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A Beginner's Guide for Treadmill Desk: Key Considerations for Finding the Right Treadmill Desk

07 July 2022

A treadmill has long been used as a piece of fitness equipment that allows you to walk and run indoors, but a treadmill desk is a relatively new innovation in the fitness world. It combines a fully functional desk with a popular fitness machine and makes great equipment for staying physically active as you work.

If you are looking forward to investing in a treadmill desk, then this post is for you. Here we share a beginner’s guide to a treadmill desk followed by the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that will help address most of your concerns about this ergonomic workspace solution.

So let’s get started.

When you are planning to invest in a treadmill desk, here are a few factors that you should consider so you can find the best treadmill desk that suits your needs.

treadmill desk


If you are concerned about the treadmill desk's height, know that most treadmill desks feature adjustable height that typically ranges between 4' 10" and 6' 8". Most treadmill desks also feature manual or motorized height adjustment.

Load Capacity

Another key consideration when choosing a treadmill desk is the load capacity. Most treadmill desks can support between 300 and 400 pounds so make sure you opt for a treadmill desk that can appropriately handle the weight.

Desk Dimensions

Since a treadmill desk is designed to replace your conventional office desk, you cannot disregard the desk dimensions before you invest in a treadmill desk. Make sure you choose a treadmill desk that offers you enough space to accommodate your work-related needs, such as a desktop or laptop, phone, or any other office accessory that is essential for you.

Ideally, you should choose treadmill desks that are between 30 and 38 inches long and 44 to 47 inches wide.

Treadmill Desk Features

When choosing a treadmill desk, you should consider a few desk features other than the desk dimensions. Some of these features include

Cord-management system for preventing clutter,
Wrist padding feature for more comfortable computer use while using the desk,
Ease of access to the console,
Workspace material should be durable,
Your desktop thickness should be at least one inch or more.

Treadmill Features

And as you intend to invest in a treadmill desk, don't forget that you are going for a piece of fitness equipment that's designed to meet your work-related needs, which is why it is integral to consider the treadmill's features.

Make sure the model you choose incorporates the features you want. Some of the features to consider include.

A display that shows walking speed, calories burned, and distance traveled,
Features that prevent falls such as Intelli guard.


Used treadmill desks may come with several potential problems that may go unnoticed when you are buying one, which is why it is always best to invest in a new treadmill desk. New treadmill desks come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers the desk frame, parts of the treadmill, and motor for at least one year when the average use of a treadmill desk is around three hours every day.

Purchasing Treadmill Desk

Purchasing Treadmill Desk

When remote workers are looking for ergonomic workspace solutions that combine the benefits of fitness equipment, they often end up asking whether to go for a treadmill desk or opt for a treadmill and a workstation separately.

If you already have a treadmill at home, it makes sense to invest in a desk only that serves as your workstation, but it’s not always easy to find a desk that comfortably fits your specific model of the treadmill. On the other hand, if you do not have a treadmill and you are looking for a workspace solution that incorporates your fitness needs with your work routine, you can invest in a treadmill desk. But if you have a standing desk and you are looking for fitness equipment, investing in 2 in 1, Folding Treadmill 01 makes your safest bet.

The 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill 01 is a compact and sturdy treadmill that can be used separately as a treadmill or can be used with a standing desk. When you want to use it as a standalone treadmill, the handrails can provide you the support you need while you walk or run, and when you intend to use the fitness equipment along with a standing desk, simply fold the handrails and use it as an under-desk walking treadmill.

The foldable treadmill is easy to use and compact enough that you can store it under the sofa or your bed when not in use. With a quiet and powerful motor, the 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill 01 gives you the speed and performance you need to stay active all day long. Featuring a wide running surface and built-in multifunctional LED display, the treadmill allows you to keep track of your performance while you work out and is designed to be a perfect addition to your home environment.

Treadmill Desk

Frequently Asked Questions About Treadmill Desk

Will Treadmill Desk Help You Lose Weight?

Most individuals who are planning to invest in a treadmill desk often ask whether or not a treadmill desk will help them lose weight or not. So here is the answer.

When you are standing, your body burns more calories than it does while sitting. Moreover, when you are walking, your body consumes more energy than sitting and standing, so technically, you can burn more calories and lose weight when you walk more.

However, how much weight you lose depends on how often you use the treadmill desk and the intensity that you walk at. Moreover, it also depends on your calorie consumption, so if you use a treadmill desk, but your food intake has increased, it can affect the weight you can lose by using a treadmill desk.

Are Treadmill Desks Portable?

Another frequently asked question about treadmill desks is related to their portability. Most treadmill desks are compact in size and come in a lighter weight than a standard treadmill, making them portable fitness equipment. Moreover, many under desk treadmills feature foldable handrails and facilitate their portability. Furthermore, most under desk treadmills feature caster wheels which also help enhance the portability of the treadmill within the home or on the same ground level.

However, you can also find large under-desk treadmills that are less portable given their heavier weight and larger size so you can choose the best one depending upon your space and portability needs.

Can Treadmill Desks Damage the Floor?

Under desk Treadmills or treadmill desks are heavier objects that can damage the floor or carpet, especially if you have hardwood floor. When you move the treadmill, it can scratch or damage the floor and can also cause the treadmill to move or slip as you walk or run. Therefore, as you invest in a treadmill desk or an under desk treadmill, it is critical to invest in a treadmill mat which makes a popular accessory to help reduce the damage to your floor while you use the treadmill. Apart from preventing damage, treadmill mats also enhance stability while you walk and also aid in lowering the noise level caused by a treadmill.

If you already have a standing desk and an under-desk treadmill that you are not walking on, you can use an ergonomic mat on the treadmill, which will help you reduce fatigue on your muscles and joints as you stand while working. Ergonomic mats aid in reducing strain on your lower back, knees, and ankles while standing. Find out more about ergonomic mats here.

Can I Use My Treadmill Desk at Home?

Traditionally, treadmill desks were marketed to be used in an office setting so more individuals could stay active, but given the changing workspace dynamics, many people are now concerned about whether they can use the treadmill desk at home.

The answer is yes. You can use a treadmill desk in various settings, including your home.

Is Investing in Treadmill Desks Worth It?

Treadmill desks are becoming increasingly popular as they make a convenient combination of a workstation and a piece of fitness equipment. It allows you to burn calories and energy and maintain your fitness as you work. Moreover, the use of a treadmill desk also helps you effectively combat the sitting disease, an epidemic in recent times and a leading cause of several health conditions.

Given the health benefits, treadmill desks make a worthy investment as you can use them while you work to stay active and can also use them separately to accomplish your fitness goals.