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A Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

22 August 2022

If you are looking for a chair for your work-from-home setup or game room, you may have come across two predominant chair styles; an ergonomic office chair or a gaming chair. Both these chairs offer ergonomic features and offer you a comfortable place to rest, but there are several differences in style between the two. Given the overwhelming variety of both gaming chairs and office chairs, picking the right one for your home office or game room can be a tough choice.

But let’s not forget that choosing a gaming chair vs. an office chair is an important decision and is definitely something that you shouldn't take lightly. After all, whether you are working from home or hunkering down for long gaming sessions, at the end of the day, it means you will be spending a lot of time sitting. That is why picking the right one can make you feel so much better.

Choosing between a gaming chair vs. an office chair may be challenging, which is why we’ve compared all aspects of the two chairs, so you make the right choice for yourself and find the perfect place to rest your rear.

So let’s get started.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: What Are The Difference?

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: What Are The Difference?

Very often, it is easy to spot the differences between a gaming chair and an office chair. After all, gaming chairs are all about large frames with vibrant colors, and they stand out right away. On the other hand, office chairs have more of a professional look that can gel well into the background relatively easily.

However, if you are wondering what exactly differentiates between a gaming chair and an office chair, here are a few key points that you should note.

A gaming chair is usually designed with a bucket seat and features raised seat edges and a tall winged back that offers back and heads support along with comfortable armrests. Moreover, gaming chairs often can recline significantly further than office chairs which adds more to comfort.

On the other hand, office chairs feature a low, wingless back that’s designed to optimize lumbar support. Moreover, the headrest and armrests are usually adjustable. However, the recline is limited compared to gaming chairs.

Here is a quick overview of the differences between gaming and office chairs.

Gaming Chair

Office Chair

  • Bucket seat

  • Usually flat seats

  • High, winged back

  • Wingless back design

  • Raised seat edges

  • Built-in lumbar support

  • Adjustable spinal support

  • Up to 110-degree recline

  • Up to 180-degree recline

  • Professional design and appeal

  • Vibrant colors

Let’s analyze different features of the gaming chair vs. desk chair so you can decide on which one is better for you.


If you compare the comfort offered by gaming chairs vs. office chairs, gaming chairs are often the winners. They are designed for longer use, which also means they are often made from more comfortable material, so you are likely to find memory foam seat cushions and padded back and armrests that provide the ultimate comfortable sitting experience.

Moreover, gaming chairs are also designed purposefully with wider bucket seats, taller backs, and more recline, which offers a comfortable sitting experience to the users who intend to spend long hours in front of the screen.

On the other, office chairs are designed with flat seats that often do not make for longer sitting, and you have to take frequent breaks to keep your body comfortable. Moreover, office chairs often rely on a thinner material that allows them to keep their costs down. While you can get quality material such as memory foam cushion if you invest in an office chair from a reliable supplier or opt for a particularly pricey model, the feature is usually missing in the less pricey alternatives.


The other deciding feature when choosing between a gaming chair vs. an office chair is the ergonomics of the frame, which specifically relates to how much you can adjust your chair so that your body can find the perfect angles and heights for your required activity-based on your body frame.

While both gaming chairs and office chairs are ergonomically designed, gaming chairs offer lumbar and headrest support pillows that are often height adjustable and detachable, allowing you to sit comfortably for long hours. Moreover, gaming chairs offer to recline up to 180o, which adds to the comfort while you are sitting.

On the other hand, office chairs are ergonomically designed for longer sitting. However, very few office chairs include an additional support for the spine and head. While some office chairs feature adjustable head and neck support, the feature is not common among most office chairs available on the market. Moreover, office chairs offer flat seats that promote healthier sitting positions and less recline which allows you to maintain a healthy posture. However, it also means you will not be able to find the perfect position for yourself easily.


One of the major questions that potential chair buyers often ask is whether or not the aesthetic of a gaming chair fits in with the needs of today's chair buyers. While gaming chairs are more comfortable and offer better ergonomic features, they are not in accordance with the taste of most people working at home. Given their taller backs and colorful designs, not everyone prefers to have such a vibrant chair in their living rooms.

However, office chairs often have a subtle design that gives a professional appeal. They are usually available in shades of grey, black and white, so they can easily gel in with the background. Moreover, when you get an office chair for your home office, you don't have to worry about your new chair fitting in your home as they usually sit well in a much wider range of environments.


When it comes to comparing the price between a gaming chair and an office chair, the latter is usually less expensive than a gaming chair. However, the distinction holds true for office chairs which are basic features. If you opt for high-quality office chairs with better ergonomic features and material, the distinction only blurs, and you can find the two types of chairs in a similar price range.

Should You Buy An Office Chair Or A Gaming Chair?

Should You Buy An Office Chair Or A Gaming Chair?

As with almost all types of furniture, deciding whether to go for a gaming chair or an office chair is not always easy. It comes down to several factors, including price, your preference, and how you intend to use the chair. However, there are several clear factors that favor one style of chair over the other, and these are the factors that will help you decide on which one is best for you.

Gaming chairs are designed with a bucket seat feature that makes the chair more sturdy and comfortable for prolonged sitting. However, it also features a high, winged back that holds you stable while you sit. While it is an advanced feature for better sitting and more support around the corners, when you use a gaming chair, it becomes hard for you to sit firmly back against the backrest without sloping your shoulders which is not a good posture for your neck and shoulders. Moreover, when you continue to sit on a gaming chair for longer, it also gets pretty hot and uncomfortable, so you may need to take a break often.

On the other hand, office chairs look professional and airy and are usually constructed using materials that help you stay cool and comfortable. Moreover, its flat seat and better lumbar support allow you to maintain good posture for your back and neck. While the lack of adjustable neck support may be a disadvantage, it shouldn't be a problem if you maintain a good posture for your shoulders.

Ultimately, we recommend investing in an office chair for its professional appeal and comfortable sitting if given a choice. Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair makes one of the most comfortable office chairs you can find on the market featuring 3D lumbar support, 4D padded, adjustable armrests, and 135o recline for an ultimately comfortable experience. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair allows you to adjust the depth of the seat for a more comfortable sitting experience. Moreover, its breathable mesh keeps you cool and comfortable all day long.

Final Words

Both gaming chairs and office chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort for prolonged sitting. While we recommend investing in an office chair, what best suits you comes down to your needs, style preference, and how you intend to use the chair.

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