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A review of Flexispot's sit-stand desk converters

27 June 2022

Standing desk converters, or rippers, are adjustable units that you position on top of your existing desk to ease work. Standing desk converters allow you to stand without moving your desk or getting rid of it. They usually feature a desktop surface with a separately placed keyboard tray and come in various designs, sizes, and budgets. Sit-stand desk converters are generally the most straightforward option and least expensive if you want to alternate between standing and sitting and something you need to consider if you aim to keep your existing desk.

Finding the best sit-stand desk converters comes down to your computing equipment, budget, space, and height. Several options are designed to improve old and new designs, but Flexispot sit-stand desk converters fit this description. To come up with this review, we had to evaluate the Flexispot Company, the desks, and how the buyers feel about Flexispot sit-stand desk converters.

Sit-stand desk converters can be measured accurately using the following criteria.


This is the most critical criterion because it is the reason several of us are using standing desks. You can have back, wrist, or neck pain if your keyboard, mouse, and monitor are not correctly positioned. Even if all sit-stand desk converters aim the same for all companies, there is a variation in keyboard tray shape and size, design, comfort, and space, and Flexispot has ensured to utilize this option for the good of its name and the health of its users.

Customer service

Customer service usually matters to people if they have issues related to returns, repair, deliveries, and assembly. Several sit-stand desk converters can ship with USPS, UPS, and FedEx and don't need you to be home at a specific time like freight carriers. Some come pre-assembled hence you are less likely to talk to customer services. The Flexispot sit-stand desk converters review will shed more insight into this criterion.

Buyer reviews

Using buyer reviews is a way of understanding the various ownership experiences of different standing desk converters. It exposes desk converter-related issues that someone who uses the desk for long periods notices. Several companies provide a page for user reviews on their products, and Flexispot has ensured to do the same for its customers to improve the quality of its sit-stand desk converters. As someone who wants to invest in the product, you can find assurance on what you have your eye on.


One helpful thing when reviewing the Flexispot standing desk converters is the quality of the product. Quality means materials used during construction. Products that have low-quality mechanics, platforms, and electronics usually score lower. Although brand new products always have an excellent first impression, breaking down their frame helps expose their weaknesses.


This is nearly at the bottom of the list because it is mainly subjective, although other manufacturers have put extra work into improving product appearance like Flexispot. Some products look mechanical and aren't stylish or sleek, while others have fantastic innovative designs that don't compromise function. While the design doesn't matter to some people, it adds a look to your workstation. A little innovation won't hurt.

Flexispot sit-stand desk converters

While shopping for sit-stand desk converters, we recommend familiarity with the different types available to make it easier for you to pick the best. With this in mind, let us go through other Flexispot sit-stand desk converters so that you can select the right type for you.

1. Flexispot M18M- 31” standing desk converters

It is the best standing desk converter if you are on a budget and need something less costly. For as low as $149.99, the Flexispot M18M has a portable design, making it a good choice for freelancers and remote workers who want to stay productive and active while working from home. The desk is large it can fit a large laptop, monitor, mouse, and keyboard simultaneously and is compact enough to move it to a place of your choice quickly. It has a no-base-free frame design and a roller X-lift mechanism that eliminates the bulky bases that traditional standing desk converters possess. The desk converter’s anti-skid rubber rollers and non-slip rubber feet dramatically reduce weight and increase portability while simultaneously maintaining stability and safety.

The desk converter is portable and lightweight since it weighs 23lbs. the lightness improves versatility and portability by allowing you to place your desk riser anywhere. Also, the desk has a single lever design and a gas spring lift system to give a smooth, easy, and stable height adjustment.

2. Motorized aesthetic sit-stand workstation EM6M

If you want an excellent electric desk converter, this is what you should go for. The desk appearance is very pleasing due to its sleek, stylish design. It is made by top designers, has a multifunctional design suited for any work, and blends with any décor. Its electric height adjustment enables you to loft and lowers the desk converter smoothly with a simple button press while using touch screen panels to switch modes from standing to sitting. Its X-shaped base and gas spring hovering

system is designed to ensure steady adjustments.

The EM6M also contains pre-drilled monitor mounting holes allowing you to install a space-saving dual monitor mount with ease. You can use two monitors at once while working. Its charging capability is what caught my eye. The desk converter contains 3 USB charging ports that make it easy for you to quickly charge your devices without struggling with tangled cords under your desk. The wireless charging pad makes it simple for your phone without charging cords. Finally, you can forget about the mess of tangled cords because the desk converter has a design cords organization system that enables a neat workplace. What is more fantastic is getting the desk converter for only $399.99.

3. Flexispot 35” standing desk converter

If you search online for the best standing desk converter, you will notice something about this desk converter; it has numerous reviews compared to its competitors. This Flexispot product has more than 8,300 reviews on Amazon and 4.8/5 stars on average. Several customers love it since it is easy to assemble and use. It has a 35" two-tier workspace, and you can fit a 24” monitor on the top and a full-sized keyboard or laptop on the bottom. The desk converter has an X-lift structure, making it lower

and raise quickly without additional space. Finally, you can flip it up and down so quickly. In short, this Flexispot product is quality and very affordable.

4. Flexispot M4B corner 41."

You might have had problems setting up your workstation because the best place to set up your desk is in a corner, and a different desk converter can't fit. This desk converter fits in a cubicle workstation, creating space for more work equipment. The desk converter has a wide comfort-oriented keyboard tray and beveled edges, making it suitable for right and left-handed people, and is similar to the Flexispot M2B. Its sleek design has excellent finishing, even on the desk converter's mechanical parts. Also, it has an X-shaped design that eases the work of adjusting your desk for you by rising and lowering ideally. If you have a small workstation, this desk is what we have been looking for.

The M4B comes in different colors, making blending with other office spaces easy. The unique thing about this Flexispot product is explicitly designed for cubicles and corners. Not so many desk converters have been designed for such a purpose. For less than $239, you can get this 41" desk converter and give your corner workspace the chance to stand while working.

5. AlcoveRiser Bamboo standing desk converter 28" to 35."

This Bamboo desk converter tops the list as the most designed. It is eco-friendly with profound stability and impact since it has everything you need. Several standing desk converters may crash and drop into position when placed under extreme pressure and overload but not this Bamboo riser. It contains a bracing system that ensures even and smooth operations under full load, creating safety and reliability. Also, the desk converter has a removable keyboard tray which is simple to detach, making it possible for you to work with or without the keyboard tray.

It is excellent for use with 17" laptops because of the U-shaped 34.1" desktop cutout next to the keyboard tray. This desk converter features a quick-release design, making it easy to remove when you need it quickly. Finally, you can't talk about the AlcoveRiser Bamboo standing desk converter and fail to mention its unmatched durability. The desk converter is made of a carbonized 2H lacquer coating that enables it to resist scratches, insects, and water. It has powder-coated steel tubing, which keeps the frame-free from stains and scratches. Flexispot has made it easier to get this desk converter for as low as $249.99.


Overall, Flexispot standing desk converters add new flavor with its X-lift system, a lift mechanism system that is easy to use, extraordinarily spacious working surfaces, and the best stability at all heights. If you want a well-priced standing desk converter that competes with the best on most specs, the Flexispot desk converters are worth a second glance. Also, if you're interested in the best desk converters, look for Flexispot, and you won't be disappointed.