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A Comparison: FlexiSpot E7 Pro Standing Desk vs. Uplift V2 Standing Desk

19 June 2023

If you have been looking for the perfect height-adjustable standing desk (also known as a sit-stand desk) for your home office, chances are you may have come across brands like FlexiSpot and Uplift. In this article, we review FlexiSpot's newest product, the E7 Pro standing desk, and Uplift's flagship product, the V2 standing desk.


FlexiSpot's E7 Pro standing desk is an upgraded version of the E7 standing desk. The E7 Pro standing desk comes with several enhanced features, such as an increased load capacity and a greater range for height adjustment. While the older E7 standing desk supports a load of up to 355 lbs, the new and improved E7 Pro can support up to 440 lbs. Moreover, the E7 Pro is equipped with a sturdier leg frame for better stability and an under-desk cable management tray for you to keep your workspace neat and organized. In addition, the desk's greater height adjustment range allows for more flexibility for users of different heights - especially taller users - by letting them sit at or stand by the desk comfortably.

Like FlexiSpot's E7 Pro, the Uplift V2 standing desk is ergonomic-friendly, and it allows you to adjust its height based on your needs. The desk also features two motors and 3-stage legs for faster movement and better height range. Plus, it comes with a built-in wire management tray that helps you to keep your desk tidy. In fact, many of the Uplift V2 standing desk's features can be found in the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk.


FlexiSpot's E7 Pro standing desk and Uplift's V2 standing desk come equipped with two motors respectively. Although the motors of both height-adjustable standing desks are equally powerful and well-built, the E7 Pro's motor has a significant advantage. Its large gear and worm drive are internalized and housed within a steel sleeve which lowers the chances of pulling contaminants like dust and dirt into the motor. Moreover, the base of the steel sleeve is wrapped with an anti-vibration pad to reduce vibrations and protect the motor. This is not the case for the motor of the Uplift V2 standing desk, where the worm drive and insulated wires are exposed. Therefore, this design will impact the efficiency of the motor and shorten its lifespan.

Height Adjustment

The E7 Pro offers a greater height adjustment range from 25" to 50.6", whereas the V2 has a height adjustment range from 24.3" to 49.9". In terms of adjustment speed, the E7 Pro is 1.6 inches per second. The V2's adjustment speed is also 1.6 inches per second.

Load Capacity

While the V2 supports a load of up to 355 lbs, the E7 Pro supports a maximum static load of 440 lbs, thus allowing you to place heavier objects on its surface.


Stability is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the best height-adjustable standing desk for you.

FlexiSpot's E7 Pro standing desk is made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and the addition of a small amount of carbon gives carbon steel its strength and hardness. Both the E7 Pro and V2 standing desks utilize a partial C-frame design in their leg frames.

However, there is a major difference in the design of the standing desks' legs. The FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk uses a traditional leg design that is small on top and big on the bottom. In addition, the desk features a "hole-less" leg design that contributes to its overall sleek look, aside from enhancing the desk's stability. On the other hand, the Uplift V2 standing desk uses an inverted design, where the leg is big on top and small on the bottom. A major disadvantage of an inverted leg design is that the lubricant applied to the desk's gears will leak out easily. Furthermore, the legs of the V2 contain holes, which will lead to the build-up of dirt and grime. Another difference between the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk and the Uplift V2 standing desk is the way the desk legs are attached to the entire desk frame. In the E7 Pro, the legs are embedded into the frame for added stability, while in the V2, the legs are joined to the frame using traditional screws.


Both the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk and the Uplift V2 standing desk utilize two-stage gears. The main difference lies in the materials used to construct the gears. Upon closer inspection, the material used in the E7 Pro is found to be of higher quality, and the gears are even covered with additional aluminum sleeves to prevent the accumulation of dust, which will affect their efficiency.

Noise Levels

At FlexiSpot, we conducted a noise test to determine how quiet the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk and the Uplift V2 standing desk are, and we got the following results.

The noise emitted by the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk lies between 34 to 46 dB, while the noise emitted by the Uplift V2 standing desk lies between 34 to 44 dB. Although both desks have a similar noise level, some abnormal sounds can be heard while adjusting the height of the Uplift V2 standing desk, and they become louder as the load increases. On the contrary, the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk remains quiet even under a heavy load.

Other Features

-Cable management

The FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk comes with other features such as an under-desk cable management tray and a magnetic cable management board covered in fabric. Thanks to its large storage space, you can organize your cables to maintain a tidy and clutter-free workspace.

With every purchase of the E7 Pro standing desk, you will receive a self-gripping tape and a cable clip for free. These free gifts, along with the cable management trays and board, make it easy for you to stay organized.

To sum up, you can acquire a complete set of high-quality products at an affordable price by purchasing the FlexiSpot E7 Pro standing desk.

Similarly, the Uplift V2 standing desk is also equipped with a wire management tray and a basic keypad for automatic height adjustment. However, the V2's wire management tray is much smaller as compared to the E7 Pro's. The Uplift V2 standing desk comes with a complimentary 24'' long and 3'' wide Wire Management Kit, while Flexispot provides a free cable management which measures 31'' in length and 5'' in width.


FlexiSpot E7 Pro also has a keypad that allows you to adjust the desk's height with the touch of a button. Moreover, it is designed with additional USB ports so that you can charge your electronic devices conveniently.

However, extra charges will be incurred if you opt for an upgraded keypad for Uplift V2 standing desk with advanced features.


FlexiSpot’s E7 Pro standing desk is a product that offers great value for money. At the time of writing this review, the E7 Pro’s desk frame is sold at $499.99. Prices start from $579.99 if you purchase the desk frame along with a desktop. Meanwhile, Uplift’s V2 standing desk is sold at a starting price of $599 with upgrades priced separately.


Both FlexiSpot and Uplift offer a 15-year limited warranty for the E7 Pro standing desk and the V2 standing desk respectively.

Return Policy

Both FlexiSpot and Uplift have a 30-day, risk-free return policy. No shipping fee is applied for returns. (*Terms and conditions apply.)


As a company committed to sustainability, FlexiSpot ensures all materials used in its products are easy to recycle or have already been recycled. All FlexiSpot products, including the E7 Pro, are environmentally friendly, and they will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Final Verdict

After comparing the adjustable standing desks for sale by FlexiSpot and Uplift, it is clear that FlexiSpot's E7 Pro standing desk is the superior choice for users who want to get more bang for their buck. Not only does it possess better features such as a bigger built-in cable management tray, a sturdier frame, and a greater load capacity, but it is also much more stable and quieter, which is perfect for users who want to create a peaceful and distraction-free work environment.