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A Complete Buying Guide to Gaming Desk

19 February 2024

Finding the right desk for your gaming setup is crucial. After all, only when you have the right gaming desk can you fit multiple monitors, studio speakers, and other peripherals.

But what is more important is knowing how to find the right gaming desk.

In what follows, we share a buying guide on gaming desks that will equip you with all the essential information that you need to consider when buying a gaming desk.

Here's what you should consider when choosing a gaming desk for your gaming setup.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Gaming Desk?

The Material

Choosing a gaming desk may make a hefty investment, and we understand that cost can be a critical consideration when choosing a gaming desk, especially when your computer has already cost you a fortune.

But do not let the price alone decide which gaming desk you should opt for. Rather a more critical consideration should be the desk material. Your gaming desk should be made from sturdy and durable material because you wouldn't want your desk to fall apart along with your PC soon after your purchase.

You can check for the material but closely observe the construct of the desk. Moreover, you can check with the supplier as well. Here it is important to remember that you consider the material of both the desktop and the frame.

Desktop surfaces are usually made from one of the following materials.

Real wood,

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF),

Glass and

Carbon Fiber.

Each of these desktop surface materials has pros and cons that you should know before you make the final call.

As for the frame, you can typically find gaming desk frames made from strong wood or metal. Again, each frame material has its advantages and drawbacks that you need to know before choosing a gaming desk for your gaming setup.


Another critical consideration when choosing a gaming desk for your gaming setup is the size of your desk.

The right size for your gaming desk depends on a couple of factors.

First, the right size of a gaming desk depends on the space you need for your gaming environment. If you need a lot of space, then it's best to choose a larger desk, whereas if space is a constraint and you do not need much space, then you can go for a smaller gaming desk.

Secondly, the size you prefer for your gaming desk also depends upon the tasks that you wish to complete on your gaming desk. If you intend to use your gaming desk for non-gaming tasks such as organizing paperwork or doing your home office work, then you may prefer a different size, but if you intend to use the desk solely for gaming, then you would want to opt for a gaming desk size that is enough for all your gaming essentials.

If you are not sure how you may continue to use your desk in the near future, it's best to choose a gaming desk that's large enough to accommodate both your gaming and non-gaming needs.

Moreover, another factor that will determine the size of the gaming desk you need is the number of monitors you will place on your desk. If you will work with a single monitor or intend to use monitor mounts when using multiple monitors, then you can opt for a smaller desk. But if you intend to line up two or more monitors, you will need a lot of space to accommodate them on your desk.

Surface Area

When choosing a gaming desk for your gaming setup, make sure you do not underestimate the significance of the surface area it provides. A gaming desk may be huge, but its surface area may be a lot less. Hence, you should watch out for the label, which includes the listed dimensions by the manufacturer.

When making a choice for a gaming desk, make sure you find a desk that has a surface area that aligns with your needs.


Ergonomics is one of the other critical considerations you shouldn't miss out on when choosing a gaming desk.

The least that you expect from your gaming desk is that it should be able to fit in all your accessories comfortably. However, what more you should expect from your gaming desk is that it provides an appropriate viewing angle and height that helps fight fatigue and allows you to comfortably fit your legs below the desk. Moreover, the desk's height should be such that you can manage to sit on a chair with an appropriate posture.

An ergonomic gaming desk that provides you with appropriate height and viewing angle can be a standing gaming desk, or you can opt for an electric height adjustable gaming desk that allows you to switch between sitting and standing and vice versa. When you choose a height-adjustable gaming desk like Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W, you are only a touch away from changing your position from sitting to standing and taking your game to the next level by boosting your energy. The broader idea is to avoid sitting in a place for too long.

Another integral feature that enhances the ergonomics of your gaming desk is adding a keyboard tray. With a keyboard tray, you find an appropriate place for placing your keyboard and mouse at a proper height to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries and fatigue. While keyboard trays often do not come with a gaming desk, it's a feature that you can conveniently add to enhance the ergonomics of your gaming desk.

The Shape of the Desk

Gaming desks are available in a variety of shapes. You can find a simple, straight workstation or can go for an L-shaped or U-shaped desk. Again, the shape you choose for your gaming desk depends not only on how much space your room has but also on how much surface area you need for a functional gaming setup. Make sure you choose the shape of the desk depending on how many monitors you intend to place on your desk.

Moreover, you may opt for an L-shaped desk if you feel your gaming station needs a section on the side of the main desk that expands the overall surface area of the desk. The extra surface area that the side section of the desk provides you can serve as a place for storing non-gaming essentials such as papers. As we discuss L-shaped gaming desks, don't forget that because of their shape and construct, L-shaped gaming desks fit better into the corners and allow you to fit more desktop space into smaller areas.

You may also find a u-shaped gaming desk for your gaming setup. While they are not common, they provide you with a u-shape that optimizes the surface area.


When choosing a gaming desk, you should look for how many functions your gaming desk can be equipped with. Functions refer to convenient features most individuals prefer to have on their gaming desks. These features include cup holders, CD slots, drawers, and compartments. Some of the other desirable features that contribute to the functionality of the gaming desk include efficient cable management, which is all about slots, cable nets, holes, and cable trays.

Choosing a gaming desk with appropriate functionality helps you manage your gaming accessories well, including endless cables.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your gaming desk also makes an integral feature that you should consider when looking for a gaming desk. It's important because it helps you decide on how much weight you can place on your gaming desk.

Fortunately, most manufacturers of gaming desks are aware of the specifications of the gaming equipment. Hence, they focus on the weight capacity of the desks accordingly. Yet, you must identify a gaming desk with a suitable weight capacity that is sturdy enough to hold all your gaming equipment without collapsing.


It may be last on the list of considerations when choosing gaming desks, but your desk style shouldn't be discounted. Always give some weightage to how your desk appears and if possible, make a choice that aligns with the outlook of your gaming space.

Final Words

Gaming desks make an integral investment. Hence, you shouldn't make a choice instantly. Rather, it's recommended that you consider all the factors mentioned above before choosing one for your gaming setup.

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