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FlexiSpot 525 Brand Day Buyer's Guide

25 May 2022

Why Standing Desk Over Normal Desk

  • Research by cell biologists has shown that sedentary work is detrimental to the integrity of sperm nuclear DNA, doubling the risk of high levels of sperm DNA damage, which in turn affects male fertility.

  • Physiatrist finds that sitting for 3 hours or more per day can lead to more severe low back pain (LBP)-related disability. One of the best ways to seamlessly integrate activity and work productivity is through a sit-stand desk.

  • Chiropractors have shown through experiments that men have increased stiffness in the lumbar spine after sitting for just 1 hour, while women's responses vary during the 2-hour trial.

  • Harvard research shows that by the age of 50, about 50% of people will experience rectal pain, itching, bleeding and other symptoms due to hemorrhoids, and 30 minutes of stretching every day can effectively relieve symptoms.

  • National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) research shows that too many lives are lost because of blood clots. In fact, in the United States, an average of one person dies from blood clot complications every six minutes.

Why 5/25 is a good time to buy a Standing Desk?

LARGEST SALE in 2022. Same Discount as Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Rare: Flexispot Anniversary. ONLY once a year, otherwise you have to wait till Black Friday 2022

Which Standing Desk to Buy on 5/25?




Sale Price


Top Standing Desk




Best Seller




Exclusive Oval Leg








Best Bamboo



I highly recommend these BYO desks:

E7 is a TOP standing desk, its stability is the best among similar products, and it is also a 5A-level standing desk: A-level stability, A-level load-capacity, A-level warranty, A-level adaptability, A-level lifting speed.

E5 is the Best Seller, its cost performance is the best, it can meet the basic needs of customers, but it has certain defects in load capacity.

E8 is the only standing desk with Oval Legs in the entire network. It is not only highly compatible with furniture but also safe for children and pets.

The E1 is the cheapest desk, but it's not worth it, because its buttons have no memory function and need to be manually pressed for a long time each time.

For lifestyle standing desks, I prefer the following two:

As a Multi-Functional Standing Desk, Comhar not only has a beautiful Glass Desktop but also drawers and USB ports. I think it is the most beautiful and practical, and it is very popular with influencers and media staff.

The other is the best Bamboo Standing Desk-KANA, it is environmentally friendly and methanol-free, and the bamboo desktop has an original texture, beautiful and versatile.

Which event to attend at 5/25?

The Best Time to Get the Lowest Price:

E7: $449.99 on 5/25 only. Get $130 off. 500 sets only

E5: $379.99 on 5/25-5/27. Get $90 off

E8: $499.99 on 5/26 only. Get $110 off. 500 sets only

Comhar EB8: $339.99 on 5/26 only. Get $160 off

E1+Bamboo: $299.99 on 5/27 only. Get $70 off.

Extra Activities:

Free Order:

If you are one of the first 3 people to complete your checkout at 12:00am or 09:00am PST on 05/25 or 05/27, you will get your order free

Exclusive Coupon:

First 50 people only who enter the exclusive code at the cart at 12:00am or 09:00am PST on 05/25 or 05/27 can activate the discount

First 100 people only who enter the exclusive code at the cart at 12:00am or 09:00am PST on 05/25 or 05/27 can activate the discount

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Import Remark:

Due to the impact of shipping and inventory, it is best to place an order on the day of 5/25 to avoid the impact of out-of-stock.

Which Desktop to Buy on 5/25?

Which Desktop Is Right For You

In fact, I like the bamboo desktop the most, it has a 5-year warranty and the natural texture is beautiful. It's also healthy because it's unpainted and formaldehyde-free. We bought the standing desks for healthy office and improved efficiency. The bamboo desktop is both beautiful and healthy.

Why Flexispot?