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A Desk Chair with Wheels vs. One Without, which One is Better?

22 November 2022

Whether you want a desk chair for your home setup or you're thinking of getting one for your professional office, ensuring you find the best products that offer productivity and comfort is vital for your everyday life. One factor that affects these good results is the wheel of your chair. You may be wondering about the best option to pick when it comes to chairs with wheels versus those without. If that is the case, worry not because this article will help you decide.

In the modern work environment, you have seen that most executive office chairs have wheels, mostly five wheels in total. If you ask most people, the reason for these wheels is to provide a firm foundation and balance for the chair while you sit on it. As a result, you can move around without getting up while trying to get something. Many ergonomic chairs have wheels because they are an optimized version of the regular office chair that we know and love. They can be adjusted to specific users leading to reduced back, leg, and neck pain which could result in chronic conditions in the long run.

As for chairs without wheels, they are a good option for people afraid of deforming the floor. This type of chair is especially appealing to pedantic workers and people who prefer rigor and minimalism in everything, regardless of the model design and the type of upholstery. A cheap desk chair without wheels has every reason to be your favorite product in your office but finding the one that meets all your demands is where the real work is. The article will discuss desks with wheels, the importance, pros, and cons of desks with wheels vs. those without, and a comparison between non-wheeled and wheeled chairs. Let us jump right into it!

Desk chairs with wheels have been around for some time now. As mentioned earlier, attaching wheels to the chair increases productivity by allowing movement as you sit behind your desk. While sitting on a chair, you might remain in the same position for long periods without taking a break, making your feet stay in the same place despite the urge to move them around if your chair lacks wheels. Desk chairs with wheels have become more popular as more people have started liking them. You have to sit in a wheeled chair if you need to understand the concept of productivity that comes with these chairs.

Importance of wheels in desk chairs

You might be wondering about the importance of wheels in desk chairs, Why they exist, and what makes them integral to the desk chair experience. Interestingly, Charles Darwin quickly proposed placing wheels in desk chairs to switch positions for productivity and comfort many years ago.

When you spend your days sitting for long hours, it is essential to maintain blood flow. You can do this by being able to move around and being able to change positions while sitting. Having a chair with wheels comes in handy during situations like this. However, the importance of wheels in a chair depends on how long you will be sitting and your work.

Pros and cons of desk chairs with wheels


Offers support balance- since modern desk chairs have more ergonomically oversized backrests, which can support too much weight, to provide a balance of support to the desk chair and prevent it from tipping over, having movement capability in it is beneficial. It is why wheels in desk chairs are helpful.

Productivity- wheeled desk chairs increase the productivity of the person using them. You can sit for long hours and have fewer breaks, resulting in productivity using these chairs.

Blood pressure flow- if you are sitting in the same position and place for more than a few hours, you might hinder your blood pressure flow. The wheels in a desk chair allow you to move your legs around and change your sitting position more to maintain good blood flow.

Comfort- when it comes to desk chairs, comfort is essential. When sitting on a desk chair with wheels, you won't feel restricted in your movement hence feeling more comfortable and in control.


Expensive- desk chairs with wheels might be a little pricey compared to those without wheels. They might be out of your budget, but if your health is a top priority, you might get less expensive.

Cleaning wheels- if your desk chair has wheels, then cleaning the wheels is a responsibility that you are going to take. Cleaning the wheels might be difficult or tiresome for some people, especially the average newcomer.

Pros and cons of desk chairs without wheels


Less expensive- since these chairs' construction is more straightforward and doesn't need too many chair accessories and features, the chairs become less expensive compared to other options. It is better if you plan on spending something other than a handful on a desk chair.

Easy assembly- since one doesn't need to assemble these chairs, they do not demand extra time and attention. These chairs come as they are, which can be suitable for people that dislike the extra work.

Aesthetic- desk chairs without wheels can look more classy and sophisticated for a modern office than a chair with wheels. So if you're going for these looks, you have many options from chairs without wheels.


Fewer adjustability- with an effortless design and primary construction mode, the chair has fewer adjustable features. You will not get many chairs without wheels, flexible arms, or an adjustable seat tilt. These features significantly reduce pain or injuries in your body from poor posture.

Mobility- desk chairs without wheels come without wheels, so you don't get the chance to enjoy mobility. It can become a problem because you can't stretch to reach a document or get up whenever you want something.

Comparison between non-wheeled and wheeled desk chairs

By now, we have already understood why desk chairs have wheels and the pros and cons of the two chairs. You, however, need to know how exactly desk chairs with wheels compare to those without wheels. When it comes to:


Regarding desk chairs with wheels, the maintenance requirement is a bit strenuous. As mentioned earlier, you will spend some time cleaning the wheels of your desk chair. However, for non-wheeled chairs, you will spend time and money on cleaning the chair itself rather than the non-existent wheels.


Portability is among the most important things to be discussed. If we look at the portability of wheeled desk chairs, we will discover how portable they are. However, if you talk about heavy-duty desk chairs, they will not be as mobile as wheeled desk chairs if they lack wheels on their bases.

Repairing costs

Repairing costs can be problematic if you consider repairing desk chairs with wheels. They are costly, especially if the wheels have broken. The good thing is most of these chairs come with a warranty that can enable you to repair damaged parts that might have come with the chair. Also, the materials used to build these chairs are so good it isn't accessible to damage; hence the chair can last many years without requiring repair.

As for desk chairs without wheels, it is straightforward to repair because they don't need a high repair cost. They lack wheels, and their other components are like typical desk chairs.

Overall support

We had earlier talked about the balance wheels giving a chair with a large ergonomic backrest—the more wheels, the better the balance between the chair's base and the back. The support of desk chairs without wheels could be better. The backrests are not ergonomic; otherwise, the chair would be more susceptible to tripping on its back.

Finally, desk chairs with wheels are straightforward to move around. Apart from that, they help increase overall work productivity; hence they can massively impact your professional and personal work environment. Flexispot offers the best wheel desk chairs, and you can look for them on the website. Most of these chair wheels can silently move up to 360 degrees which will not disturb your work or the people around you.

For those who worry about desk chairs with wheels destroying your floor, fear no more because flexispot has fixed that. Flexispot wheeled chairs have been designed to make them suitable for all types of beds, like tiles, carpets, and parquet. Apart from the wheels, these chairs have other additional features that make it so easy to sit and work without the fear of injuries, especially for people that spend long working hours seated. Check out the Flexispot website for these additional features and discover very many wheeled chair options with varying prices that you can pick.

When choosing the best type of desk chair, you should also consider its usage. Of course, you will sit on it, but what will you do while sitting? Are you going to sit for long periods, and do you need to adjust the chair for support and comfort?