replacement service. You can get in touch with the company whenever your board gets ruined or old, and it will help you out.

Of course, there are digital planners that you can rely on, but a physical one like this helps put essential dates and project details on display at all times. Therefore, it can help prevent you from ever forgetting some essential details about your projects' plans or management operations.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bulletin Board

Below are a few tips to maximize your bulletin board use.

1. Organize your information neatly so that you can read it at an initial glance. For example, you can use each corner of the bulletin board for different projects. Keeping each project's details together instead of spread out can help you see and consider all information and variables when determining how to proceed with your plan.

2. Try to vary the sizes of some details. For example, details for projects with closer deadlines can be larger. This way, you are more likely to see that information first. You can simply write in larger fonts on your sticky notes.

An Under-Desk Drawer

An under-desk drawer is one of the best accessories that make your home office more organized. If your home office desk does not have any storage solution, you can get this to keep some of your office essentials, such as pens, notebooks, staplers, or flash drives. FlexiSpot offers an affordable and spacious bamboo under-desk drawer that you can install on your existing desk in just a few minutes.

The S09-BB model linked above is also made of 100% sustainably-sourced bamboo, which is a great choice for professionals who care for the environment. It uses hand-harvested bamboo by farmers who are selected after considerable research. Thus, you can expect high durability in addition to being relatively good for the environment.

The 11 lbs weight capacity of this particular model also means that you can store a considerable amount of things without worrying about damaging your drawer. Using a drawer can significantly help reduce and eliminate clutter on your home office desk. At the same time, it helps you keep all of your essential items within reach whenever you need them.

One tip you should note is that avoid dumping things into your drawer. Instead, organize your belongings in your drawer so that you can find essential items quickly. Thus, you'll be more efficient and reduce the stress of finding something. So, keep larger items together and smaller items separate.

Floating Shelves

If you read a lot of books and refer to them and other manuscripts when working, floating shelves may be a helpful solution. You can keep books within your office without cluttering your desk or drawers. These shelves are especially useful in a relatively small home office because they utilize empty wall space without taking up any area on the floor. Thus, you can make even a small home office into a small and cozy library. So, you can use the space to relax and read when you're not working as well.

These shelves can also offer an aesthetic value to your home office. You can use one or more shelves to place small plants or other items, such as photos or professional achievements. Doing so can help you personalize your workspace, which can help make you feel more comfortable in your work area. That can help with your overall mood toward your work, which, in turn, can affect your performance.

When you buy floating shelves from FlexiSpot, you get a set of 3 equal-sized shelves. They are spacious and can withstand considerable weight, making them perfect for books. They are also easy to hang and are made of mahogany or maple, which look great and offer exceptional durability.

Therefore, floating shelves can be a great way to move some larger, clunkier items away from your immediate work area and onto the walls.

A File Cabinet

A file cabinet is a storage solution that every professional may not need. For example, professionals who work predominantly with digital files may never have enough physical documentation to warrant the need to invest in a file cabinet. File cabinets are the most expensive organizational solution mentioned in this article, but they offer great value to professionals with a lot of physical documentation.

If you have a relatively small work area, a mobile file cabinet may be the best option. Thus, the cabinet linked has four casters that allow you to move the cabinet easily without needing to lift it. So, you can push it into a corner when not in use and bring it to your desk when needed.

This particular cabinet also has three drawers that you can lock, offering both storage and privacy. You can also organize each drawer to fit different types of documents to create a more organized workspace. Place sticky notes outside each drawer to label what's inside if you are not worried about privacy. This way, you can quickly remember where you kept a specific project's file.

A Cable Spine

Often, our cables can lead to a cluttered workspace, especially if you have a desktop computer and more than one monitor. In that case, you can help keep the cables in one area through a simple tool known as the cable spine. This spine collects all of your cables, preventing them from spreading. It has considerable space to accommodate several cables—at least enough for a typical home office. It's also made of sturdy and durable metal, allowing it to stay in place once you set it up.

A Pegboard

A pegboard may not be the most flashy solution for making your home office more organized, but it can be an effective tool.

FlexiSpot offers a pegboard combination that allows you to store items in front of your desk. It comes with storage supplies such as a container, shelves, photo frame magnets, hooks, a small partition, clips, and more. So, you can hang some essential office supplies there instead of placing them on your desk. Even though the shelves are small, they can hold up the weight of a few small books. Moreover, you can use the hooks to hang your earphones or headphones.

What's great about this pegboard is that it has two pieces. Therefore, you have a lot of space to organize your items and declutter your workspace. In addition to that, you can choose to mount it onto the wall or simply place it at the corner of your desk and lean it against the wall.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about some accessories that make your home office more organized, you can work toward making your workspace more organized and ergonomic. An organized home office can have significant benefits to your work efficiency and productivity. You'll eliminate time and effort in searching for essential items when you know where they are. At the same time, such an office can help reduce stress. Searching for something can lead to frustration or anxiety, which can create a negative feeling toward your workspace. So, making even small investments in essential tools can make a significant impact on your overall mood and performance at work.